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Jan 6, 2004
why does every single AI country switch to democracy the second they advance to it. the rest of the governments aren't even touched, i havent even seen russia turn communist before.

what hidden benefits does this terrible government have!
Lower corrupition more gold on the map, faster workers. Are Plus
more wealth has to be spent on the army upkeep, war weariness.are some of the major minus
it might have a better world impact. cheaper trades. thease are my theorys
it might not be true but wouldn't dec. civ3 not trade with other civ3.\
To see country turn to communist, simply demand tribute to get their attitude to furious, then fail a spy mission (or ask one of their units to get out of your territory if you can't do spy yet), likely they'll declare war, and when they do, most turn to communism (monarchy if they haven't researched communism yet).
Well, I think it is because Democracy allows the AIs to make more gpt then Communism. I personally love Communism, and think it is the best Gov't type (only in the game . . . ), but it does not allow ones gpt to be very high, but it does allow more productive cities.
The thing that sucks about communism is that you can't pay for jobs, usually I'll have 1000+ gold in my treasury just sitting there with 80 - 100% of science, and waiting to increase when I sign a peace treaty... Even with buying techs and alliances I'll still have much left over...
Ya, the production under Communism is the one really strong point to Communism. The other strong point to it is that it has a second palace, the SPHQ. (In C3C only) I find that I can still made a decent amount of money under Communism.
Once, when I played Rome & fought a long war with the Iroquois, they did turn Communist when WW got severe enough to warrant the switch.
Originally posted by RealGoober
Ya, the production under Communism is the one really strong point to Communism.
Actually, the production/corruption under Communism is the main reason most good players rarely use it. ;)

It is much better to have a productive core, and corrupt outlying cities, than to have corruption spread throughout your empire.

(Note: in Conquests, both out of the box, and patched to the current beta patch level, the Forbidden Palace does *not* allow for the creation of a second "productive/non-corrupt core", so Communism may be somewhat more appealing. )
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