Escorting workers/settlers


Jan 3, 2008
So with G&K have they yet to implement a way to easily escort non-combat units?
If they did, I didn't notice anything.

It's a bit annoying, I agree with you. You have to babysit them every turn if you don't want them to become separated.
I'd rather manually babysit them anyway, the pathfinding is quite useless.
No they didn't - I consider the fact that the move preview is wrong on occasion especially annoying (e.g. showing the escorting military unit and the settler both passing by a mountain in the south in the preview and then finding out one goes north and the other one south...).
Why escort when you can clear the path ahead? I've never used escorts for my settlers. I will just clear the area of barbs and have a warrior in the area in case some barb pops up. Escorting wastes turns I could be using to find a goody hut. I don't play with raging barbs much, maybe if I did I would use escorts.
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