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Community Call to Power Project

Discussion in 'Civ 5 - Community Call to Power project' started by chrome-rome, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. chrome-rome

    chrome-rome King

    Jan 7, 2009
    Most Current "Stable" Version
    God's & Kings: Link!!!

    Vanilla CCTP: Mediafire

    God's & Kings
    Don't have much to say here. Just released G&Ks version of CCtP; there will be some issues to be sure, but I am confident that we can work them out quickly. HUGE thanks to both Horem and FiresForever; I seriously doubt CCtP would be G&Ks compatible without them. And a big Thank You to everyone who has contributed to this Mod, whether it be through commenting in the thread, play-testing, bug reporting, or just good old fashion playing!

    Change Log
    Spoiler :

    Version 3.95 (September 1, 2012)
    Spoiler :
    • New Building: Race Track. Gives 2happy, +2g from Horse, 1 merchant. 720 hammer cost, requires Nationalism
    • Fish Herder name changed to Fishing Wharf
    • Pikemen obsolete on Military Tradition (from Metalurgy)
    • Abbey give 1g to silk (from 1c)
    • Fixed some spellings
    • New resource icon for tobacco. Credit for this icon goes to sukritact
    • New Dock icon (finally lol)
    • Calendar years adjusted for Standard and Marathon
    • Many, many new resource art textures (thanks Horem :D)
    • Fires' new Tech system, utilizing categories :D
    • Vastly improved map load times :)
    • Many other things that I cannot keep track of :p

    Version 3.35 (August 13, 2012)
    Spoiler :
    • Fixed many, many little Database errors so logs will be clearer (Huge thanks to Horem)
    • New Load screen complete with new compatible maps for CCTP (Huge thanks to Fires)
    • Truffles bonus moved to Circus and is +1g.
    • New (and if I may say so myself, much improved) Foundry Building icon
    • Fixed Tin Monopoly (should be +10g, not science)
    • Diplo Marriage cost 2500g (instead of 500g)
    • City State gold gifts give 25, 50, and 105 influence for gifts of 500g, 1000g, or 2000g (instead of other values which were higher)
    • Tile Improvement for CS is 400g (was 200g)
    • Railroads don’t give production bonus (from 25%). This one might be a little controversial, so it's not set in stone. I just figured that the movement bonus is enough (just connect the main road) and that production is already high enough as is.

    Version 3.25 (July 30, 2012)
    Spoiler :
    • Fixed civilopedia entries that weren’t showing for many uni
    • Fixed Economic Freedom (gave 5fo/ 5g instead of 1fo/1g)
    • Fixed Traditional Institutions (gave 5fo to farms, fishing boats, and plantations in addition to the production to Stone Works)
    • Fixed Lobbyist, Top 1%, and Interest Groups, and State Owed Enterprise giving more than they should (some were 25x what they should have been.)
    • Fixed Nationalism and Socialism displays
    • Fixed bad Tech Flavors
    • Fixed Destroyer line where units were melee but couldn’t melee attack
    • Optics moved to Classical. Lighthouse cost 300h, Great Lighthouse cost 540. Galileo moved to Physics (I know, doesn’t make much sense). Prereq to Compass and Rudder
    • Rudder reqs Division of labor
    • Hagia Sophia no longer gives Great Artist (still gives Great Prophet though)
    • Polder moved to Trade Fairs (from Guilds). Base improvement is 4f, 1g (from 4f)
    • Polder gains +1f from Penicilin and 1g from Coorporations
    • Moai gains 1s from Compass, 1p from Steel, and 1g from Flight
    • Harbor gives +4g and +1p to Sea Resources (from 4p)
    • Garden moved to Literature (from Theology)
    • Manhattan Project cost reduced to 4,000h (from 30,000)
    • 3335d’s Beef Vat recommendation (40f, -1p per pop, 5f from merchants)
    • Riflemen obsolete at WWI Infantry
    • Amber now spawns in Forest (to help with the low frequency). When improved in forest or jungle, it gives +1s (from +0s)
    • Salt gives 1g when improved (from 2g)
    • Landmark culture yields increased by 2 from each of these techs: Poetry, Drama, and Radio
    • Holy Site faith yields increased by 2 from each of these techs: Theology, Priesthood, Evangelism
    • Banana improved yield changed to +1f,-2p,+2g (from +1g). On plains, that means improved Banana is 4f,2g (from 3f,2p,1g).
    • New Icon for Publishing House :D
    • New Buiding: Dock, 180h, +1g to all sea tiles. Reqs Sailing. Don't like the icon here at all, so it will hopefully be changed in the near future
    • Units embark on Shipbuilding (from Sailing)

