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"Full of resources" mapscripts (chess) for C2C


Apr 10, 2003
Clearwater, FL
Not sure if this is the best place to ask about this. If it's answered anywhere else thank you for telling me where, but I could not find it.
I think there used to be a C2C_Full of Resources mapscript, based on this:

It had some interesting maps that I enjoyed, in particular the "chess" (and sometimes the "maze").
But it doesn't seem to be in my map choices anymore. Was it discontinued?

I downloaded the original .py file and looked quickly into it. It has mentions of the "Rise of Mankind" mod, which was the predecessor to C2C if I'm not mistaking.
Does anyone know if there would be an easy way to convert this to the current C2C SVN?
The author of the mapscript doesn't seem to have be logged in for years.
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