1. Birdjaguar

    Entertainment News and Opinion

    We are surrounded by entertainment in many forms. What is popular is a moving target and all the pieces are being constantly shuffled, coupled and uncoupled as technology enables new ways to doing things. Here is a look at the results of the writers strike. feel free to post any entertainments...
  2. Thorvald of Lym

    What Music are You Listening To? - 67, the Summer of Love

    Previously, on "What Music are You Listening To?":
  3. Flactine

    [LP] Lincoin, Mbande and Caesar have no background music during diplomacy interactions

    When player is diplomatic with them, their BGM cannot be played. Probably because Firaxis gave them separate BGMs (can be seen in Leaders.artdef), but those BGMs didn't play. Because Saladin still uses the original bgm, Saladin does not have this problem.
  4. H

    Civilization 6 Fanmade Music

    Hey all, I made a custom piece of music trying to replicate civ 6's musical style. It's not perfect, but I really like how it turned out. It's based of "Hine Ma Tov", a Jewish folk song that I envisioned as the theme for an Israel civ. It would mean a lot to me if y'all checked it out. Thanks...
  5. Inverted.

    Can you mod in era based soundtracks?

    I used to like the civ 5 soundtrack until I started playing civ 4. Not that the soundtrack of civ 5 is bad, but I found the soundtrack of civ 4 better and more fitting for a civilization game. Is there any way to mod era based music to civ 5? Or is it impossible? I found something in the...
  6. Boa's Mod Productions

    CIVILIZATION VI - Boa's Music Template

    Welp, it has been too long, so I finally released a music template! All that's left is to put your music in, and adjust the settings! DOWNLOAD LINKS Google Drive: Github...
  7. Duke William of Normandy

    Petition for Christopher Tin and/or Geoff Knorr to appear as Great Musicians in Civ 7.

    Christopher Tin is an obvious choice because of his gorgeous composition Baba Yetu, which was actually the first-ever videogame music piece to be nominated for and win a Grammy. Geoff Knorr has provided much of an impact on the music of the Civilization series as well, being the LEad Composer...
  8. Buffalo Solider

    [BTS] Playing map music while screen closeup

    I DID IT ! Answer is to replace : <CitySoundscapes> [...] [...] [...] </CitySoundscapes> with <CitySoundscapes/> in "game_path/adequate_mod_path/Assets/XML/GameInfo/CIV4EraInfos.xml if you found no CIV4EraInfos.xml in your mod path it means it is "inherited" from mod that is 1 "step"...
  9. Duke William of Normandy

    What Music do you want as Civ Themes in Civ 7?

    The question is pretty straightforward, but I'll just explain it anyway. So basically, my question asks what particular music do you want to be in Civ 7 as a Civ theme. As an example, Hard Times Come Again No More is the Civ Theme for America in Civ 6. I'll be looking forward to your answers.
  10. King Phaedron

    The worst civilization by far...

    Maori. Why? Because I usually play with the music on. What exactly is the Maori music? Screaming, shouting, and what sounds like "poop on you! Poop on you!" Compare with civ 5 talking to Al Mansur. "Hello chitty funk." I know it's another language and all, but come on it's just grunting...
  11. Birdjaguar

    Why do old people hate new music?

    This article is about why we often lock out musical tastes in at a young age. Why do old people hate new music? – Holly, age 14, Belmont, Massachusetts We have a music thread where one can post one's favorite songs of the moment. But if the article holds some truth, then we are likely bound...
  12. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] The Jukebox: My solution to Civ 6's music-playing problems

    I don't think it's an unpopular opinion that Civ 6's soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. I love its OST to death and the music in this game is incredibly important to me. It's just painfully unfortunate that the best way to listen to this music isn't by playing the game. I have a lot of...
  13. Aks2161989

    [Civ2] Getting "No CD" message when I click on "Pick Music" (Windows 10)

    Hello, I have installed CIV 2 MGE on Windows 10. I then ran the patch available on this forum here. Then I also enables Indeos Codec as explained here. After this, I can successfully see the starting animation when I launch the game. I can also see the videos when I click on "Consult Council"...
  14. Kyriakos

    What music are you listening to? ΞΕ´ - Xerxes invades

    Welcome to the 65th (apparently) music thread. Link to the previous one.
  15. ShimonSays

    Long delay between music tracks

    Hello everyone. I am having a weird issue that I cannot figure out. Sometimes, in various mods, the music will stop playing for a few minutes when the track that is currently playing finishes, and the music will not immediately go to the next track for a while. Sometimes, the music just stops...
  16. arieltal

    linux music stuttering

    hello all. i have the linux version of the game, all dlc's if it matters.. there is a problem when sometimes the music starts to stutter.. as if it's a scratched CD of old.. i'm not sure if it's a OS problem or game design issue.. if anyone knows anything i would appreciate any help since it's...
  17. J

    [GS] Any idea on how to control the music track played in game?

    Hi, I would like to call a specific music track using lua ? Any experience with this ?
  18. KommissarReb

    What's the name of the leitmotif for the English diplomacy theme?

    I know the Spanish themes are variations of Sonata K.322 by Domenico Scarlatti, the French theme is Gathering Peascods (English folk song), and the Dutch theme is "Over the Hills and far Away" (English army song). The only one I haven't been able to uncover is the theme for George Washington...
  19. SirMediocrity

    [GS] Music Theme Elimination Thread

    This thread is moderator approved. Everyone knows that Gathering Storm has some of the best civ music out there. But just how good is it, exactly? This Elimination Thread is an updated version of an older one, which you can find here...
  20. cardgame

    What style of vocals do you prefer in music?

    Time for some more light hearted topics on this forum. Addendum: Non-generally - that is, specifically - which gender is your favorite vocalist? For extra credit, mention them by name or post music by them, but take it easy, this isn't the music thread.
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