    Version 3.15 (July 17, 2012)
    Spoiler :
    • New Tech: Oral Tradition (Writing Prereq). Comes with Shaman Hut building.
    • New Building: Shaman Hut gives extra healing to units in City. +1 Gold to Incense and Wine.
    • New Tech: Military Trainig. Reqs Bronze Working and Archery. Iron Working Prereq. Comes with Barracks and Artillery Range. This wasn't "needed" exactly, but it does flesh out the early Military (and the icon is awesome :D). This also extends the usage of the Spearman unit
    • Barracks and Artillery Range moved to Military Training
    • Temple moved to Priesthood (from Mysticism) cost 275 (from 160)
    • Shrine and UU moved to Mysticism (from Priesthood).
    • Knights obsolete at Calvalry (was Military Tradition and Lancer)
    • Amphitheater moved to Philosophy (from Drama)
    • Drama moved to Medieval.
    • Theater moved to Drama (from Lit)
    • National Epic cost 900h (from 480). Moves with Drama
    • Woodworking needs Military Training
    • Fixed some text strings
    • Cathedral now properly gives 3c.
    • East India Cost 1400 (from 865). Gives 30g (from 100), Req Ocean Pioneering (from Banking)

    Version 3.05 (July 14, 2012)
    Spoiler :
    • New modinfo file that works with the New Tech lua files (should fix broken trees)
    • Fixed bad text strings on Great Monuments and Raw Materials Techs
    • Fixed Old Money giving 50g instead of 10g
    • Machine Gun upgrades to Combat Constroller
    • Added Woodworking. Composite Bow, Catapult, and Oak reveal moved to this tech
    • Workshop moved to Construction (from Division of Labor)
    • Artillery Range moved to Archery (from Ballistics). Cost 100h, 2 maintenance (from 340h, 3 maint)
    • Ballistics moved to Industrial. Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun, and AntiAircraft moved over.
    • Statue of Zeus cost 375h (from 175?)

    Version 3.00 (July 13, 2012)
    Spoiler :
    Too many to list!!

    Known Issues (July 17, 2012)
    Spoiler :
    • Some empty techs in Industrial. Thinking about buildings that can fill them out.
    • Tech Strings look "broken." This is because I messed up the TechPrereqs somewhere. It doesn't look very nice, but it has no effect on gameplay. I wanted to release before going around and hunting down the problems.
    • A lot of empty space in the Various Tech Trees.
    • Huge slingshot from Renaissance to Modern by researching Televangelism in the Social Tree. Need to either add new techs or put a prereq there.
    • Austria's UA is way too cheap now. Can't find the entry that adjust cost.

    To Do
    Spoiler :
    • Add Font Icons to the New Resources
    • Bug Smashing :hammer:

    Vanilla Stuff
    Spoiler :
    Update July 5, 2012: We are getting closer and closer to getting CCTP ready for G&Ks. Just a few things need to be sorted out. I know I have said this before, but *hopefully* things will be ready in a few more days. Big thanks to Horem and FiresForever for their work on getting things compatible. And thanks to the rest of our community for having the patience to stick with us. :D In the meantime, Horem has posted this little nugget of goodness that should get CCTP working for the .647 patch (with G&Ks disabled):

    Most Recent 6/13/12 (Work In Progress Version)


    Extract the zip file and place the folder (Community Call to Power Project) in your Mods directory (Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS). Enable the mod in the MODS section of the game and play away

    Version Changes/History
    Spoiler :
    These first few Versions are slightly general. It would seriously take days to document every single change to Buildings, Policies, and Flavors. The entries do give a sense of what has happened though.

