Dynamo looks like ELVIS!?!?!


Nov 5, 2003
I went to upgrade my Dynamo and he looks liike elvis? what the hell, has anyone else experienced this? i'd post a save or screen shot, but i don't know how to post a save(can someone enlighten me on how to do this) and have no picture promgrams to make a jpeg with.
The King units show up as Elvis on his birthday; it is an old Civ3 Easter Egg.

that's funny. What's a dynamo?
It's Elvis's birthday!
what does he do when he attacks?
How cool! I think I was born about a week before he died...

Now don't you go stepping on my blue suede shoes... ;)
Are you serious? He's the king.
I was playing a PBEM Age of discovery conquest game tonight and the treasure units were also Elvises!
that's one sweet easter egg, i enjoyed it very much. too bad elvis doesn't have an attack animation, that would have made it even better.
Originally posted by warpstorm
Are you serious? He's the king.

The king of rock n' roll.. more specifically ;)
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