Out of the Portals, a Never Ending Story.

Orders LordArgon-Atraria Xenoscience Outpost
Major Order: Build up a wall
Vandrex Karlhus manages to grab enough people to build a wall around the settlement from stone and bits of the ruined station fragments. The wall is in a roughly Ohio in shape. The wall has multiple defensive emplasements with rail guns, death and dismemberment rays, and plasma mortars. This wall is meant to keep the colony safe with some room to grow.
Miner Order 1: Begin mining minerals.
Using some mining drones and trucks, the colonists begin harvesting stone for construction projects and minerals for future processing. For the moment iron and copper are the highest priority.
Minor Order 2: Make contact with the ants.
With some possibly native and definitely intelligent lifeforms discovered, the biology department and newly formed antropology department quickly formed an expedition. Doctor Vorulus Wrex lent some of his time to create a honey producing insect to use as a gift for the ants.
Minor Order 3: Assemble an All Terrain Armored Combat Vehicle
Using parts sent through the portal, start making some armored combat vehicles in order to defend themselves and their patrols from the crazed anarchists of the free science whackjobs. A loosely held together science collective, with minimal oversight and rules was apparently too much for these guys so now the outpost has to up its security patrols.
Lesser Order: Build a race track for all of the various prototype vehicles being sent through the portals. It also helps people burn off steam.
Special Actions: When everyone is special, nobody is special.
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Major order: Ready to pounce.
Spoiler description :

The encounter with the frogmen is shocking to both New N’Kloytha and the homeworld, in more ways than one. Obviously the fact that the Guests are not the only civilization operating here is, while not completely unforeseen, a gamechanger. But beyond that, the fact that these sapients appear to be single-brained is surprising. Some Guestmind scientists firmly believed that only networked intelligence (like the Guestminds) could produce civilization. This theory was held by a minority, but a significant one, and even the majority tacitly assumed that while civilizations of single-brained beings might be possible, they would be the exception.
There is division within the Leadership Committee over how to deal with the frogmen. Some have pushed for a cooperative stance. Once communication is possible and Guest infiltrators have provided some information about how the frogmen work and what they want (beyond freshwater spawning pools), it may be possible to secure friendly relations with them. The dams could probably stay--perhaps seawalls could be built to keep the saltwater out of the spawning pools. But the cooperation supporters are in the minority. True, this planet is clearly not vacant to be fully occupied, and the Guests will likely have to do some sharing eventually. But not this soon. Not this close to their first foothold. In their networked minds, the mouth of the river is already earmarked for ports and shipyards, maybe even fish farms. The frogmen will be defeated.
Still, there’s no reason to rush in blind and unprepared. While an invasion force is assembled, Guest infiltration will be stepped up, and combined with aerial intelligence gathering. To appease the cooperation faction, it is agreed that attempts will continue to communicate with the frogmen, learn more about them, and if possible see if conflict can be avoided. But in all probability, this activity is primarily staging and preparation for war. In the history of warfare back on N’Kloytha, infiltration and positioning are all-important, and the actual fighting is often little more than the final step in an already-decided battle.

Minor order 1: Build up defenses.
Spoiler description :

Bring in more infantry (coalition forces from the Assembly), a few armored vehicle battalions, and some artillery. The artillery will be set up to protect the dam and the New N’Kloytha settlement: small batteries of particle beam cannons to serve anti-personnel functions, and larger railguns with armor-piercing slugs to smash any hostile vehicles or siege weapons. High-floating aerostats will monitor enemy movements and provide targeting data for the artillery. A minor reshuffle of some of the duties of the Leadership Committee will allow one of the Committee to devote all their energies to heading up a military security department.

Minor order 2: Study the rockworms.
Spoiler description :

Xenobiologists are falling over themselves clamoring for a chance to study potential lithoid alien life. Seriously, xenobiologists are exchanging Guests just to have the opportunity to have some part of themselves on the study mission. Once it’s been established whether the rockworms will go after refined metals and/or non-living organic material, study will begin on these strange creatures. If land vehicles are vulnerable to them, airships will be used to transport the scientists and do most of the observation of the rockworms in their natural environment. While any findings the scientists come up with will no doubt be fascinating, four questions interest the Leadership Committee the most: does anything repel the worms; can anything attract them; how do they reproduce; and what kills them?