    Version 2.55
    June 13, 2012
    Spoiler :
    • Added many, many icons for techs and buildings :D
    • Reduced Forge cost. No longer can be built with nearby copper
    • Reduced Foundry cost

    Version 2.50
    May 15, 2012
    Spoiler :
    Tech Tree Improved

    Version 2.01
    February 1, 2012
    Spoiler :

    • General
    • All Natural Wonders give total of 16 yields, 14 normal (food, production, gold, science) and 2 culture. All give 2 happiness if in boarder.
    • Barb camps give 50g (from 40)
    • Arabia Trait gives 3g from trade routes
    • Russia Trait gives 1p to strategics
    • Cities require less food to grow
    • Purchase cost lowered slightly
    • Reinstated Luxury Resources
    • River tiles only give 1g (instead of 1f, 1p, and 1g)
    • Golden Ages give 1p, 1g, and 1s to any tile already producing at least one
    • Various terrain yield changes
    • GP Improvements start off with 4x and increase by 2x a total of three times (so final yield for Academy is 4s + 2s + 2s + 2s = 10s)
    • Added many Civ specific WWII units for Industrial Era
    • Improved Policy Screen (ease of switching pages)

      Monopoly Buildings
      Restructured the entire system. Monopoly resources now treated as Bonus (can't be traded for), and are split into these categories:food, production, gold, food/science, food/production, food/gold, production/science, production/gold, and gold/science. If you get 12 of a particular resource, you can build the Monopoly Building for that resource, as well as a bonus to all tiles with that resource. Too much to go into here, but check the Help section for the monopolies for specific effects.

