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[BNW] Classic Harbor


Sep 30, 2008
After some years I returned to Civ 5 ...

I noticed (probably again) that in contrast to Civ 3 and Civ 4 the tech for harbors in Civ 5 is a late medieval tech (after Religion) and not a classic tech, so linking coastal and island colonies in classic era via harbor to the capital is not possible for most civs (except Carthage). This limits expansion in classic era due to reduced income (no city connection) and happiness (no Meritocracy bonus). For me this design decision also breaks immersion since the famous classic empires like the greeks, romans, phoenicians (later carthage), egyptians and others had harbors and trade long before the medieval era.

In a quick speed game, a tall game (one or few cities on your island/continent) or a quick science game where you don't expand much and beeline for astronomy and accordingly Renaissance asap, this detail may have no relevance. When playing on a giant (world) map with a huge number of islands (like in sout east asia) on a slower gamespeed like marathon (or a custom speed) where ancient and classic era may last hundreds of turns, the situation is different.

The code for a mod to move the harbor to classic era is very short :
           <Set PrereqTech="TECH_OPTICS"/>
           <Where BuildingClass="BUILDINGCLASS_HARBOR"/>           
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