freeVassal() does what exactly?


"Hit It"
Dec 5, 2009
What does the CyTeam.freeVassal() method do? I tried to use it to cancel vassalage - with the master and vassal as both the CyTeam instance and the eTeam parameter respectively, but nothing happens. I wasn't able to decipher the SDK entry for freeVassal() either, so I'm basically in the dark about what it does.

I reverted to using CyTeam.setVassal() instead, but now that I've wasted a good hour on this I'm very curious about what freeVassal() is used for... :confused:
using gc.getTeam(eMasterTeam).freeVassal(eVassalTeam) should free the vassal.
From the SDK it looks like it kills any trade vassal/surrender deals between the team passed in and the team that it is being called from... so

You would have to call it from who ever has a vassal and send in the vassal that you want to free...
Not working with for me. I tried it both ways in both a script and in the console. Achieves nothing. Perhaps its a matter of "updating" the vassal status somehow?

CyTeam.setVassal() works however (even if I seem to always get the order of the teams the wrong way :rolleyes:).
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