    • Stoneworks gives 1p, 1hf, and 1p to marble and stone,
    • Stable gives 15xp to mounted, 2p, and 1p to horse, cow, and sheep
    • Forge gives 8p, 1 engineer slot, and 1p to iron and copper
    • Mint gives 2g, 1hf, and 2g to gems, silver, and gold. 1 specialist slot
    • Circus gives 1g to fur and ivory
    • Abbey gives 2s, 1 hf, and 1g to cotton and dyes and 1c to silk. Requires one of these resources
    • Granary gives 1f to deer and banana
    • Lighthouse gives 1f to sea tiles and 1f to sea resources
    • Harbor gives 15xp to naval units and 1p to sea resources
    • Seaport gives 1g to water tiles and 1p to sea resources
    • Temple gives 3c (no happiness)
    • Burial Tomb gives 2h and 2c
    • Market gives 4g and 1 merchant slot. No gold per pop.
    • Bazaar gives 6g and 1 merchant slot. No gold per pop
    • Paper maker gives 3g
    • Floating Gardens givs 4f, 2p, and 2f per lake
    • Brewery gives 2hf and 1f to spices, sugar, and wheat
    • Watermill gives 2f, 2p, and 1 engineer specialist
    • Windmill moved to Agricultural Revolution (replaces Mill). Gives 4f, 4p, and 1 engineer spec
    • National Library gives 2 scientist slots
    • Workshop/Longhouse gives 4p, 1 engineer slot
    • Bank gives 10g and 2 merchant slots. No GPP or Gold per pop
    • Satrap same as bank but with 2 hf
    • Missionary Church gives 2hf, 2c.
    • University gives 2 scientist specialist
    • Observatory gives 12s and 1 scientist slot
    • Public School gives 6s, 1s per 2 pop. No specialist
    • Guild Hall (not working now)
    • Prison gives 4p and 2 hf
    • Publishing House gives 2c and 2 artist specialist
    • Foundry requires forge. Gives 8p and two engineer slots
    • Airbase gives 15xp to air units and 4 defense. Requires Aircraft Plant
    • Aircraft Plant gives 18p and 2 engineer slots. Requires Factory
    • Arsenal gives 6 defense, 10p, 2p to iron and stone, and 2 engineer slots
    • Autoplant gives 18p, 2 engineer slots, requires Factory
    • Broadcast tower gives 4c, 2 artist slots
    • Chemical Plant gives 4p, 8s, 1 scientist slot, 1p/2s to dyes, 2s to incense and copper
    • Drug Store gives 2hf, 4p
    • Factory gives 15p, 2 engineer slots
    • Food Processing Plant gives 4p, 8f, 2f/1g to Spices, 2f to wine and deer
    • Hospital gives 5f
    • Hydro plant gives 4f, 12p, 1 engineer slot, 1p for river tiles
    • Industrial Shipyard gives 18p, 2 engineer slots. Must have a Seaport
    • Industrial Warehouse gives 4f, 8g, 1 merchant slot, 1f/1g to wheat and banana
    • Mass Transit gives 3hf and 1 merchant slot
    • Medical Lab gives 2f, 8s, 1 scientist slot, 3s from poppy and uranium. No longer gives Medic Promotion
    • Military Base gives 12 defense
    • Naval Base gives 15xp to naval, 4 defense. Requires seaport
    • Oil Refinery gives 12p and 1p/2g to oil
    • Police Station gives 3hf
    • Recycling Plant gives 2s, 2hf, 1p/2g to marble and silk, and 1 scientist slot
    • Research Lab gives 18s, 2 scientist
    • Stadium gives 5hf, 1p/2g to cotton and ivory
    • Stock exchange gives 1g per pop, 2 merchant slots, 2g to silver and gems, and 3g to gold (will probably tone this down a bit)
    • Supermarket gives 15f, 2f/1g to sugar and coffee
    • Telecommunication Network and TV have been removed
    • Textile Mill gives 12, 1 merchant slot, 1p/2g to cotton, ivory, and fur
    • Advanced Auto Plant gives 30p, 2 engineer specialist,
    • Airport airlifts 3 units; 2 merchant slots
    • Cell Tower is added to the Happiness building line. Gives 6hf and 2 artist specialist. Requires Stadium
    • Industrial Robotics gives 25p, 2 engineer slots, 2p/1g to aluminum and titanium, and 2p to coal. Requires Factory.
    • Megachurch gives 4c, 2hf, and 2 artist slots. Needs Missionary Church
    • Nuclear Plant gives 35p and 2 engineer slots
    • Server Farm gives 10s, 1s per 2 pop, 2 scientist slots. Requires Laboratory
    • Solar Plant gives 35p, 2 engineer slots

      Wonders (work-in-progress)
    • Megadam gives 2p next to river
    • National Treasury gives 10g and 2 merchants
    • Ironworks gives 14p and 2 engineer slots
    • Machu Pichu gives 8g, 1 merchant slot
    • Petra gives 4p, 1c, and 1 engineer slot
    • Grand Mosque gives 12g, 2 merchant slots, and 2c.

    • Way too long. Just a lot of re-balancing cost to keep up with era.
    • UAV range reduced to 16.

    Version 1.31
    August 26, 2011 (See Fires' post (#3) below :))

    Version 1.25 (fixed)
    July 28, 2011
    Spoiler :
    • Fixed Resource Generator function that was removed when merging the Gradual Research Mod with Procylon’s Call to Power Project. Resources should now show up like normal.

    Version 1.25
    July 28, 2011
    Spoiler :
    • Renamed mod to Community Call to Power Project (from Procylon’s Call to Power Project).
    • Fixed text on Stone Works Building.
    • Fixed several Policies that had broken effects.
    • Integrated Gradual Research Mod into Community Call to Power Project.
    • (Hopefully) Increased the frequency of Workers in the AI so that their land will be improved at an acceptable time.

