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Feb 7, 2021
Hi Folks,

im playing Legends of Revolution and today there occurd a CTD.
At the beginning of my game I get a error message.
I got this message since the first turn and it was never a problem. Maybe this has something to do with the CTD.


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LoR was abandoned some time ago, but I believe the state it was left in is still a bit buggy. However, some modders may be able to give some general advice here to get past your issue.
The Python error I can reproduce with my own mod (likely also with just BtS if I tried) by placing a sign that contains non-ASCII characters and then creating a WorldBuilder save. I think, at the start of a game, a WB save gets created silently, probably for no good reason, under Saves\WorldBuilderWBQuickSave.CivBeyondSwordWBSave, so my guess is that you get this exception because the map script or scenario you use places signs with special characters. The only impact should be that the WBSave isn't properly created, but, to my knowledge, the game never accesses it unless the player explicitly loads it. So I doubt that this has anything to do with the CTD at a much later point. If that crash occurs after ending your turn, then it's likely occurring in the DLL – as the result of some DLL change or maybe indirectly through some change outside of the DLL, in any case, such crashes are usually difficult to diagnose without compiling a debug DLL and attaching a debugger. You could try deleting things in WorldBuilder, maybe that'll allow your game to progress, it might even narrow down what the problem is, but this sounds pretty laborious and is a bit of a long shot.

Fwiw, it seems easy enough to let the game strip away special characters when creating a WB save (Git commit) – but this'll only fix (more or less) the Python exception.
Thanks for your comment.
I guess the Python exception is not relevant.
Fyi: a guy from another forum tried my savegame and it worked by him.
Dont know whether this helps or not.
Sounds like the crash might be difficult to even reproduce then (in order to debug it). But at least that person could send you a savegame on the next turn that might, with some luck, no longer crash.
It is the steam Version
Have you switched to the Beta version? Mods aren't going to work well on the Steam version unless you switch to the Beta version, as Steam changed some assets to their version to incorporate their MP servers. Steam created an "original_release" version after the community freaked.
Hello there!

I don't play Legends of Revolutions, but I have the same error in my Sword of Islam Translation to German. (Error explained here) I have found out that it is because somewhere is a ü in the code, maybe one of the civilisations or units uses it in German (I could see in your screenshot that you play German, like me). I only could prevent the error in my mod by calling the unit Bogenschutze instead of Bogenschütze.

a guy from another forum tried my savegame and it worked by him
Maybe he has tested your Savegame in a other language than German, englisch doesn't have ü, ö, ä.

I would like to know if you have found an other solution for this!
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