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Yet (not) Another Ley Line Injector - Injecting static Ley Lines to your maps for Civ 6


Dec 21, 2022
This program injects Ley Lines to static maps made with YNAMP with both manual and automatic coordinate selections.


My recommendation is to make a map in World Builder and use Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter by Zobtzler to generate the required LUA file. Then use this program to inject Ley Lines into it.

If auto generating Lay Lines, a text file of the Ley Line coords will be generated to use for future versions of your map. Just copy and paste the entire content as manual placement!

Download link to the program

Here is my TSL Earth map that use this program to have static Ley Lines

It would be cool if you can credit me somewhere on the steam workshop page when using this program so that I can enjoy looking at your maps!

Hope this injector helps!
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