    Version 1.0
    July 24, 2011
    Spoiler :
    • Added Flavors for all Technologies and Buildings up to the Industrial Era. There were many Technologies in the Social Tech Tree that were missing Flavors, which explains why the AI never researched said Techs. Adding Flavors also cut down on the pace at which the AI bee-lined through the Eras.
    • Added many small images to the Government Policies and the Tech Tree
    o Government policies now have recycled vanilla icons, adding a more polished quality
    o Technologies now have icons in their names to tell the player which Tech Tree the Technology fits under. This replaced the (ENG), (MIL), (SOC), etc.
    • Added Flavors for all Buildings and Wonders up to Industrial Era. This helps to balance the system, as the Flavors provide an objective look at the effects of said Buildings/Wonders. It also makes the AI more likely to pick the correct Building to match its needs.
    • Added absolute Building and Unit cost up to the Industrial Era, based on the multipliers found in the Gradual Research Mod. Removed these entries from the Gradual Research Mod. Absolute cost allow for accurate reflection of time to complete in relation to the effects granted.
    • Added a few Specialist Slots back to the early game. Aside from Wonders, there is a total of four Specialist Slots (one for each Specialist) present in the Ancient Era and Classical Era combined. Specialist appear again starting in the Renaissance Era.
    • Changed the Republic Government to focus on Specialist. Added many Policy effects to assist in this change.
    • Added many Building Yield entries to the Government, Government Ideologies, and Government Systems pages. Now you will find things like +20 Production from Coliseum.
    • Reworked City-State system. Rate of Influence Decay has been restored to Vanilla values, as has the amount of Influence gained by Gold Gifts. Increased the amount of Gold needed for Small, Medium, and Large Gifts.
    • Increased Tech speed by 33%. Instead of the average Technology Research time being 9, it has now been reduced to 6.

    Version 0.75 (for lack of a better name)
    June 22, 2011
    Spoiler :
    • Greatly increased cost of all Buildings, Units, and Technologies.
    o Buildings should average 12-16 turns to complete
    o Units should average 5-9 turns to complete
    o Technologies should average 9 turns to complete
    • Removed all Specialist Slots from Buildings available prior to the Industrial Era. The AI highly values Specialist, and it would often work those Specialist, at the price of stunting City Growth.
    • Removed all modifiers (+X%) from everything except for the Governments. The modifiers were hard to keep track of, and by selecting them you never knew what % of increase you would actually get. These modifiers were replaced by flat yields (+X Food/Production/Gold, etc) and yield per population (+X Production per Y population).
    • Added back the percentage yields on the Government, each with its own strengths and weakness.
    • Reworked the Monopoly system, so that instead of giving yield modifiers they give flat yield bonuses. These bonuses increase for every additional monopoly Building of the same line (+20 for small, 30 for medium, etc).
    • Reworked the Government, Government Ideologies, and Government Systems pages. Each of them has a theme (although the difference between them can be a little fuzzy) and a suggestion as for when to select the branch.
    • Added the Gradual Research Mod, which contains all of the pacing information. It also gives +3 Happiness at the start of the game to counter any massive Unhappiness problems.
    • Added Flavors for all Policies.

    What is Community Call to Power Project?
    Before I go into any details about this mod, acknowledgement must be given for the maker of the original mod, Decimatus (respectfully called D). This link http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=393706 will take you to his thread, Procylon's Call to Power Project. There, you will find all the basic components of the Call to Power mod, which this mod is heavily based on. Sadly, D took a break from modding. However, a few of the members realized that he had created something special. They got together to work on this new project.

    So, back to the question: Community Call to Power Project is a mod that seeks to continue where D left off. This mod contains many balance changes that D, in his haste to provide new material, was not able to completely attend to. Furthermore, this mod will continue the progress of Procylon's Call to Power in areas that have not yet been implemented, such as civilization-specific tech trees, civilization-specific units, etc. A complete list of the future possibilities of this mod can be found in the original thread (post #2).