Minor Order 3: Establish more farms.
Spoiler description :

Producing food locally will take pressure off the transport system and allow the colony to grow. Vertical farms will be set up for intensive production near the river, where they can be supplied with water easily. Bioengineered desert food plants will be imported from N’Kloytha and experimental low-water desert farms will be set up (some distance from the main colony, so as not to impinge on further growth of the settlement). Alongside these projects, a botanical garden showcasing the native flora will be established, allowing Guestminds to come and relax in the garden, and potentially allowing for future study of the plants.
Guest biology facts: file #1
Spoiler science :

When the Guest infestation really took off in the Provider population, they almost became victims of their own success. Provider communities taken over by Guests simply collapsed after the Provider host bodies failed from old age. Only in cases where Guestminds showed an interest in the reproduction not just of themselves, but of their host bodies, could the Guest infestation survive longer than a single Provider generation.
Key to understanding how uninfested Providers are born to Guestminds and just allowed to live uninfested until a Guestmind needs a host body, is an understanding of how the Guestminds see themselves. As far as they’re concerned, they’re a sort of hybrid species. They don’t view themselves as just a community of Guests infesting a host, they see the infested host as the true form of their species. In this view, an uninfested Provider is like a child, a member of the species on its way to adulthood, but not there yet, not until Guests replace its brain with a Guestmind.
The fact that Guestminds have an evolutionary drive to reproduce their host bodies, but have no particular incentive to promote the reproduction of their particular host body, leads to a situation uncommon in non-parasitic species. Guestminds simply reproduce with each others host bodies at will, then the entire community takes care of the juvenile provider. Exclusive rights to future host bodies has been a contentious issue throughout history, but most communities have some sort of rational system for ensuring that there are always more bodies ready to replace hosts that have worn out.
Orders Terrance888-The Tevvos Protocol

Threat Report Year 4527

Major Order: Establishing the Nexus Entity Contact Authority (NECA)
Spoiler :
The NECA is a parallel organization of agents and training within the greater Tevvos Protocol that specializes with recognizing, documenting, contacting, and potentially containing Nexus Entities during the Tevvos Protocol’s Terraforming mission.

Agents would compose approximately 10% of the population during this stage of Terraforming, and they would spend approximately 10% of their time on training and preparation duties while embedded within the greater workforce. The hope is every scouting team, research team, etc. would have some agents embedded who can take charge in case of a Entity Contact situation. Additionally, some Agents will be “Active” for active patrol/research/contact purposes.

The goal of having a separate structure is to minimize impact on the other important work that needs to be done at the Tevvos Protocol, while maximizing the availability of Contact Protocols and Leadership during anomalous contact. The NECA will have a coherent hierarchy and command structure, with their own Intendants and Obudspersons. However, on a day to day basis Agents will follow their normal internal hierarchy.

As part of establishing the NECA, there will also be creating and distributing of contact and containment equipment. Ranging from secured laboratories to field kits, portable flame throwers to containment vehicles, there will be a range of threat responses made available. Notably, we are hoping to create NECA Containment Teams (see Reinforce Defenses) to work alongside Combat Teams to ensure security of our Domes.

Additionally, the NECA will leverage a wealth of Scifi knowledge to create protocols that will help them avoid common mistakes such as running away from falling objects in a straight line.

(Main Effect - Improved Ability to Mitigate Catastrophes.)
(Side Effects - Improved Governance and Military equipment/training.)

Minor Order 1: Reinforce Defenses
Spoiler :

To support the establishment of the NECA is a general enhancement of Security resources for the TEVVOS Domes. This will include expanding the size and armament of the Security Officers. This will also include developing Combat Teams for heavier work, and Containment Teams for managing aggressive Entities using unconventional containment equipment.

Additionally, the Domes will be reinforced against breaches, with internal partitions reinforced and the dome surface layered with stronger materials.

Finally, the ultimate containment protocol is established in secret. Should some kind of aggressive and advanced entity take control of the portal, a weapon will be activated on the other side to hopefully disrupt the portal and prevent this entity from crossing into Federation space.

A note must be made that the cart must not be put before the horse - this is still meant to be a civilian terraforming mission with a capable security detail, even if this mission is of course, sponsored by a military operation on the down low.

Intended Effects - Listed below are a “Wish List” of Security Improvements
Scout Teams
25 Armored Recon Drones
5 Enhanced Containment Vehicles
3 Scout Dirigibles
1 “Rapid Response” Dirigible
Base Security
100 Security Officers
2 Enhanced Containment Teams per Dome
2 Combat Teams per Dome, including Combat Vehicles if possible
“Reinforced” Dome Interior Security

Minor Order 2: Develop and Release Pioneer Species
Spoiler :
A series of Pioneer Species will be developed, and hopefully released, after the completion of the initial survey. Based on the status of biological development, the sea life is sufficiently advanced to contribute to continued oxygenation, but the land lifeforms are undeveloped and the soil weak. Therefore, the initial species that will be released will be designed to supercharge the development of soil to allow for the next wave of terraforming species to take root.

