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Game of Thrones


Jul 24, 2011
Paris / France
Hello guys,

The Mod is far from beeing finished, It's a very alpha release, but I want to give you the possibility to test it and give some feedback. See the link below :


You just have to copy the files in the usual Mod directory.

What's in it :

6 Civilizations based on the excellent novel of G.R.R. Martin.
Stark / Lannister / Baratheon / Greyjoy / Targaryen / Night Watch

I use the excellent work done by Ezraingram and others modders. I thank you all.
Of course everyone may use my work. I think there is some cool art that may be useful.

I plan to redesign the techtree by adding a lot more technologies and withdrawn the later Era instead of just diseable it.

I don't work on the scenario right now, because it's not the priority, but it's plan in the future.

Of course, anyone who want to help is welcome.
- Ideas (New wonders / technologies / units...)
- Useful art
- Correct my awful english ;)
- Modding advice or more !! :crazyeye:

I am exciting to work on this project. I hope you are too and we will soon create a team and share our knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm.

Last update Game of Thrones V8.


Civilizations :

Night Wath => Will become a City state in future release.
Tully => Not implemented yet
Martell => Not implemented yet
Tyrell => Not implemented yet
Arryn => Not implemented yet

To avoid some bugs, I probably need 12 civilizations, I will see what other house could take the challenge to fight for the Throne.

Spoiler :

Technologies :

All Renaissance, Industrial & future technologies have been removed.

28 technologies have been add. See below the new techtree :

Spoiler :

Units :

Mounted Raiders
Guard dogs
War elephant => Will help windlings later ;)

& of course specials units for each civilization have been implemented. Others units will come later.

Spoiler :

Buildings :

For now I only add a few, like : Jousting Arena, Brothel, Throne room & special building for each civilization.

Wonders :

I have a lot in mind, I already prepare some Splash for The Red Keep, Harrenhal, Pike, The Eyrie, The horse gate, The Twins.

Only the Horse Gate is implemented yet. It gives you some Dothrakis quite early and some others boost.

Spoiler :

Art :

Lots of art is already implemented, it gives flavor to the game I hope you like it. I have plenty not used yet, it will come sooner or later. If some modders wants to chek in the icons directory and used part of it, you are welcome.

I made some try to change the texture of some units, but it look poor right now. I hope the team working on new units graphics, will add some for medieval kind.

Known issues :

- If you load the scenario, you can't choose any civilization, by default it begin with the Stark civilization. If you want to play the others civilizations in the scenario, you have to launch the scenario a first time with the Stark, then leave the game & return to game menu. You will then be able to choose the wanted civilization.

- Some events have incorrect icons. For exemple, It is said the house Stark declare war to house Lannister, but the civilization icons used are for another civilization... It is probably link to the fact there is only 6 civilizations in the scenario.

- Embarked unit have the texture of a modern boat => beurk !!!

- Lua signal an error probably due to the fact I only have 3 eras now... It doesn't seems to affect the game now. Since I haven't learn how to manage lua files now it will wait a little bit. :)

- The game is in alpha version, so of course, a lot of entries are missing, the flavors for technologies are not implemented and the AI don't really know what looking for. The balance between the units, civilizations, technologies and buildings must be reworked.

It will come in time.

I am looking for Idea's especially what building / wonders / traits for new civilizations shoud do.

Hope you will enjoy this alpha version and of course If you want to participate, there is plenty of work, don't hesitate to contact me.

Sorry for my poor english. :)

Because they haven't talk since months, but of course I use what they have created. Especially the work done by Ezraingram.

And of course I would love a "come back" ! :)
great, I'm downloading right now and see how I can help ... do you have a file with your planned tech tree and new buildings/units/socialism?

I think the social system should be more complex .. one row just for religions, two parts for slavery attitude (prohibition, slave trade, just tolerance), kind of right (Dornish, religious, from King) ... there are many possibilities that will be great fun to balance out :)

First milestone should be getting 10 (western) civs and a clean and proper tech tree that ends with knights, crossbowmen, archers, trebuchets and catapults etc.

Second milestone could be an enhanced tech tree should net you the possibility to get enhanced fantasy-influenced units like wargs, direwolves, dragons, warlocks, poisoners, pyromancers (perhaps with wildfire), kingsguard etc. and a westeros map.
I haven't work on the social system now, but your proposition sound really good. This part is like a free land, where there is all to do. You can work on this part, of course I will include it in the mod.

I just begin modding a few weeks ago, so I am really in a learning process. First looking at how did others manage to do things and then try to do it myself.

We only need time and will to do something great.
Good to see a Mod for Westeros.

You need to include City State. For exemple the Night Watch MUST NOT be a Civ. But a City State, all is in the book.

After you could use Majors Houses (Stark, Tully,Grey Joy, Lannister, Baratheon,Martel, Aryn and "The Dragons") and Minor (as Bolton, Frey, Hightower, Florents...And the Night Watch) as City State.

Good Luck. And I will test it and try to make some feedback.
Last update Game of Thrones V7. See the second post.

It's only a alpha version, but don't hesitate to give your feed back and idea's.
Looks good, will download when I get home tonight & give it a go.

