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favorite offensive unique?

What is your favorite offensive unique unit?

  • Chinese Rider - 4/3/3 - The raw speed just can't be beat.

    Votes: 10 12.5%
  • Spanish Conquistador - 3/2/2 - All your workers are belong to us

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Persian Immortal - 4/2/1 - Persia declared war on us! Again!

    Votes: 8 10.0%
  • Aztec Jaguar Warrior - 1/1/2 - Speedy little guys seriously sack capitals.

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Iroquois Mounted Warrior - 3/1/2 - Iron shmiron.

    Votes: 4 5.0%
  • Viking Berserk - 6/2/1 - My love for you is ticking clock / Beserker

    Votes: 10 12.5%
  • Ottoman Sipahi - 8/3/3 - "Two Pistols and One Horse." Coming soon from acclaimed director John Woo.

    Votes: 20 25.0%
  • Hittite Three-Man Chariot - 2/2/2 - Does Ben Hur know about this?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Mongolian Keshik - 4/2/2 - We don't need no stinking mountains.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Egyptian War Chariot - 2/1/2 - I'm sure Ceaser will be impressed with the horses, dear

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • German Panzer - 16/8/3 - Guten tag! We will be taking your entire civilization now. Danke!

    Votes: 7 8.8%
  • Celtic Gallic Swordsman - 3/2/2 - Bloody hell.

    Votes: 9 11.3%
  • Inca Chasquis Scout - 1/1/2 - Goody goody, a goody hut!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Arabic Ansar Warrior - 4/2/3 - Very fast, but at what price?

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Russian Cossack - 6/3/3 - In Soviet Russia, horse rides you

    Votes: 3 3.8%
  • Mayan Javelin Thrower - 2/2/1 - If you have any left by 1863, does Lincoln automatically declare war

    Votes: 6 7.5%

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I like it even more, when my barricaded artillery opens the paths for my Panzer divisions, while my bombers are filling the skies with thunder... If my enemies don't have railroads yet, from time to time it happens to me that some cities behind the front just flip back... for one or two turns, until my exhausted infantery marches in :-D
Originally posted by Commander Bello
I voted for the Panzer...
At the time, when it is available, my empire is huge enough to allow me for huge Panzer divisions, which break any resistance, while heading deep into enemy territory.
In closed formation my infantery is to follow, just to occupy and secure the former enemy cities.

now this is a true commander of the battlefield! :)

in my current HOF attempt (regent), which unfortunately will most likely cap out at about 6000 points, i currently have 150+ panzers, including 10+ elite armies.

no one else has even learned motorized transportation yet.

That sounds like a lot of fun :)
Javelin throwers are one of the best units of the game.

Barbarians are never a problem when you have some of them around, hunting slaves even without war.

Have a number of them (veterans preferentially) and you can have a war with anybody who's not prepared to hold you.

There's no better combination than hordes of slaves in an industrious civ.
What happened to Samurai? A no horses-needed cavalry?
In theory, my favorite would probably be the gallic swordsman - however, in practice, every single time I've played as the celts I've started with no attainable iron. I end up saving a warrior to later upgrade to one when I eventually want my GA.

In practice, the Mounted Warrior has, by far, been the most crucial. Sucking up that early golden age may hurt, but mounted warriors can seriously take it to spearmen. Take a little care to keep from exposing them and those crucial early control battles are cake.

I wouldn't call samurai a defensive uu. Sure, they have their defense augmented, but they are still an offensive unit. The most you could say about their defensive abilities is that they are somewhat 'dual purpose'. The extra defense lends to their offensive capabilities as you don't have to send a bunch of slowmoving pikes around to protect them. They make fantastic garrison units, but I find that has much more to do with their offensive nature, being able to strike out at the attacking force the turn before they rush the city.

A pre c3c musketeer would still be called a defensive UU, even with it's augmented attack... no?
The Berzerker as it is the god of island maps and provides good showing on continents too. The offense of calv at the cost of a knight! and faster if on ships.

Second I go for the panzer because it turns a tech lead into total victory.

The sipahi is not a fav of mine though.. It's just too expensive if you don't have a core of bonus grassland/forest supercities.
You didn't list mine :).

Roman Legion
seriosly speakin', any civ on another continent can easily be talked into giving up their advances after having lost 10 port-cities in three turns to a small handfull of berserks stationed in galleys and caravelles outside their borders untill its time to "go get that advance 4 free" Sipahis can only take revenge unto your odd hurt berserker left behind... whats that a couple of shields?
I will prefer rider.Gallics and mounted warriors appear too early which will waste the Golden age.Sipahi , cossack is my second choices.Panzer is too late, not too much help.
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