It must be noted that these species will be embedded with a variety of “shut off” signals, usually propagated by virus or other vector, although some may be made to self terminate at the appropriate temperature or oxygen levels. The first test generations will be designed to stop breeding after a few generations, but once the finalized species are ready we should be prepared for continent-wide dissemination.

Vissafloss - A clover-like plant which fixes nitrogen into the soil and with widely spreading spores. This will be released with symbiotic fungi.
Lyndwren - A soft-shelled decomposer that burrow into weak soils and wait for presence of dead or dying biomass to emerge and feast.
Rellono - A rapidly feasting and breeding bug who will end up covering themselves with seeds or spores, fly off into a new area to breed and die, depositing their bodies, eggs, and the foundation for a new ecosystem.

Minor Order 3: Air-Supported Exploration
Spoiler :
The downside of land based exploration has made itself clear. The next set of expeditions (mostly focusing towards the north) will be supported with Dirigible crews to spot for threats and to respond rapidly. As before, scientists will be brought along to identify resources, plants, and geological details.

Lesser Orders:
Recycling, Mining, or Bioplastics
Spoiler :
With the needs of the colony for construction supplies increasing, it comes down that one of the three sources need to be developed.

Recycling can go quite far for quite a few materials.
Mining will be necessary to collect new ores, as well as refining and working them. Mining would also include gathering sand for glass.
Bioplastics is a bit more advanced than originally intended and cannot serve for all needs, but with a surplus of food growth they can acquire plant oils and fibers to synthesize materials.

The end goal is to supplement imports with domestic supplies.

Begin Developing Gene Templates for Surface Adaption
Spoiler :
Based on our experience on Essentia so far, we will begin developing the necessary Gene Templates to Adapt to the surface needs. This will help activate our “Unsuited for This World” benefits for the local climate. We will need to decide whether the adaptation will take the form of genetic treatment, or artificial gene edited individuals.

Memorial for the Fallen
Spoiler :
Due to the secrecy of our mission, we cannot send the dead back across the portal. Mourning families ask questions. However, what we can do is to create a memorial for the fallen. The actual bodies will of course be recycled, but in the primary dome an area near the portal will be set aside for a memorial and museum of the terraforming effort. There, the incident of the BIOMASS will be recorded in display tablets, and the names will be stamped in metal and hung from a stylized tree.

NOTE: Basic Maintenance is considered higher priority than the below. Depending on available resources, this can be considered as anomaly-specific
NECA - BIOMASS “002” Research and Containment
Spoiler :

Field Containment Policy - Establish a perimeter around “Biomass” to monitor growth and diversity. Avoid direct contact but be willing to conduct experiments to get additional information.

Research Policy - Increase containment and continue research on Biomass unique genetic template. Test snippets of the genome for it’s rapid growth capabilities as well as ways to efficiently terminate samples.

NECA - Gate Nexus “001” Research and Containment
Spoiler :

Recruit physicists to research Gates more, as linguists to prepare for language translation, and secure additional gates for their research if possible.

NECA - Greenkins “003” Research and Containment
Spoiler :

Avoid direct contact but continue monitoring transponder as long as it is active. Establish perimeter balloons to watch on the southern front. If they return, avoid melee contact and try to knock out individuals for containment and research. Avoid using advanced technology against them if possible.

Spoiler :
(10m portal, stable)

Infrastructure: 4.6 (well-developed outpost)
-Buildings of note: Environmental Dome over settlment, agricultural dome. Communication tower built, Fuel tanks
-Notable resources: food self-sufficiency

Population: 3200-117 (2.4) (basic crew and guards)
-Size: 1 region

Governance: 2.1 (No need to appoint a central commander yet)
-Leaders of note: none
-Government type: Coalition

-Tech: 7 (6 in some areas by choice. Dieselpunk aesthetics, prefer ruggedness/endurance of top performance)
Spoiler :

-Magic: 0 (does not know of magic yet)
-Developments of note: High-end computers (2030's)
-Artifacts of note:

Special Factor: (Un)Suited for this world - The current status of the world is not suited for any member of the Hyrezheen Coalition, nor their preferred xenoforms. Therefore, all members of the Tevvos Protocol are suited at all times outside of habs, at least until they finish the “temporary genetic engineering” required to create caretaker species to jumpstart the development of infrastructure. On the short term, growth is limited, individuals are relatively fragile, but well trained and equipped. However on the long term, they will be able to adapt to any specific environment required as terraforming continued. (Adaptive to environment, gaining bonuses over time. Advantage in already terraformed areas(AKA, home territory))