Some brilliant graphics there, I particularly love The Twins, and the other Wonders are awesome too, look forward to seeing them all.
Just a question. Would you consider making the Dothraki their own Civ? Itd be an interesting dynamic to have a civ that started out with one city and had to stay that way an entire game.
They could have a similar UA to the Songhai and gain lots of money from plunder. But be unable to do anything with it other than possibly puppet it.
That instead of being able to build Dothraki units as other civs.
And also having just a few generic units like Pikeman and Longswordsman for most civs, but some more exotic civs would have different Unit trees. I'm not sure how hard/easy that is but thats the little bit of feedback i've got. :)
Keep up the good work:goodjob:
I'll download this on Monday when I'm "working from home" and give it a go.

Another idea for a wonder would be the citadel.
Thanks ColdPhoenix.

I have a list of potential wonders. I need to find some art for it and the effects. Of course any idea's are welcome. ;)

Here is a list :

the Titan of Braavos
the Iron Throne
the watch (not sure of the translation)
Alchimist guild
the Horse Gate
the House of the Undying Ones or the Palace of Dust
the Garden of Gehane
the walls of Qarth
the Hall of a Thousand Thrones
the Great Pyramid of Meereen
the Water Gardens
the Wall
the Red Temple of Myr
the Temple of Memory
the Hand's tournament
the great Harrenhall tournament
the Sealord's Palace
the Iron Bank
the Tourmaline Brotherhood
the Red Keep
the Citadel
the Hightower of Oldtown
the Great Sept of Baelor
Chataya's whorehouse
the Rock
Bloody Gate
The Eyrie
the Fist of the First Men
The Twins
the Tower of Joy
I have not played Civ5 as much as I played Civ4, so I don't know if some of the mechanics from the former are also in the new one.
For example, can unique units (heroes) be made? If so, it could be great so characters as Jaime Lannister or Beric Dondarrion could give the game very much.

Also, and more important in my opinion, even though I don't know if this is posible, it would be really good if there were not fixed leaders in each civilization.
I mean, in the books the houses remain, but its leaders change. I was thinking in a mechanic similar to Age of Mythology, in which you received different bonuses depending what god you chose.
Again, I don't know if it could be implemented.

And one last thing, what about religions?

I'm playing as Robb Stark, I finally managed to solve the money loss in the first turns, and now it's being actually easy.
Good work!
Hi ! Your Wonder Selection is great !

I look a little at he mod and I think that you must find some main idea.
In the Game of Throne there is a lot about deception, diplomaty etc...

So I think that you should develop the Diplomatic aspect.

For exemple, to begin, you should use the "City State Diplomacy Mod ".

You could use two ways for the mod : Westeros only or Westeros + Eastern Culture (The Free Cities -Dothrakis etc...).

I think that you should add some Religion things. Religion can be a Tech. Then you could build Temples. Religion is a pain in CIV V, and I don't know a lot about it...

And You could Add Guild - Guild can be unic.

You should allow this Techs :
Astronomy - Banking - Accoustic - Economics (windmill is a Medieval Building) -AlChimistry = > (wildfire). - Metalurgy - Fertilizer - Military Service

And here some Tech idea :
Religion Tech (in order - The olds Gods - The Seven - The Drown - R'hllor)

New Tech : Traking (Promotion +1 Visibility)
Poisons (some assasin unit)...
Drama (Culture) - Trade - Festivals (Happiness) - Brewery (Ale-Inns)
Nature Laws - Divination - Priesthood - Religious Laws - Fanaticism -etc... (Religion entry for exemple)
Diplomaty - Deception (Diplomatic issues)
Valerian Steel :)
Armored Cavalry
Medecine - Taxation
For the Unit here some ideas :

Levy -> Militia -> House Guard/Elite , It's allow to build more unit for a shorter period.

Peasant Levy -> Spear Levy -> Spearman Militia -> Pike / Haleberd

Archer Levy -> Archer Militia -> Longbowman / Crossbowman
Axeman -> Swordman (one hand weapon+Shield) / Men-At-ARms (Two Hand Weapons) -> Longswordman -> Knight (dismount)

Some Limited Unit : HouseHold Guards (Armored foot Elite) - Noble Knights

For Greyjoys => Raiders (light armored + pillage + Frenzy Etc...)
Martell => Javelins
This mod is ... O_O increible!!!!

just one thing, when I speak to another leader, the background is completly white, Can you take the same picture of the beginning as background ?¿?¿?¿
Spoiler :

I meaning this:

On the screen you post, the background seams ok, but since you are the 2nd person to tell me about this problem, I have to look closer at what may be wrong...

On my computer however, it look's normal, so it's hard to figure out...

On the screen you post, the background seams ok, but since you are the 2nd person to tell me about this problem, I have to look closer at what may be wrong...

On my computer however, it look's normal, so it's hard to figure out...

That image is not from my game, I Came across it in other thread, I put that cause that's what I wonder :cool:, to see the other leader in the diplomacy window (but I see white BG)

I may have a clue... For a reason I don't understand, When I am talking to a leader, the scene is no more animated on my computer... Even when I am not loading any MOD at all.

I also find the post below on technical support, but I don't think the problem comes from the graphics card. There is no reason, it work during a week and suddenly stop to work...

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