governor and preference questions


Feb 18, 2002
Does anyone know what "Color blind help" is? I couldn't find any mention of it in the manual.

Also, is there an option to have the game bring up the city display for those cities that no longer celebrate "We love the ... Day" or for those cities that are in starvation?

Is there a governor setting to keep the city with enough entertainers so that the town will continue to have the "We love the ... Day" celebrations?

Finally, on the map I've noticed that sometimes the population number of some of my cities is red, sometimes the number is white. Is this a 'glitch' or a feature of the game?
Sealman answered your last question, here's the other answers.

1. For those people who can't see colors or certain colors this labels all the cities so you know their nationality Example: you would see

Boston (American)
Moscow (Russian)

instead of the just the city name with a color for the civ it belongs to.

2. No.

3. You can set the govenor to 'manage citizen moods', to gaurantee the city won't go into disorder, but this won't always kick off a WLTK day. I usually bump up my entertainment rate via the Domestic Advisor screen so most of my cities are very happy.
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