[TOT] Extended Original 3 spare unit slots keep reverting back to settlers


Reading: Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson
Dec 8, 2013
The three spare slots in the extended original test of time keep reverting their sprints back to settlers when another unit is selected. While they are selected or moving they show the correct sprint but if any other unit is selected they appear as settlers.
Below are screenshots of the units in game and their place on the units.BMP file. In the rules.txt they are in the "Spare" slots

Differences between un-selected units and selected units when animations are turned on is usually caused by the "Static.spr" file not having the updated graphics that have been placed in the Units.bmp file by the modder. Basically the "Static.spr" should almost be considered a second Units.bmp file that needs to be changed as well if you're planning on leaving animations turned on. If you turn them off then that should stop the problem. If you leave them on then you'll need to edit that file with your changes too using one of Mercator's Sprite editing tools.
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