Apr 22, 2022
I recently discovered the “modding” aspect of CIV VI. I obviously want now to create my own mod or map. However, after looking at some threads and testing the WorldBuilder tool, it seems to be painful to create new maps or modify existing maps from the in game tool.

This leads me to search for community tools, and to my surprise, I only found the Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter tool. It looks like to be a great software yet not straight forward for a beginner. Moreover, you can only create maps and not place units and cities…

The lack of tools surprises me as (if I understood correctly) map files are basically SQLite databases. Indeed, I was able to look at the content of a map through DB Browser. This makes me believe it is possible to recreate an entire world builder outside the game that would allow modders and players to create and modifiy maps at their will.

So my question is : Does someone know another complete tool or is there a technical reason as no one built it one like that ?

Thanks in advance.
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