    About Me
    I'm just a college kid ;). I seriously had no knowledge of the modding community, or modding in general, until stumbling across some mods (D's included) almost a year ago. Since then, I have been very invested in the Call to Power mod; I often voiced my opinions on various issues D put forth. Some of the changes I suggested were put in, some weren't, but I always knew that he was open to my suggestions. That's how I want to be.

    This mod is entitled Community Call to Power Project for a reason. I am just one person (with admittedly little experience modding). I am good at seeing whether or not something needs to be changed. I am not so good at creating new concepts/designs, and I won't even pretend to know the limits of Civ 5's modding capabilities. This is why I need you.

    If you have experience with Lua, C (++), and/or graphic design, let me know, either through PM or just posting here. There may not be anywhere this mod can benefit from immediately, but as this project grows, I'm sure your help will be more than welcome. If none of these things apply, just post here to offer your opinions, ideas, or just to say hi. I know it sounds cliché, but feedback is extremely important, both for the quality of the mod and the empowerment of those people who are working so hard to make CtP the best it can be.

    To Do

    Spoiler :
    Short Term:
    -Balancing the Wonders
    -Monopoly Buildings (clean up and add more resources).
    -Better Tech Tree
    -Balancing Digital and Nanotech Eras
    -Adding unit models

    A Little Further Down the Line:
    -Balancing for different Game Speeds and Start Eras (Done by Horem's Epic Speed Mod(link in Fires' post below))
    -Remodeled Icons for several Units and Buildings
    -Adding improvements
    -???? Depends on what becomes available

    Known Issues
    As of 2/1/12

    Spoiler :

    -Only balanced up to Modern Era.
    -Some techs don't have effects associated (show as empty tech)
    -Guild Hall effect does not work
    -Imported Industrial Era units still have old cost associated with them (hotfix pending)
    -DLC Improvements have no support (hotfix pending)
    -Wonders are unbalanced
    -Policies are unbalanced
    -Flavors for buildings/wonders/techs need to be changed (will take care of when Breakthrough Techs are finished)
    -Marshes appear black
    -Probably more :crazyeye::crazyeye:

    New as of 1/25/12
    Horem has tested the map types and found CCtP to be compatible with all map types except for Highlands and Four Corners. If you are having any problems with this mod, try playing a different map type. :crazyeye:

    Thank U's

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :
    Thank you for creating the great mod that serves as the foundation for this new endeavor. I look forward to seeing you on these forums again.

    Spoiler :
    Pointing out GitHub (very cool :D), WWII units, Policy and Tech Page work, and General Lua stuff that leaves me :confused:

    Spoiler :
    Art for the Social Policies (not added in yet but will be when we touch up the policies).

    Nuclear Dude
    Spoiler :
    Ideas and design for the Governments, Government Ideologies, and Government Systems (not added in yet but will be when we touch up the policies).

    Spoiler :
    for applying finishing touches on the Policy Pictures (not added in yet but will be when we touch up the policies).

    Spoiler :
    For the great work on the old Monopoly system, Epic Speed mod, and Map capability.

    Spoiler :
    Allowing the use of the wonder icons/splash images from his More Wonders Mod

    Spoiler :
    Graphical genius. Thanks for the art, and I can't wait for more :D

    Spoiler :
    Used some of his icons from his Game of Thrones Mod.

    And everyone who participates in this mod, whether it be through discussion, game reviews, balance suggestions, programming expertise, or simply enjoying the mod.

    Side note:
    I'm toying with the idea of putting an "Executive Team" here like many of the really big mods from Civ 4. At the moment, I don't think one is necessary, as there are only a few dedicated people working on the actual mod content. If a need arises in the future, well, we will just deal with it then.

