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  1. P

    [GS] Changing a specific map's Map Script -OR- Randomizing resources

    How do I change a custom WorldBuilder map's Map Script? I'm able to finagle it to allow me to change the field, but it won't actually save the setting. Failing that, how can I randomize resources on a map I built in the WorldBuilder? I made a map in the Map Editor named Six Hexes. The concept...
  2. M

    Does an external map editor exist ?

    Hello, I recently discovered the “modding” aspect of CIV VI. I obviously want now to create my own mod or map. However, after looking at some threads and testing the WorldBuilder tool, it seems to be painful to create new maps or modify existing maps from the in game tool. This leads me to...
  3. Contom

    Finally, I learned enough skills to be able to do this.

    It is not 100% the game that i played as child (DOS version was). As child I was only dreaming of editing map in the civilization. But still after ~17 years, the dream came true. (Ubuntu 20.04 wine with .net 20 + CIV 1 for windows 3.1 editor was from this post...
  4. L

    Convert a savegame (with buildings and all) to a map in world builder ?

    Hello everyone, I have already seen the thread to keep the drawing of the map (, but i would like to keep the worlds wonders and buildings as well ? If anyone...
  5. AeonsOfTime

    World Builder - Usage guide 2021

    I have been doing battle with the World Builder for the last few days, and noticed that much of the information out there is outdated. The TZ method for example, can thankfully be thrown into the bin at long last. I thought that we could use a new thread to keep track of the current capabilities...
  6. MalayanGamer

    Can someone please give me a blank RFCA map?

    I anyone please tell where can i find a asia map that was used in RFCA? I couldn't find any blank rfca map! The only Asia map i found was the one that doesn't include India subcontinent. Please somebody help me i couldn't found blank rfca map! :(:wallbash: :run:
  7. V

    Worldbuilder advice?

    I'm trying to create a larger scale version of the "Gifts of the Nile" map. I loved the scenario version, but it ends at turn 125 and I wanted to make it include territories farther south along the Nile and have a larger delta region. However, I know the scenario has special worldbuilding...
  8. M

    Changing worldbuilder map dimensions

    Is there any way to change the dimensions of a map in worldbuilder? Preferably to make it taller than wide? I can't seem to change the number height and width variables shown in map editor (if that's the way to do it). I also have no experience in changing the code of the game.
  9. S

    [GS] iPhone Map Editor

    I am trying to work out if there is a way to modify/customise maps on the iPhone version. Doesn't look like it is possible, but hoping someone smarter than me can show me a way. Thanks
  10. JeffersonBelmont

    [BNW] Bananas and Fish don't appear in custom map even though I've placed many of each

    I'm trying my hand at map creation recently. It has worked well so far, except that no Banana tile is appearing when I load the map with scenario in game. I placed many Banana tiles and fish tiles, yet none have appeared so far. Whales and Citrus work, though. What could it be? Also, if I place...
  11. P

    [GS] Worldbuilder- Can't Place Natural Wonders

    When placing natural wonders in worldbuilder I get the message "one of these already exists" even though I haven't yet placed it. It also seems as though placing one wonder may preclude placing others. Can some natural wonders not be placed on the same map as others? I've read that natural...
  12. C

    Random Start in Built Map

    I've been playing with the map builder and am having issues with the AI players and start positions. At first the map would not create city-ctates. I found the player section in map builder and added players and city states. However now it seems like a civilization will ALWAYS start in one spot...
  13. Zobtzler

    Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter - An easier way to create maps for Civ 6

    This is a bitmap to civ 6 map converter made in C# (works for windows as it's an .exe). I call it the Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter (after some collaboration with Gedemon, the YnAMP guy, who showed me how to created maps in lua) You create your map using Photoshop, Gimp, Paint.NET, MS...
  14. Zobtzler

    Is there any way to create a map without touching the world builder?

    I.e. is there a way to create a custom map using only code (yes, that would mean some 5760 lines of code for every tile on a 96x60 map, but don't worry about that, I already have a method of generating these).
  15. Blake00

    JCivED - a toolbox for Civilization (CivDOS & CivWin full editor incl map) 2022-10-05

    JCivED by @darkpanda is by far the most modern and advanced Civilization 1 editor created yet. Pictures, downloads and more information in official thread here: Note: If you're a CivWin user you can use CivCracker...
  16. Blake00

    CivCracker - CivWin Full Editor (incl map) 1.0.4031.13925

    This amazing editor and its creator @MountainMn10 disappeared a long time ago sadly so I'm adding it here so people know that there IS a CivWin editor and will never forget his work. CivCracker is a full save game & map editor for Civilization 1 for Windows. It also converts CivDOS save games...
  17. janboruta

    [R&F] TSL Earth Map - Loading Issues

    I would like to ask for help regarding making a custom map into a working mod. I've built the map in WorldBuilder, utilising the old "Play Your Custom Maps" mod to access it repeatedly - all this, and testing the map with that mod went without a hitch. However, when I set out into making my map...
  18. S


    Hello, I have made in The world map editor just a map but I forgot to charge resources form standard to legendary, There seems to be no way of changing this afterwords. Please someone help me. Wish to hear form someone soon :-)
  19. King Phaedron

    How do I find World Builder and/or Steam Tools?

    I have been trying to find the map editor for Civ5. The "World Builder." But the only instructions Ive found do not make sense: 1) Open file Documents/My Games/Sid Meiers Civilization 5/AppOptions.txt And edit EnableWorldBuilder, change 0 to 1 I don't have a file named AppOptions, only Config...
  20. Z

    Is it really this impossible to create/edit a simple map?

    So I've enabled map builder... created and saved a test map... but cannot play it... I've downloaded various map mods... examined file/directory structure... tried to mimic.... but no dice. All I want to do is create slightly modified random maps -- adding stone here, moving around natural...
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