Game Freeze And System Crash Caused By Civ IV


Sep 6, 2007
I just installed Civ IV again after a recent reformat and I must say the game is sucking performance-wise. The game is freezing (fixed by an Alt+Tab out and back in that usually takes about two minutes because of the freeze) and occasionally, after I press Alt+Tab, my system will reboot instead of Alt+Tabbing out. It's getting REALLY annoying. I got Warlords and haven't been able to try it yet, partly because of this problem. Anyone have any ideas? Some facts about my case follow.

1.) I have updated to the most recent patch. What was it, v1.61? That didn't work.
2.) According to System Requirements Lab, I not only met the minimum requirements, I exceed the recommended requirements to play the game.
3.) I have tried to update my video card (NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS) to the newest version for other game-related problems in the past, but that has only made things worse; I've had to "Roll Back" the driver to the previous (my current) version.
Mabye it's other software on your drive.
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