    *EDIT 8/10/2011* So it is now pretty apparent that we do have a need. Even better, we have people willing to step up to help with this project. This section will be fleshed out in the coming days as positions are finalized. If you want to a part of the official team, just send a PM to either myself or Fires. Or, if you cannot PM yet *looks at new members*, post in the thread and we'll work with you here.

    Alright, that's it! Have fun gaming!!!!!!
  2. chrome-rome

    chrome-rome King

    Jan 7, 2009
    May need this at a future date (and everyone else is doing it), soo: RESERVED
  3. FiresForever

    FiresForever Prince

    Sep 30, 2010
    CCTP Maps V2.5 (07 August 2012):
    >>now merged into CCTP

    Blue text identifies things that have been fixed for the next release.

    Map Issues:
    Spoiler :

    • LEM map - needs to have city states, wonders & goody huts locations adding to LEMMapInfo.lua file
    • Real Resource locations has not yet been implemented, if someone wants to do this then you can use worldbuilder to add CCTP resources to the LEM map and then send it to me.

    Issues with game setup:
    Spoiler :
    • The 'Rise to Powers' currently have no effect, will be added when chrome can decide on balanced options (feel free to brainstorm on here to help him :))
    • (new) Can choose any civ from the advanced menu, bypassing the allowed civ scenario list.
    • (new) It is possible to add more civs than the scenario actually allows in advanced setup, doing so might cause problems.

    Spoiler :
    • The system is not yet fully moddable so do not attempt to add your own maps, yet. It is almost there

    If you want to help, then you can help by:
    Spoiler :
    • Reporting bugs not already mentioned
    • Completing the MapInfo files either by posting coords here or by editing the relevant MapInfo.lua file. I have tried to make everything as commented as possible but if you have trouble just say. In game if you hover your mouse over a tile for a few seconds that tiles X and y locations will pop up, or you can load LEM up in world builder and get the x and y from there

    Again this is an early version so failure is always an option :)
  4. killercarver

    killercarver Chieftain

    Apr 14, 2011
    Just want to say thanks for taking Procylon's Call to Power on your shoulders and for everyone else who is helping too! I was sad when Decimatus said he was taking a break and afraid that this awesome mod would die; now I'm just :drool: for the next update/release!!
  5. DFaust

    DFaust Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2007
    Toledo, OH
    Just wanted to say thanks for continuing this awesome mod.
  6. Karantaner

    Karantaner Warlord

    May 8, 2011
    EXCELLENT! I'm very glad to see that this mod is progressing very nicely!
  7. pyccos

    pyccos Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2010
    :D:D:D Awsome :goodjob::goodjob:
  8. leeuw01

    leeuw01 Warlord

    Nov 11, 2010
    Good Idea to make a new thread.

    I have made the Images for capitalism, I couldn't find a nice painting so I used photos instead, if you know a good painting for capitalism, please pm me.

    Secondly I am trying to contanct Sneaks to aks him questions about his art-style so I can hopefully alter the images to fit his style more.

    Edit: Something went wrong with the first capitalism Image, resulting in that large parts of some dollars where ereased, I cleaned it up.

    Attached Files:

  9. knatte_Anka

    knatte_Anka Chieftain

    Jan 6, 2011
    :D good luck with the mod and i'm happy to leave feedback of the game-play
  10. leeuw01

    leeuw01 Warlord

    Nov 11, 2010
    A request made by chrome-rome.

    Attached Files:

  11. JSnider

    JSnider Prince

    Nov 9, 2001
    Nice to see this continued .. great works, thanx
  12. Sneaks

    Sneaks Brooklyn Bum

    Oct 15, 2010
    I am a hard dude to find.
  13. chrome-rome

    chrome-rome King

    Jan 7, 2009
    Thanks for all of the encouraging words everyone.

    Lol, welcome back to the forums!

