Do I need a patch?

King David

Oct 9, 2001
Help! I've been unable to run the recent GOTM's. I get file not found errors when trying to load either the ziped or saved game. Do I need a patch or is there another reason? Where would I find the necessary patch? Thanks in advance for any help.
Thanks Thunderfall. I downloaded the patch but still get the following errors when I attempt to load the GOTM:
Data I/O Operation /System Error: CULT
Data I/O Operation /System Error: ESPN
Data I/O Operation /System Error: LEAD
After which the system (Win XP) closes Civ3 and offers to send an error report to MSFT. Any other thoughts? Thanks,
Did you install the patch successfully? If I remember correctly, you may need to run the patch twice...

Some people posted about those error messages in the Civ3 Tech Support forum. You may be able to find some solutions there. You can also try re-install the game and apply the patch. This time you may want to download the patch from the official site, although I don't think it'll make any difference because I am pretty sure the patch on CFC's file server is not corrupted.
I would suggest a re-install. After you reinstall, re-download the patch and then try the GOTM again. Make sure you unzip the file into your C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Saves folder first. If you still have problems, post again and we will see what we can do. :)
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