conquest victory with two vassals???


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Aug 8, 2007
So i was trying to get my first space race victory on BTS and as I was getting closer to it (and also bored from no wars) I decided to attack Asoka for fun. Washington was already my vassal and after seeing my treasury drop from colony maintenance, I let Asoka capitulate to me. These were the only two CIVs remaining. Then when the turn ended it said I had won a conquest victory. Is this a new feature, bug or what?
Vassals don't count as "enemies" for the purposes of a Conquest victory. Therefore, once you've conquered everyone except your vassals, you win!

If you had to conquer your vassals, too ... you'd never be able to get a Conquest victory without disabling vassal states.
Ah, that is sort of what i figured.
Thanks for the reply.
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