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Jan 10, 2003
I've found myself in an interesting situation, one that is somewhat unique to me...

Playing Regent with eight opponents, four of which I'm dealing with on one continent right now. We're in the middle ages and at least one opponent has researched Astronomy, however, the remaining four civs have yet to be discovered by any of us (shocking since I wasn't the first to discover Astronomy)

My hope is that this will remain for a few more turns while I pre-build a caravel (suicide galleys haven't worked yet) and sail for the big black mass in the middle of the map.

Has anybody found any formula for success in negotiating communications, etc. with newly discovered civs...I'm expecting a Windfall in trade and gold since I'll be the first to make contact with the other four (I hope!)

I'm hoping to hear from you big Wheelers and Dealers!
You may use several boats to explore the new land.Boat is unsafe travelling on sea and ocean, but that does not mean they can't travel on sea and ocean. I t has a chance to be safe. Try several times you may be sucessful.Good luck.
Once you meet the civs on the other continent do not trade contact with them to the civs on your continent. The more civs with which you have contact the better because techs are cheaper to buy if a lot of other civs know them.

First trade World Maps with the new civs you have just met and the civs on your continent. Trading World Maps will show you the world known by the other civ but will not give you contact with civs you have not yet met. In order to trade with a civ you have to actually meet the civ or trade for contact with another civ. The same rules apply to the AI. The AI will pay a high price for your World Map, often giving techs in addition to money and their maps. You should try to trade World Maps with all of the other civs a couple of times in the first turn you make contact with the other continent. You will probably be able to get all the money the other civs have and any techs you are missing just by trading the maps.

It is also generally a good idea to trade your techs before you trade your contacts. By denying contact with your civs to the AI you make the techs for which the AI is trading more expensive for them.
And that's why I come to the forum...good stuff Zagnut, thanks!
I agree with Zagnut, but only because you're playing on Regent. If/when you up your difficulty level to Emperor, the situation is a little different because you're more likely to be in a bad position for war. It's not uncommon for an AI to demand Contact as tribute, which you obviously can't give in to since it'll be traded around to everyone in the world before your turn comes up again. If you're frightened by war, quit while you're ahead cash in the contacts.
Also, Moonsinger started a great thread on trading. She posted a game and invited players to trade. Many players participated and analyzed the various strategies. You will probably learn more about trading from that thread than any other.

You can find it here.
I think it depends on what you want to accomplish. Do you want the world bogged down in the ancient age / Midevil age or move quickly to the modern age? You can keep a tech lead if you do not sell the contacts but you will have a slower tech progression.

Now, on diety level, the computer my just out tech you or bully you into giving the contacts anyway.

My approach depends if I want to war monger or if I am playing an expanionistic civ or If I have an industrial age UU.
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