Escorting workers


Aug 14, 2008
How do you keep your workers protected, with minimal player input? I usually group my workers with a military unit, which will happily accept its group has finished working for the turn when the worker is busy. But it does not work in C2C and I have not experienced this in other mods. Making the worker build an improvement will separate the military escort from the worker, and then they want to move or be told to wait or fortify the tile they are on. And once the worker is finished with the tile, taking their escort requires I remember to regroup them.

With the options to spawn wild animals even inside player civilization borders and how quickly one runs out of space to spawn them otherwise, as well as stealth using barbarians sneaking in to hunt my poor defenceless workers, C2C makes escorting workers very important.
A canine unit with the workers helps. Plus perhaps a good axemen/spearmen pairing, or a dismounting rider unit that CAN get def bonuses and can move far enough to catch something you want to quickly strike at that the dogs might see.
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