EpicStore: Five reasons why Civilization 6 is so enduringly popular


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Oct 22, 2008

This article at the EpicGames Store is nearly 1 month old, but only popped up now on social media: "Five reasons why Civilization 6 is so enduringly popular"
While we are pretty sure that the CFC crowd can think of more than only 5 reasons, the article distills down some of the most important aspects, as you can see in the actual 5 points:
  • It's epic and intense
  • Civ 6 satisfies a powerful emotional need
  • Longevity counts
  • It's grown over the years
  • Play as you please
The 3rd point is probably the most controversial, as a series does not need longevity to become great, but more experience certainly helps during the development.
An excerpt:
It's epic and intense

First and most obviously, it's a seriously good game, presenting a coherent view of world history through complex and interlocking gameplay systems that simulate the fantasy of building an empire. No two play sessions are ever the same. Developer Firaxis Games' carefully calibrated gameplay loops are designed to hook players and to keep them engaged without resorting to tiresome chores.

Read the full article here.
in before we find a way to disagree with each point made by the article :smoke:
I'd say that it has staying power because it can be played both as a multiplayer game for intense competition with friends and as a comfort game in single player. Plus, the mods, which add a near endless assortment of novel design changes
They missed one of the big reasons it has staying power, and it’s the same reason Skyrim and Fallout do


The main reason I still play this game is the Steam Workshop. It allows you to fix the many, many issues with the game like the terrible UI. It fleshes out and expands on a lot of the interesting concepts the game has but never developed to their potentials. It gives you a lot of additional content like more civs and leaders.
The game on Epic doesn’t grant access to the modding tools and doesn’t have access to the Steam modding workshop so it’s no surprise Epic wouldn’t talk about it.
I'm just remarking that it's NOT because of mods Epic notices that the game still has success in EGS, because there is no mods in Epic Store. I add that what has been forgotten however, is that the game has been free during one full week. (if not more)
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