[GRAPHICS] European Kings, Colonial Leaders & Natives


Sep 26, 2010
This is independent of the other thread related to European leaders but if we add that then I will adjust this so both fits properly.

Anyway here my founds:


Spanish Queen / Isabella

(in the colonial period there was not a central political figure so any female minor leader can use this)

Russian Queen / Catherine (I will not suggest to make Russia playable, I will explain this later)

Portugal/ Martim Afonso de Sousa

I will continue editing this post.


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I got some of them already working in my game:

I think this looks so much better than the original king... the same for Martim de Sousa, the original looks like a businessman, this one like an explorer.

What do you think?
Ok, let me check the files and I will upload Isabella & Martim tomorrow. Images and any XML files (and texts).
Isabella, De Sousa replaced with those I showed you yesterday.

I made myself some modifications to Henry to be more accurate to some portraits. Adjusted the cloth, shadows (the face), colors, hat, etc.

PD: I have also started to optimize the graphical files. For ex. Henry original 5.6 MB, modified 4.8 MB. Check your inbox Dazio.
Uploaded all to repository.


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Simon Bolivar replaced & optimized. George_III optimized. This finish the optimization of all TGA files for LH.

I think that something more could be done with DDS files, and also there are some unused files on those folders (but it's really boring to check it).

Just a note, the old LH for bolivar is in fact the king Philip II of Spain... that was ironic.


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Since melcher kürzer is a member of TAC and his graphics for Isabella are really great,
the TAC team also considered to replace the Spanish King with her.

However, there was one problem:
Many many texts were simply not suited for a Queen instead of a King.
(Gender, attributes, titles, stories around events ...)

I am not sure, if this is also true for DoaNE but for TAC it was the reason to not include these great graphics. :dunno:
In the texts you can adjust if the king "title" for an specific leader is female or male, but that's true. At some points for TAC that could be a problem. I have not seen anything wrong in DoaNE yet.

Other possibility is to replace King with Majesty in all the texts. That solves any problem since it's valid for all leaders, male or female.

I would found something to do before leaving his Isabella LH out... anyway I also found a good LH for Philip II. That would be the other possibility.
Made a major improvement in optimization of graphics. Check last updates.

I changed Italian king to Charles V... previous king was George III king of England (!?).



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I have finished the implementation of Sweden in game. Currently 1 king and 1 leader only.
Added Unit sounds (no other mod before added sounds).
Since there are not LHs available for Sweden or the existing ones have not the quality I want I have been forced to made a new one by myself so this will be the 1st time we can have historical animated LHs for Sweden and not statics images.

What do you think?



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im glad this mod is still getting worked on, ill have to play it again!

So far, I'm impressed playing it as it is in 2.00... next version will be really improved, I'm trying to polish every aspect previously implemented and some new... There will be many new things!

So far I have noted that M07 & Dazion didn't list many of the features they implemented and therefore most players doesn't really know what's the potential of the game and what new things they should expect (some are not obvious...).
Currently trying to implement Scotland... there is no LHs neither for the king nor for the colonists so I'm working on it. The king should be finished soon, the other will have to wait after the holidays.
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