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Aug 10, 2019
I originally played Civ 4 BTS on a Hewlett Packard p6710f.

I then purchased the computer below, and downloaded the Steam Civ 4 to the new computer.

Shinobee SSD Ultra 8-Core Gaming PC/Multimedia Desktop Computer - FX 8300 8 x 4.20 GHz - AMD Radeon RX 460 2GB DDR5 Graphics - 8GB DDR3-240GB SSD - 50 (Computers & Accessories)

Upon launch, I got an error message. Cannot remember what it said, something about the graphics had to be adjusted because my machine does not meet the specs.

That is VERY strange. The old computer had integrated graphics and never showed any such error message. The new computer has an independent good Graphic Card, so this error should not show up.

So far, I've only played the game briefly on the new computer, only a MOD, the one in which the scenario is 1936 in the Pacific.

So far, the game has Crashed at least five times late in the game.

I've never played any mods before. Are they just all Buggy and useless?

Update: keeps Freezing. This happens most often when I click on a stack of naval units.
The game does not crash to desktop, it just stops accepting commands and has to be reoladed from an autosave.

Is this a waste of time, or can it be fixed?

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