Dragonxander PR's Earth 37 civsmap

AND THEN I'll work on my senarios, since I want a bigger map, and Dragonxander here has just the thing for me. I'm working on two developments right now, 800 C.E. and a surprise that I won't give away until the time is right.
I have rather bad news: my GEM seems to not be convertable to a WBS file, in my computer at least. The map was about 80% complete, it just needed the oceanbound islands, resources on the more remote regions & overall resource & smaller terrain corrections. The temporary islands for the available civs are still present, but that's easily removable.

Still, I did manage to use the gamefile to play some turns as Ramses II of Egypt. How was it?:

- The sheer size & accurateness made the experience feel tremendously realistic
- Civs were overall in good terms with each other
- Only Europe had serious space shortages (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, England, France, Poland & Netherlands have overlapping capital BFCs in their historically accurate locations)
- Civs had a tendency of settling their historically corresponding land
- Civs developed at a good pace.

Take in consideration this was the ancient era only (4000 BC to 1500 BC); so the real action hasn't been seen yet. With this post, I attached the baby picture of my GEM, on turn 0 (as seen from the endgame screens).

How might I get the map to be usable?--I need someone that has a computer more powerful than mine (I have Vista Home Premium, 64-bit, 4 GB of RAM, 2 GHz of processing speed); &/or I need a more experienced civ mapmaker to check the text version of the World Builder Save. If some of you get to make it work, we'd be able to use what Lean called "the best damn Earth Map I've ever seen...".

What would I be doing if it's not possible to fix the problem?--I've seen Carter's GEM, & the map needs major overhauling. If my rig cooperates, I'll be able to provide a great looking GEM. The other alternative is for me to make ANOTHER GEM, just not as big (this one is 192 X 120 tiles; the alternative might be between 144 X 90 & 176 X 110).

For now, I'll let you see the image of what my GEM looks like:

Spoiler :

P. D. Egypt appears with no settled cities, since I spent a few turns finding a better location.
WOW, it really looks like a real earth map, fantastic. I hope someone can help you with your problem. It would be outstanding I'm sure.
Shows were LoR needs Civs - Maybe an Amazonian civ that can build farms in jungle - like the real life ---what is it the Xingu?
Uhm; if you want to discuss that, you should start a topic for that. This is a GEM thread, not a civs proposal thread.
Is there a link somewhere that we could download your GEM to take a look at it?
With this post I have the GEM (both the original gamesave & a WBS file). The original gamefile was created in LoR 0.9.6 (not sure if it's the A or the B update). The map itself is as portrayed in the screenshot I presented in this thread. In this post, I include the gamesave (4000 BC as Ramesess II) & a 7-Zip compressed file of the World Builder Save.
Your WBS file looks to have gotten corrupted and/or cut off mid save. I have taken the current WBS file that you posted and edited it in a text editor such that it will now open in LOR v0.9.8c. Because of the corruption I had to change the number of signs that the WBS file loads as this was cut off in mid sign so that it now loads the number of signs that is present in the WBS file. Then I edited teams 24, 26, and 33 so that their leader/civilization is valid for .9.8c. Using this WBS file to load a scenario results in the following races being destroyed upon start as they look to have no units to start with in the file, Ethiopian, Zulu, Malinese, Iroquois, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Kmer, Vietnamese, Indian, Maya, Mongolian, Aztec, Incan, and Sioux. I don't know if you have a WBS file that isn't corrupted or not, but if you do it should have a file size larger than 2,025 KB. Also I noticed that your signs for your x and y cords are flip-flopped such that the cords are listed as y,x not x,y for both the horizontal and vertical rows of signs along the edge of the map. And if you don't have a non-corrupted WBS file you should be able to use your save from .0.9.6c to at least get the start locations for those races to add their units back in.

Hope this helps :D


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In order to get good feedback for the completion of this GEM, I'm making it available for any LoR players interested in sampling & willing to test it. This is what I have:

- The map has 37 civs included, I'll make it usable with any civs &/or leaders once I complete it.

- Only the regions corresponding to starting locations are mostly complete (a few are complete, say, Japan or the British Isles). Much of the land outside of them is not complete

- The resource selection is a bit artificial--it's based more on the modern distribution, it takes in consideration some unexploited lands (i.e. Tibet) & recently discovered resources (i.e. Río de Janeiro's offshore oil), some lands don't have all their corresponding resources yet. The goal amount is 50 spots for each resource (except for Ivory & Uranium). Also, I want world balance in terms of resources, not have them limited to the powerful civs (i.e. stone & marble shall be abundant, removing the oligopoly Classical world civs have on them on most Earth maps).