-M-size: 19 armored recon drones (heavy trucks designed for exploring, not combat). 20 Police officers (lightly armed)
--Specialized units: 3 exploration submersibles
-M-skill: Civilian trained
-M-equip: Civilian modern fire-arms, some assault rifles in police armory
-M-ability: N/A
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Major Order: Build up a wall
Vandrex Karlhus manages to grab enough people to build a wall around the settlement from stone and bits of the ruined station fragments. The wall is in a roughly
Miner Order 1: Begin mining minerals.
Using some mining drones and trucks, the colonists begin harvesting stone for construction projects and minerals for future processing. For the moment iron and copper are the highest priority.
The major order seems to be cut off and incomplete.
If it's just for building the wall, unless you want it to be an epic wall, it might be best swapped with a minor order, as a functional one could be done with just that. Perhaps swap with the Miner Order 1? That seems the one that could best be enhanced with the extra effort.
Information for the "Golemancer Vs The Antonina Order"

Preliminary outcome of your orders concerning the conflict
Spoiler :

Ships are requested and arrive at the start of interval 13. While only three ships have been dispatched, mostly due to news of the heretics causing some disruptions back on Nata,

Along with several “private” armies of varying quality. Commissioned by some of the nations of Nata wanting prestige of such a conflict might bring it, or wanting reports on this new world by their own people, they have been sent to fight under your command. Ultimately it amounted to around 600 line infantry, 200 musketeers, and 3 cannonade crews.
A more insightful nation shipped a siege cannon to the colony, along with the crew needed to service it. While the crew will be returning after the campaign, they have informed you that the siege cannon is a gift to the order and will be left here.

The Peruptors training gose well, and soon you have over a thousand trained, with another 500 expected to finish training by year's end.

(+3 steam ships, +3 mercenary cannonade crews. 600 mercenary line infantry, 200 mercenary musketeers, 1 siege cannon with crew (low fire rate, no maneuverability, very powerful, 2000 Peruptors trained)


Gain information on the Golemancers as the conflict proceeds.

Starting information:
While actual attempts to talk to them have yet to happen, you do have some information on their written language.
While not a perfect analog, their writing looks to be a more refined form of Cuneiform.

Analysis of the golems are. While their physical movements are powered by ambient magic from the environment, what direct them to move is a lot more complex. And worrisome.
Every single golem is driven what the researched have identified as a miracle, despite the heretical use of such, wrapped in layers of Magicaly projected writing that seems to steer it.
To permanently destroy a golem, the core mush be destroyed, but it’s also the most solid piece of the golem.
Purification magic stops golems by scattering the ather powering them, but this is temporary, as new ather is eventually absorbed to reactivate it.

There are two observed qualities of golems. The first is of solid rock and are less detailed. Tend to be simpler in movements. The second is assembled golems, where each part has been carved to fit together. Moves quicker and has more complex movements.

Meta spoilers:
Spoiler :

Golemancers civilization is BUILT on the golems, that outnumber their population 10 to one. To convert them away from using golems is functionally impossible, as it would collapse their civilization and force them to take a large drop in their quality of life.
At their core, the golems powered by a spark of life, which is a very minor miracle. Around this, Ather is woven to give the golems it’s programmed commands and enhance the spark of life's power. Actually moving the golems draws magic from the environment to do so.

Golemancers recognize the uniforms/symbols of the order and more confused about the incident than worried. Currently, trying to recall someone to the area to try and talk to you. Will be at least a year before they arrive after the start of conflict.

combat spoiler
Spoiler :

Enemy forces: 12 large golems (5m high, flings 1 tone boulders as attacks up to 500m), simple melee attacks that hit hard. Hard to stop moving once it starts doing so) 500 battle golems (look like statues, 200 look like the saint) (throws small boulders as a ranged attack (up to 100m), simple melee attacks that hit hard. 2000 basic golems (look like humanoid piles of rocks, moves slower, no ranged attack. Simple melee attack that hits hard) 20 earth mages who are directing the golems in the battle, and using their magic to shape the land to their advantage.

Troop match: up
Muskets might be able to temporarily take out a golem with a lucky hit on their core, but this will be rare. Better used to try and deal with the mages

Peruptors Vs battle golems 2 on 1 for average odds.vs basic golems 1 on 3 for average odds.
Infantry vs battle golems 3 on 1 for average odds. Vs basic 1 on 1 for basic odds.

