Creating an installer for WTP using NSIS


Oct 15, 2022
Hi, thought I'd post this as it's own topic as it's been embedded in a couple of other topics and is hard to find.

The goal is to allow a single file download and install for users.

Attached is a zip file containing 2 files, WTP.nsis and, drop them in the "Project Files" directory. They make it easy for anyone who can compile the DLL to create an installer. It should be easy to add it to the Makefile if desired.

There are several command line options to make it easier to configure the output. It includes installing the tbb files.

It supports signing the installer and uninstaller, however to do so in a useful way requires an Authenticode certificate, which you need to pay for. I tested the process using a self signed certificate (also documented) and it generated signed executables ... that are only useful to me ;)

I take no responsibility for the quality, or lack there of, of the German translation; it's mostly there to make it clear how to add translations.

It's not fully polished, but it is functional. I have some life distractions right now and wanted to make sure it got out here before I got too distracted and forgot about it.


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