Dale any info on civ 5 anims gr2


Oct 13, 2009
Dale I was hoping that you could educate us on this subject as you do work with civ5 dev team.

The gr2 anim format used by civ5. could you tell us what programmes should be used to work with this format, i know granny 3d is the main programme but it costs over $15000 so no modder will buying it to mod civ5.

So which plugins should we use with max? I have tried many but none seem to work also they don't mention anything about the installation process.

please could you shed some light on this subject, I'm sure many modders are hoping you would help us.

We all know now how to add civs ect but is there any point in doing that if we dont know how to make customer learder animations.

its a bit of a contradiction in modding.
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