1. Blake00

    Forever Future Mod 1.7

    WHAT IS FOREVER FUTURE? It is a complex mod for the Civilization: Call to Power game (the first one), released by Activision in 1999, which we believe to be the best Civilization-like game that has ever hit the market. It means that you must have a copy of the game in order to play the Forever...
  2. Maat

    Barbarians aarrgh

    I’m hoping in the next civ game, barbarians will be playable. You start off as neutral barbarian village and you are defined as a civilisation after you raid and take a civilisation city and become a barabarian city state you can trade I think will be kool. What do you think and what are your...
  3. Zegangani

    Starting as Tribes in Civ 7

    What would be you ideal approach of evolving Civilizations if Civ 7 adapted this Concept? For me an Approach like this would be the optimal way to go with: - Prehistory (Stone Age): starting as Tribes (only exploring the Map (with short sight radius) and Gathering Food/Hunting, but no...
  4. MalayanGamer

    Venice 3rd UHV is pointless

    I cannot build a Colonies project as Venice. :(
  5. paintyourselfwhite

    [GS] PYSW India Rebalance

    Hey, I created rebalance mod for India and both their leaders Gandhi and Chandragupta. Point of this mod is make both leaders more powerful and more available for different play styles. This is my first mod any suggestions are welcome! (but not everything is possible to mod) Changelog...
  6. Blake00

    Civilization 1 For Windows - Complete Soundtrack Overhaul Mod

    Well since September 2021 is the 30th anniversary of Civilization 1 being released I thought I'd finally go public with the final full release of my Civilization 1 For Windows - Soundtrack Overhaul Mod that replaces all the old CivWin short low quality WAV music files with full length high...
  7. sman1975

    Trump - The Art of the Deal V2

    Trump - The Art of the Deal (v2). Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States, and therefore one of, if not the key player in the game of power politics in the early 21st Century. He leads an economic powerhouse of an economy, with world-class military might...
  8. Aslevuli

    ~Training Game This Weekend!~

    Hey guys! SunZ War Acadamy is hosting it's second ever training game since the first one was so popular! Everyone is welcome, no matter what your skill level is you're sure to learn something new. Examples topics that will be covered: -maximizing production -tile management -unit...
  9. RFormica

    RFormica's Alternate Leaders (Civ6)

    Hub for RFormica's Alternate Leaders and Civilizations. ---Nothing has been released yet. I had put this thread out when one of my mods was ready for release but it ended up being broken---
  10. RFormica

    New leader elimination

    VOTING CLOSED You can vote each 24 hours. Voting: -3 one leader and +1 another. There will be 5 winners. Priority is determined by number of points ---- WINNER LEADERS WILL BE CREATED--- We have the top 5! TOP 5: Al-Mansur Henry IV Rameses II Shivaji Ur-Nammu Rankings 6 - Alexander Nevsky 7...
  11. FurionHuang

    Eddard Stark of the North

    Winter has come!... Again... I've been working on Stark project for quite a long time and just got the new leader package released! For UU Mountain Clan I took Berzerk Armor as base and added wolf helmet and cloak, re-textured the...
  12. R

    Design your CIV VI Scenario

    Please feel free to post your ideas for scenarios for Civilization VI. While scenarios are not the main focus of Civilization VI, I do think they hold as a major part of the game. Scenarios in the Civ franchise are offered for unique challenges in the Civ games. Cold war Description: At the...
  13. G

    Cannot advance in game

    So this is my first game of Civ 5. I have tried to create a new religion but they have all been taken. Now i cannot advance as there is nothing i can do. I can't skip the turn, and i cant create a new religion, and i also dont have an autosave to load back to. Can anyone help? Thanks
  14. clytngrffn

    The Vikings 4.0

    This mod has the Vikings with Ragnar as leader
  15. Mav12

    Xenoblade Chronicles Civilization 1.5

    This mod adds a civilization based of Xenoblade Chronicles. (Spoilers for it, duh!) Civ Ability: All melee class units receive a 5 (NOT 10) strength adjacency bonus, when next to a unit of the same type. Leader: Shulk, Ability: Receive Science boost equal to 40% of enemies health when defeating...
  16. Vanilla Feline

    Metis Civilization Request

    Hey, I hope this is an approved type of forum. If not, please let me know and I will remove and post in the appropriate place. I was hoping someone could make a modded Civ for the Metis Nation, as well as adding a true start location in YNAEMP. A brief history of the Metis is that they are a...
  17. Valley Of The Lambs

    Valley Of The Lambs

    a valley of lambs
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