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The new game hasn't started yet.

Alt-S is the command for map signs; hitting Alt-S on a square without a sign lets you add a sign and Alt-S on a square with a sign removes that sign.
I can't tell... Has a new game started yet or is it still in the planning stage since the last one apparently died?

Also, Im sorry this is off topic, but I was wondering how you place the little signs on the map to let people know where you are planning future cities, name landmarks etc.? I am embarrased :blush: that I don't know.

Not started and I dought it will start.

For the signs use alt s
Well both....and I am having second thoughts myself...I mean we are going to face the best in multiplayer...are we up for it?

Not sure indeed... maybe we can set up a training game in cfc (provided there is 10 people interested enough to play)? But we can't know without trying... Myself, I am not afraid to loose so I would be up anyway... it is always a good learning experience to play with /against better players.
I mean we are going to face the best in multiplayer...are we up for it?
If by "up for it" you mean ready to watch and learn and keep my mouth shut:p... I am definitely up for it.:goodjob: I like Ras am not afraid to lose... but I also am not expecting to beat the best anytime soon, but I gotta start learning somehow.

I want to learn from the best and I know I am not one of them. I asked to join this forum so I could learn, not direct, argue... or :gripe:...

I'll save all that stuff for the MTDG:lol:
I don't care if they're the best or not. If it's a tough game, that's even better, imo. I'll take anyone on, anytime. It's CiV, after all. :D
Maybe they would be willing to give us odds? ;) But really, I am up for a new game even against the best.
Smoke do you still use Hamachi? I would definitely appreciate a training game, or even just an exibition game whenever you are up to it/ have the time. I'm pretty sure I still have hamachi installed from the Kaz pitboss. I know you are often playing a few games at a time so no hurry... just wanted to mention it.
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