[Civ2] Getting "No CD" message when I click on "Pick Music" (Windows 10)


Jan 2, 2021

I have installed CIV 2 MGE on Windows 10. I then ran the patch available on this forum here. Then I also enables Indeos Codec as explained here.

After this, I can successfully see the starting animation when I launch the game. I can also see the videos when I click on "Consult Council".

HOWEVER, I cannot "pick music" even though the CD is mounted. I get the following message:

"Select Music
This option is not available unless the Civ II CD, CIV II MGE CD or a Civ II Scenario CD is in the CD-ROM Drive"

How can I select the music ?
This doesn't directly answer your question, but I ripped the CD audio tracks to MP3 and play them in VLC, it's more flexible than the built-in player.
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