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Sep 27, 2010
Okay, so I'm really enjoying CiV, I mean they have changed alot of what Civ IV was, like getting rid of religion (makes me sad) and espionage and what not. I personally really love the new combat system, because it makes combat more than just your simple stack up the biggest armies you can and try to steam roll everything in your way. It's not a jaw dropping system, but it is much preferable than the stack system in Civ IV....

But one thing I've been noticing is the strange off times between techs and production. I mean I find it to be really rather ridiculous that by the time I've create a barracks, I've already discovered, one or two more technologies. And this is kind of a problem that I had noticed with CIV 4 as well, but its much more prevalent in CiV. I'm honestly dying for someone to make technologies take longer to research than to build buildings and units. I shouldn't be halfway through the ancient era by the time Ive created two buildings in a city. It's kind of something that's always bothered me, because I've always wanted more action during each era, but it always ends up being that by the time you've created your army, you have to upgrade them to the next big type of unit. Now everyone says, then play it in a slower mode, like marathon and what not, but it still doesn't change anything, it just makes it take even longer to get the game rolling, it still takes you forever to make a single building and research new technologies. I've actually started playing in the faster mode, because it at least gets the game rolling faster, even if I am scrambling to make my cities efficient, while trying ot keep up with the technology.

So what I'm asking for is either some sort of production changes on units and buildings, or changes on research levels.

Another thing that I really really want is a era cap, because you can start different eras, it would be cool if you set a cap on it as well, so you can play era specific games, I think that would be a blast and if anything can be done like that would be great. Perhaps tweak research through out the era so you're always researching in the era, but generally just have a era cap so I can mingle around and have classical era games and medieval games, and Renaissance games etc.


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Feb 3, 2006
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This has been discussed here earlier. Once the modding tools are released, it should be fairly easy to make a mod that, for example drops all buildings' costs by 25% and adds 10% to tech costs (should take only a couple of lines of XML code for each game speed, if it's anything like in civ4).

If you don't have the patience, you can look up the increased tile yield mod from Creation & Customization > Modpacks here in the forums.
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