    Ok, so I guess the main focus of this last update was getting things stable up through Industrial. Specifically, are there any buildings that you never build? policies that are never explored? is the AI keeping pace? is the pace too fast/slow? do units/buildings cost too much? If so, post here, and if you have suggestions post those as well. All of these things will help. :)

    I'm also trying to get the AI to build more improvements. Even though it appears that I changed the right bit of code (thanks to Spatz) and the AI has more workers, they only improve the resources. I think I know where this bit of code lies, so hopefully it will be fixed by next update.
  14. zspace

    zspace Chieftain

    Apr 28, 2010
    I'm going to do some more play testing this afternoon. Right now I can say that it appears we are having some of the same problems that vanilla had: technology versus building balance.
  15. chrome-rome

    chrome-rome King

    Jan 7, 2009
    Yeah that's what I'm afraid of. Too fast or too slow? When I sped the tech rate up by 25% I left the building and unit cost the same. After a while I moved them on a system based on averages. In my various play throughs, I came up with these average production bases in the capital: ancient=50-100, classical=180, medieval=450, renaissance=600, industrial=1240. I used these numbers to set the amount of turns I wanted something built in the capital (units 5-7 turns, buildings 10-17 turns, wonders 18-24 turns). Thing is, sometimes these averages won't hold, ie if you are in a hilly territory or have a coastal city. More playtesting is required to see if these averages are reasonable.

    @leeuw01: I like the first capitalsim pic more, but only if you can get the actual money to appear less real. I think having a photo image among mostly oil paintings is a bad idea.

    And for the military pics, I can see it working either as Imperialism (though a little early in the timeline) or Autocracy. Opinions on either?
  16. riddleofsteel

    riddleofsteel Office Linebacker

    Sep 4, 2008
    Down the pub
    Hi, I am trying a game as Egypt. I notice that things cost MANY more hammers to build, but each map tile is worth 10+ of food, production, gold etc. Did I do something wrong? Thanks.
  17. leeuw01

    leeuw01 Warlord

    Nov 11, 2010
    I agree with you, when I figure out how the other images are modified you won't see the difference anymore.
  18. chrome-rome

    chrome-rome King

    Jan 7, 2009
    Not all at. Since this is probably your first game, things are going to seem a little strange. I will eventually get up a list of the changes from vanilla civ, as well as changes from version to version. Until then, here's a little information: Every yield, aside from science and culture, has been increased 5x. As such, buildings and units have to be scaled up to match. The number of units and buildings have been drastically increased, so make sure you read what each building is suppose to do before building.

    The tech tree has been greatly expanded into five full-fledged branches. Depending on which way you want to take your empire, you should follow the appropiate branch. The all inter-lock in some points, though, to reduce bee-lining to a particular tech or era.

    The social policies have been replaced by Governments, Government Ideologies, and Government Systems. You can only select one government at a time, but you are able to mix and match the ideologies and systems.

    Everything from there you'll have to find out on your own. :) I will say that happiness will be a very pressing concern in the early stages of the game, so it may be wise to take some of the Social Techs early. You do not want to be wading in -25 happiness, trust me ;)
  19. malmsteen_SVK

    malmsteen_SVK Chieftain

    Sep 27, 2010
    great news :) i really hope you can move this mod to "next level" :)
  20. riddleofsteel

    riddleofsteel Office Linebacker

    Sep 4, 2008
    Down the pub
    OK, back after a quick experiment as Rome. I like a lot of the changes and features implemented. However, on Epic speed, I felt like I still didn't get to use my only unique unit hardly at all. It also felt like the AI was whizzing past me in terms of technology and they pulled wonders right out from under me all the time. Another thing is that even after I got Iron Working, no Iron was revealed to me. None. Does this lower the chance of finding iron? My hostile neighbor had 5 that he gave me after I defeated his army in defense. But that was the only time I had iron before quitting. And finally, I found the greatly expanded research tree pretty confusing. I think that's mostly because I wasn't used to the plethora of new entries. Anyway, that's it for now.

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