Enforced Peace?


Jul 31, 2007
So I was playing a game and opportunistly joined in a war both to grab an annoying city and to improve diplo relations. I snagged the city and just hung out in the war to maximize the "Our mutual military struggle" points.

Then suddenly I declared peace!

Is it because the civ I was courting vassalized the other civ? (Sort of odd that that didn't show up in the event log, though it did happen)
Yep, vassalizing ends wars right away. It's a little weird, but it's preferable to the earlier method by which you'd immediately go to war with new master and stay at war with the vassal. What a mess that got to be.
Yeah that would suck, especially if you'd been courting them and suddenly ended up with the "This war spoils our relationship" modifier.

Still weird though :D
what are vassals, how do you get them?

are they in vanilla or were they added in an expansion?
Vassals were added in Warlords. I'm not sure about the details, so....Check the Warlords Forum/ Info Center! *grin*
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