[NFP] Civilization 6 February Update

What are you looking forward to most in the February Patch?

  • Barbarian Clans Mode

  • Improvements to A.I. Handling of Aircraft

  • Leader Selection Pool

  • Natural Wonder Reworks and Rebalance

  • Government Policy Card Slot Changes

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Duke William of Normandy

King of England & Unofficial Welcoming Committee
Jul 27, 2020
Rouen, Normandy
Barbarians Mode is confirmed.
Barbarian Clans Game Mode
Leader Selection Pool!
@Boris Gudenuf, guess what? They took our suggestions and Barbarians can now turn into City-States!
Leader Selection Pool
Lol The Cliffs of Dover got an update
And changes to A.I. with how they deal with their Air Units. Great!! :D
Barbarians with Eagle Warriors sounds terrifying. :shifty:
Notice how at the end of the video they said the April patch is the last free patch of the season.

Not trying to get my hopes up, but....
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