Note also that some resources will represent more than a single thing--silk will also represent cotton (having China, Korea & Japan with most of it, while having a few European spots seems unbalanced to me); incense will also represent some tobaccos; & spices will also represent coffee, perhaps chocolate as well. Bananas would represent tropical fruits in general.

- All starting locations are based on more or less the capital city locations, a few were slightly altered to better fit into the map (i.e. Celts in Scotland, instead of southern France; Ethiopians in Addis Abeba, not in Aksum--its location would be peaks in this map)

- Geography is intended to be overall more benign--lands with dry grass & desert umbral rains will count as steepe, not desert tiles; dense river networks; all savanna forests would be portrayed correctly (grassland or steepe alternated with deciduous forests, NOT jungle); no ocean tile coasts to keep continents isolated; islands really close to other lands will be attached to them (i.e. Sakhalin, Trinidad, main Japanese islands, Hainan; considering it for the Danish islands). The only land presented as more hostile than most maps do would be northern Scandinavia & Laponia (seriously, that region is tundra & taiga, & it's sparsely settled).

- Those players having LoR with enhanced graphics may experience problems to load the map (Lean tested it & had problems--they stopped when he stopped using the enhanced terrain graphics).

- One final warning--overcrowding is at epic levels. Several of th European starting locations have overlapping capital BFCs, making early rushes a must for play. The same applies to a lesser extent in the Middle East, Far East & N America

About what I'd like to get informed of this testing session, I include the following:

- Notify me about overpowered starting locations (be aware they'll be really powerful anyways).
- If you have any good resource & biome reference maps, please share 'em in order to better make the map (construction stone deposits are the most problematic to find for me so far). Any other reference maps for the smaller details (i.e. key mountain passes; Pacific Islands) would be appreciated.
- I'd also like to know if the development of the civilizations occurs too fast.
- Share any experiments you may make in-game; we might get some useful info. out of them.

The next update for the map will come by next Sunday night.
Great job, 'Xander. As you know, I started a game as the Byzantines, and it's going well. I must say, I am deffinatly impressed by the map! It's better playing then the picture is! I'll let you know any suggestions. Oh, I should note that you cannot play this with Enhanced Graphics, as I've found out; so be sure to note that guys!
So far I've had no problems with Enhanced Graphics. Was it a problem that showed up right away when loading into the game?
Hi, just started a game with the Sumarians. will comeback later with my comments.
Do you have BUG installed Lean? I had an issue in this past week with a save game in LOR blowing up upon loading after installing BUG. But when I uninstalled BUG then it loaded and played just fine. So I'm wondering if it's something with BUG and LOR not playing together nice since BUG is in LOR or if it was just some odd coincidence for me?
Hey Dragonxander your GEM so far I really like. I wanted to point out a bug though. The Polish Leader in game shows up as TXT_KEY_LEADER_CASIMIR. If you open up your map file in wordpad or office and do a search for "TXT_KEY_LEADER_CASIMIR" in Team 26 and replace it with "TXT_KEY_LEADER_SOBIESKI" and save it that would fix the polish leader name.

So far the game I'm playing as Egypt I'm not running away with the game like I do as Egypt in Leans map. In yours the unhealthiness from all the flood plains seems to slow me down just enough in the beginning to keep me in check with the computers. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next map release.
Here it is (see attached 7z file).

About the changes this version includes:

- Most mineral resources are added
- Some forestation is added
- Some seafood is added
- The Polish leadername bug is solved
- A few geographical corrections were added
- Africa has more food (as deer & cattle)
- Africa also has more ivory

About what I have pending:

- Add & correct food (mostly in SA, Aus & Siberia)
- Add Siberian resources
- Finish the mineral resource placing
- Making sure all resource types (ivory & uranium not included) have 50 sources
- Research more upon construction stones (marble, stone) deposits
- Add any remaining ocean islands (mainly in the Pacific)
- Correct resource distrubution where needed.
- Balance start locations in order to allow for decently paced development of AI civilizations.

In my testgames, I noticed that Confucianism was founded before 1000 BC; & Christianity was already by 300 BC (normal religions in place). I also find that some of the civs with enough room to expand don't expand as much as I'd like (i.e. Mali has only 3 cities, but with great terrain & within historical homeland; Incas only settled 3 cities as well); & others expand too much (i.e. Poland boxed in the Vikings; Khmer dominates half of the Indian Subcontinent; China is still within its ancient pre-imperial homeland).

Any other feedback will be appreciated; moreso if it includes direct references to resource maps.

One last word--there will be no update for the next Friday, for I'll be busy throughout the week & weekend; & I'll be celebrating my 17th birthday!! :woohoo:
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