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[GotM] October 2013

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Creation & Customization' started by MaCross TAC, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. MaCross TAC

    MaCross TAC Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2013
    Welcome to the 'Game of the Month' October 2013

    Link to video.

    Germans love Gold
    ... according to Logan, who sends you on a treasure hunt across the Venezuelan mountains.

    German colonies in America? Isn’t that science fiction? No, not at all. It's a real episode of the American colonial history. 1528 Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and at the same time also King of Spain, finds himself in the need to borrow money from the German trade house Welser to finance his costly wars. In turn, he allows the Welser to manage one of his oversea colonies and exploit it. That colony matches roughly the north of present-day Venezuela. The deal: The German merchants set in governors and officials of their choice in New Venice, that’s how they call their new country, establish new cities and fortresses and are allowed to exploit and enslave the native Indians at will and then transport their prey to Europe without having to pay taxes or fees. The profit however is shared: a part has to be given to the king, another part to the Spanish colonial rulers. The rest may be kept.

    Your task

    A premiere: For the first time in our 'Game of the Month' - competition, we are going to play with German colonists. That's being possible with our latest TAC add-on package "Klein-Venedig" that you can download here. Our start save leads us to Venezuela.

    You play as Ambrosius Ehinger, governor of the German colonies, a roguish treasure hunter and slave-driver, who opressed the Indians and let them work themselves to death under his command. Well sounds like a charming pal, doesn't it?
    From the indigenous Arawac he learns rumors of El Dorado, the legendary city of gold. It is said to be situated somewhere in the south, beyond a remote mountain pass, built by another unknown Indian tribe.
    Stealing the possessions and valuables from the locals? A task perfectly fitting ​​for Ambrosius Ehinger, infamous for his greed and cruelty. You equip an expedition force and travel into the unknown hinterlands. But take heed, your Emperor, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, also has commissioned a troop of Spanish adventurers in search of El Dorado!

    Your goals

    You successfully end the game by achieving the following tasks:

    • Found a city by the revealed marker "Pass in den Süden" and build a fort there
    • Search and conquer "El Dorado" and build a city of your own on its ruins
    • Build an extended warehouse in both of those towns and in Neu Nürnberg as well
    • Obtain six treasure units and gather them in Neu Nürnberg
    • Hoard at least 10.000 gold in your treasure chamber
    • Show, that you are a real slave driver ... err, I mean philanthropist and allow at least 15 natives to work for you (you have to have 15 converted natives in the military overview F5)

    The one, who achieves these goals in the least of rounds, wins this 'GotM'.

    Technical hints

    For this Game of the Month you need the 'TAC Klein-Venedig' - Add-on package to TAC 2.03_final. You find all relevant informations in the according thread.

    Important: Please rename your mod folder "TAC Klein-Venedig" to "TAC 2.03_final -Klein Venedig" in order to open the save game.

    A big thanks

    ... to Logan, who created this scenario as well as the 'Klein-Venedig' - add-on.

    This 'GotM' ends on November, 10th. Before you get started, please inform yourself about our entry rules and code of conduct.

    Viel Glück, Herr Statthalter!

  2. MaCross TAC

    MaCross TAC Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2013
    Attention: There is a settlement called 'Silos' mentioned in the description of the tasks. I personally couldn't find Silos on the map and don't know if and where to found it.

    I'll ask Logan, what he had intended and let you all know, when I get an answer.
  3. kovacsflo

    kovacsflo scientist

    Feb 6, 2006
    The dead line is 31 October? So this time we will have just two 2,5 weeks to finish the scenario... Too bad, i'n it?
  4. MaCross TAC

    MaCross TAC Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2013
    Hi all.

    Logan told me that Silos is now Neu Nürnberg in the latest save file. I edited the start post accordingly.

    I also talked to my TAC-GotM colleagues and we decided to give you time till November, the 10th.

    Have fun!
  5. Will The Viking

    Will The Viking Chieftain

    Mar 16, 2013
    Bring it on! There goes my weekend...
  6. stillontheedge

    stillontheedge Chieftain

    Sep 9, 2010
    Are there any results for the October GotM?
  7. Stoepsel

    Stoepsel Chieftain

    Oct 26, 2010
    I'm sorry for the delay, but of course there are results. It is a little bit special and maybe it looks like a déjà vu, but it is the same result as last month. :D

    Congratulations, Will The Viking! That was again an excellent performance! :king:

    Just as much acknowledgement deserves our second successful participant, the brave stillontheedge! :clap:

    It is getting lonely for Will on the top of the score list:

    Please notice that the GotM started at civforum.de one month earlier. The best 6 results of each participant will be counted in the annual score.

    There are still some scorepoints to win this year! Thank you and good luck!

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