GPU shuts down in civ 5

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Technical Support' started by mclericp, May 22, 2014.

  1. mclericp

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    Nov 28, 2013
    I played civ 5 for a long time on my PC. No problems. Then i decided to load 22 civs, 35 states, Yet not another world map GIANT map. I played around 70 turns, then my GPU shuts down and the gpu fan keeps spinning like mad.

    HOWEVER it is not the temps because prior to the shutdown(which always happen when i load that save), the temps are only 27 deg......................

    CPU core temp is around 45.

    I repeat that i have NEVER had this problem before. But It is my first time trying the giant map and this happened BUT on my crappy laptop it didnt pose a problem!

    My PC spec:

    AMD r9 270 gddr5
    i5 3470
    8gb ram
    screen resolution 1080p

    my crappy laptop spec:

    2630qm i7
    6570m gddr5 AMD
    6gb ram
    720P resolution

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