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  1. King Phaedron

    Civ 6 World Builder Custom Map Art - Secret of Evermore and Soulblazer!

    I like making World Map art based on Retro Games, Anime, etc. You can play the actual game on the main post here: I just wanted to share the Civ Map as "Art" which is something I do. I make World...
  2. King Phaedron

    Secret of Evermore - World Map Scenario for you

    Three Civilizations are China Locked on this map. This is where you start on a small continent and China is completely surrounding you and building the Great Wall (to lock you in?) Thankfully, it isn't a closed loop. If you play someone here, you'll get rich from coastal raiding the great wall...
  3. King Phaedron

    3 Civilizations are China locked on this map - Secret of Evermore

    One Mans Horse Shoe is another mans Toilet Seat... What does it mean to be China locked? This is where you start on a small continent and China is completely surrounding you and building the Great Wall (perahps to lock you in?) Thankfully, it isn't a closed loop. If you play someone here...
  4. King Phaedron

    The Best Map I've ever made - a dramatic Soulblazer!

    This took me weeks to make and polish. In the past I've had a tendency to add too many bonus resources and wonders, well I've corrected that. This is a very balanced map for everyone, and in many cases, the area is suitable for specific players. A Map based on Soulblazer, one of my favorite...
  5. King Phaedron

    Is CIV really just an upgraded game of MULE? Irrata World Map

    M.U.L.E (Multi Utility Labor Element) was a very old and quirky game where the object was to achieve prosperity colonizing a new planet. You selected plots of land, and chose between farming, mining, and producing energy. You traded goods in auction with other AI players (Mechtrons) and the...
  6. King Phaedron

    One Piece world map

    The World Map from ONE PIECE... Well, sort of. The only actual regions I copied from the map was for Japan (Southeast Triple Island) and Dressrosa. (It would've been too little of anything to use their regions.) Instead, I made a four regions cluster map divided by the Red Line and the Grand...
  7. M

    Does an external map editor exist ?

    Hello, I recently discovered the “modding” aspect of CIV VI. I obviously want now to create my own mod or map. However, after looking at some threads and testing the WorldBuilder tool, it seems to be painful to create new maps or modify existing maps from the in game tool. This leads me to...
  8. King Phaedron

    Map Pak - Legend of Mana, FF6, Europe huge +

    These are all of my custom Civ 6 maps. File where appropriate, I am going back to Civ 5. Although I did have a fairly challenging game with REAL STRATEGY, like All AI mods, the Civs almost never build walls! Full Complete Maps (With New Fronteir Content and Advanced Starts) ALL of my maps are...
  9. King Phaedron

    Cannot meet Saladin

    Hi, I just liberated the city of Mecca from Greece who had captured it early in the game, but the leader does not show up. Neither does he show up on the next turn either. There appears to be a bug where if you have never met an early game civilization and then liberate them they do not show...
  10. L

    Convert a savegame (with buildings and all) to a map in world builder ?

    Hello everyone, I have already seen the thread to keep the drawing of the map (, but i would like to keep the worlds wonders and buildings as well ? If anyone...
  11. King Phaedron

    Need to add mod to world builder maps

    I need to add the real strategy mod in the mod dependencies of my custom maps. I downloaded sqlite db cipher but under load database mod dependencies table it has I'd and title. There does not seem to be anything there I can use. Also I had to *.* To open the civ6 map file. I'd there a...
  12. Nahimi

    [GS] How to generate low land tiles for custom WB map

    I am making quite a large custom map (not large enough for sea level crash) and was wondering if there was any way to generate coastal low land tiles? Manually plotting each of them takes a lot of time. I saw the option for "Coastal Lowland" and tried both Map generator and Matching Flatland...
  13. Emanuele Bongiovanni

    Adding additional content to a world builder map

    I've created this map with already GS and RF, I also just bought Other civs like Australia, Portugal, Poland and so on, how do I add them to my world builder map?
  14. AeonsOfTime

    World Builder - Usage guide 2021

    I have been doing battle with the World Builder for the last few days, and noticed that much of the information out there is outdated. The TZ method for example, can thankfully be thrown into the bin at long last. I thought that we could use a new thread to keep track of the current capabilities...
  15. A

    [GS] Worldbuilder Question (coastal lowland)

    Hi all! Quick World Builder question... How can I define the coastal lowland tiles that will be flooded as the sea level rises? I can't find any option for this and when I try my map, there're no default lowland tiles. Thanks :)
  16. E

    World Bulding with C2C?

    What is the best way to create a map for C2C? I was thinking about creating a failry large world and would like to know what are the tools that people normally use to create such maps. Is it normally done using the game worldbuilder feature? I've read about third-party programs that simplifies...
  17. E

    MapView crashing

    I have recently downloaded MapView, a plugin for helping with the creation of custom maps for Civ 4, but it crashes whenever I try to link it with the Caveman2Cosmos mod. Do anybody else have this problem? I've downloaded the most recent versions of both MapView and Caveman2Cosmos. MapView open...
  18. the Jack

    Can't place certain Natural Wonders in World Builder

    It took me a couple of maps to notice this, but I can't seem to get Bermuda Triangle, Galapagos Islands, or Ha Long Bay onto a map created with WorldBuilder, either by placing them manually or by marking them (and only those three) as wonders-to-include when setting the map-generation...
  19. King Phaedron

    Civilization 6 Monpoly Game

    What if Civ6 ... was a Monopoly Board!? Lets talk about that Map comfortably accomodates 18 civs and 18 city states.
  20. King Phaedron

    Civ6 Monopoly Mod

    Instead of drawing actual continents and oceans, this world shall consist of 4 Monopoly Boards. A map with a very artificial yet surprisingly natural feel. This map comfortably accomodates 18 Civilizations and 18 City States.
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