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Jun 2, 2017
Please feel free to post your ideas for scenarios for Civilization VI. While scenarios are not the main focus of Civilization VI, I do think they hold as a major part of the game. Scenarios in the Civ franchise are offered for unique challenges in the Civ games.

Cold war
Description: At the end of the Second world war, ideological tensions between the rising power of the United States and the Soviet Union have create a divide on the future of this planet. Meanwhile, new nations have aroused from the decaying empires from a by gone era and are open for seeking for new ideologies as long a you can help them or defend them from hostile ideologies. Make sure to secure the future for Capitalism or give rise to the Communist Internationale or have both sides loose all to the non-alignment movement. Can your nation survive and achieve a new world order based on your ideology?

How to win
Get City States and civilizations on your side by Bribery, Military coups, fight proxy wars, or have them join alliances like the Warsaw pack or NATO. Prevent them from succumbing to your rival or the non-alignment movement
Keep your people happy by having a succeeding economy and having inspire them in winning the Space Race or winning international games.
Intimidate your enemies with large armies and stock piles of Nuclear weapons to prevent them from engaging a third world war with you.
ends with a score victory or an ideological collapse of your enemies your yourself

Playable Civilizations
Soviet Union
leader Nikita Khrushchev
Bread line ~ provides food
unique military unite ~ Tsar Bomba
Objective: Internationale
International Communist pressure is increased only on a positive economy.

United states
leader John f Kennedy
Unique district Stock exchange
Unique unite ~ U-2 spy planes (you can see past the fog of war when launch)
Objective: Better dead than red
Counter pressure is at it's best on positive economy

Non playable

China- Mao Zedong

India- Ghandi

Persia- Ayatollah

Brittish Commonwealth - Margaret Thatcher

Brazil - Kubitschek

Zaire - Seko

Any additional ideas for a new scenario you can think of?
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German and Italian unification

Description: Following the 1848 revolutions, a new concept of nation states rose up and became the interest of the people in these divided lands. They want you to bring these common people together in a nation united under your leadership. However empires and resilient city states may terminate such dreams. Can you unite these people under a nation before 1872.

How to win: Conquer and persuade your way to annex lands that are consider German or Italian.

Leader Bismark


leader Garibaldi
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