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[TOT] Early marketing shot of Test of Time beta


CFC Mod Archivist & Social Media Helper
Sep 24, 2016
Just saw this rather interesting photo posted in a retro gaming facebook group. Dunno where the guy found it, probably a google image search..

He was talking about regular Civ2 however the shot is clearly Test of Time, but it's not a perfect match for that either as...
  • It's interface is more compact and transparent. Empire stats are squished up into the windows menu bar. The MGE in-game Editor is still present too.
  • A bunch of the units are not their final incarnations. Same with some terrains.
  • The terrain graphics is brighter and more colourful (meaning someone actually made it darker/worse later on lol or the marketing guys enhanced the screenshot cause they knew it was too dark lol)
So presumably it's a shot of a beta version of Test of Time used by the Microprose marketing department.. very interesting to see what could have been (for better or worse).

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