Gandhi's Endeavor


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Jan 22, 2006
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First and foremost, thanks for reading the thread. I'm not very good at Civ, but I do have some plot twists for my story in mind, you won't get bored... It's not meant to be funny, but I'm going to play as Gandhi from 4000 BC to 2050 AD, or, if something unexpected comes along, sooner. I hope you enjoy the story, please sit back while I dim the lights :D.

It is a warm afternoon on the year 4000 B.C. A tall man approaches a small living space, made moments ago. It is covered in dust and mildew, and obviously used a good amouunt. This is where the story begins.

The sun streamed through the tears in the teepee. A few possessions lay scattered about on the floor, and a man, lays back on a small bed, made from whatever was available. "Gandhi? We've made up our desiscion... We are going to stay here... And we've decided on our leader."
"Is it one of the young men from the tribes that came with us?"
"Gandhi... You've been living a long time... You seem quite wise and well... We want you to lead us."
"... I think it was not a good choice on your part... but.... I'll take up the responsibility... Goodbye sir...."

And so, the tale begins. The year is 4000 B.C., and Gandhi is beggining his leadership.

The tall man walks up to Gandhi in his small living place. "Gandhi? I need to tell you something... The rest of the tribe has also decided on advisors for you... I will be your domestic advisor. A man named Ark from the other tribe is your war advisor. I'm not sure about anyone else. But... as your domestic advisor, we should build our first city. We have decided on naming it after you. New Gandhi shall be it's name. I should be going now though... Goodbye."
Construction on the city began. It was named New Gandhi, and began consturction on a warrior, Gandhi protested, but Ark said it was nessecary.

Hummm... I could've made it better, but that's all for now. It's just a start... So I guess I'll post settings now.

Leader: Gandhi

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