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They have asked that the game be reloaded 3 turns back since 3 of their players missed 3 turns...

What do you think? Is it fair? Should we accept?
:lol: I don't think it's even askable (seriously 3 turns?)... BUT if it can keep the game alive...
My 2 cents from the sidelines:

Seems like a pretty big ask, especially when you consider the likelihood that those 3 players will play every turn from now on. If 3 of them already missed 3 turns in a row, what's to stop it happening again? Clearly there must be some sort of lack of interest on their side that caused the missed turns, or else they would have checked in much earlier.

But if it keeps the game going, I guess there isn't much of an alternative...
agreed - it doesn't seem fair given that we haven't reloaded for any of our missed turns, but if it is necessary to keep the game going I'm ok with it.

Guess we should have attacked Egypt after all ;)
3 turns? It's over the top. Still, what can you do? Possibly reason with them that we've missed turns as well, and offer to go back 1 or 2 instead of 3?
I think it is a bit of a blackmail to be honest. It is not our fault that they don't check civstats and it is certainly not our fault that they keep missing turns.

As much as I want this game to go on I would vote no to reload especially since they already make a big fuss about reloads in the past and demanded that we never reload again!

So my vote is NO..if they refuse to continue, tough luck we win and we can look on to the next game.

So vote simple Yes or No please...
Also since it is a team game you should be passing on your passwords to team mates so they can play for you should you happen not to turn up without warning, due to unforeseen circumstances.
^^ this should be posted in their forums :D As for me, any civfanatics PMing me or any team member can have my pw and play ;)

I am leaning to a NO as well though... seeing as we have no guarantie that it won't happen again.
I am sure that our team has missed a total of 9 individual turns without asking for a reload. And one look at Civstats will show several instances where Scottish Fury or [PPP]Jobe have run more than one civ at a time, so they obviously know how to cover for an absence.

I'm not buying it. I'll vote NO.
I would tend to agree with a no..I have missed a turn on 2 occasions..never asked for a reload. Kind of like asking for a reload in regular MP game because you got attacked while you were afk for a minute but forget to ask for a pause. If they had an issue and needed to pause it was their responsibility to inform us.
vote no now - changed my mind after reading all the fuss they raised about reloads before.
I would do all, to play on, but LP should be right, that the game has ended because they lost their interest in the game.
They will not be continuing the game, I don't think they can even find subs as in league reality rivalry seems to be an obstacle...

They have asked to play a new game, with different settings possibly (nocity elim, different map etc, still 5vs5) against the top clan PPP. they believe that it has to be a clan to play the game so they can get along in the game...

I am up for a new one....thoughts?
Me too... I am under the impression we didn't even get started on the real fun.
I'd be up for playing and/or subbing, depending on how many of you guys want to return. :)
I can't tell... Has a new game started yet or is it still in the planning stage since the last one apparently died?

Also, Im sorry this is off topic, but I was wondering how you place the little signs on the map to let people know where you are planning future cities, name landmarks etc.? I am embarrased :blush: that I don't know.
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