False flags and war declaration changes.


Nov 1, 2018
I think it’d be way better if you could attack units and do all the stuff you have to be at war to do ie nukes etc without declaring war.

So the way this would work is you’d get a notification saying the Chinese have sunk your destroyer for example and you can choose to declare war or not. Obviously with new cassis belli options when you are not the aggressor.

The beauty of this would be adding an option to carry out false flag attacks, so you could maybe steal an enemy ship or maybe if you’ve sunk one in the past, or have a certain diplomatic visibility, or even a spy on a “steal designs” mission that would allow you to make a ship that looks like a ship from another civ, so your playing Macedon and you steal the Chinese ship designs using a spy then build a ship that looks Chinese to all other players and use it to attack the Mongolians, the Mongolians now have to choose whether to enter into a war with the Chinese

The Chinese could diplomatically either take responsibility or deny responsibility, maybe you get a hint, an advisor saying “our sources indicate there’s a 80% the Chinese did not carry out this attack” depending on the diplomatic visibity or spies etc

If someone creates a unit that is pretending to be yours it would show up as one of your units when in LOS but would never be on the list to move and never give you any notifications, so if you discover it yourself you can destroy it.

You could add a few other things into this, like the diplomacy message you get when troops are on someone’s border, all of this could add up to give you a total cassis belli score, so if a civ is behaving aggressively, aggressive expansion, troops on borders etc, this could all add up and allow you to enter into a more justified war.

Think this would create a much more dynamic and interesting political situation for players.

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Aug 20, 2012
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This would be an interesting idea for a civ akin to that of the Roving Clans in Endless Legend. They cannot declare war directly, but can use "neutral" mercenaries to attack.
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