Cannons and cannonades are very effective against all golems, and the only thing that can deal with the large golems. Large golems will avoid direct line of sight with the steamships and toss boulders over small hills to hit them instead. more maneuverable cannonades will likely be needed to deal with them.

Earth mages are quite powerful. Can raise small hills to block the line of fire along the riverbanks, allowing large golems to throw boulders over them to sink ships without being hit by cannon fire in return. Can make Instant pit-traps within 10m of themselves. With some time and effort, can make stone fortifications. Purification magic can stop any spells they are using as they are casting it, but once the earth/stone is move, removing the magic will not return it to the shape it once was. Main roll in the battle is to direct the golems and protect the large golems.
Steam ships can go far enough up river to reach their settlement, but unless the large golems are dealt with first, they will be sunk by the large golems tossing boulders from small hills that were raised along its banks. Ground battle will be needed to destroy them first.

If you reach the settlement, around 10,000 civilian grade golems will be deployed while the population flees through the portal. These are of a lower quality than the basic golems, but still very physically strong. Not a major threat, but still one that needs to be taken seriously.

As this is a PC vs. NPC conflict, feel free to write how the conflict gose, as long as it does not directly conflict to the information above, and the golemancers use common sense.
If there are any conflicts between what is written and the above facts, I’ll suggest or make some suggestions to the final version.

The period the conflict should cover is around 1 year, and what position you are in at the end of that will determine that discussion.

The level of detail is up to you. From writing up the conflict completely with a story, or a simple outline of how you see the conflict going, along with how you deal with their tactics. How well you do is completely up to you.
The intention was to do this in the same narrative style as before, but various factors on my end have put that to a halt. In the interest of moving things along, I'll integrate this narratively later. For now, I have the first battle's story beats done and the rest of the war conceptualized.

* The Grandmaster is unamused by the line infantry, but nevertheless, these assembled forces exceeded his expectations. He orders Mundedus to arrange for the rest of the Petruptors to stay and defend Antonina in case the Golemancers launch a counterattack.

Spoiler Battle of the Hills of Heresy :

* The initial naval component of the expedition sails upriver but is caught off-guard by the fact that the larger golems have moved inland while still defending the river, and one of the ships is severely damaged by a direct boulder hit. Upon realizing the siege golems outranged them and likely couldn't be reached, the damaged ship and two others fled back toward Order territory, but the fourth ship's escape route is cut off by a boulder landing and is forced to flee upriver instead. This spooks the main army and is considered a bad omen by some, but artillerymen from the ships estimate the trajectory of the boulders and the Grandmaster sends skirmisher musketeers toward that position, who confirm the presence of heavy artillery golems surrounded by the ones fought before with a stone fortification built around them.

* The Illumination army keeps its movements hidden behind other artificial hills. The priests attached to the army note that the hills don't look at all natural like the ones on Nata, but nevertheless, they make camp behind one for a night as they set up the siege cannon. The Golemancers, with their reliance on obvious golem armies which are hard to hide, don't know what to look for with purely human encampments and are unused to having to scout at such close range and so do little to investigate this.

* The Order sets up its siege cannon behind the hill, one of the battle-priests serving as a spotter with his spiritual link so that another by the cannon itself can relay where to fire. These walls could handle a battering ram just fine, but their impromptu nature and the lack of gunpowder in their home world means that they had no idea to prepare for gunpowder artillery. The troops are woken up very early and formed up for the assault. The Golemancer earth mages are still on their night watch at this point, meaning a good portion of the golems can't react to the combined army advancing. Petruptors form the first battle-line, followed by the cannonade crews and finally the line infantry. Though the wooden musketballs ended up being worse than useless most of the time due to the distinct lack of non-golem combatants and they almost exclusively use metal rounds instead, they still do score an occasional lucky hit on one of the golems as the cannonade crews blast through the golems attempting to plug the gap in the wall.

* Once a firing arc is found, the siege cannon begins firing on the siege golems as the Petruptors rush into the gap. The Petruptors are intimidated at first by the size of the battle-golems, but the Golemancers underestimate the Petruptores and find the fighting to be far less favorable than they believed it would be. The cannonades eventually break a second hole in the siege wall. The siege golems get off a good volley before their users' attention is drawn by the skirmishers, who are the first to learn the full extent of their power. A few manage to capture the geomancers, a few are struck by a lucky stone-throw by the mages, but most are simply frustrated by the mages' defensiveness. A few dozen musketeers are casualties from this storming, be it being caught by the golems or being knocked out by a mage, but two of the mages are captured as the rest of those stationed there retreat. Losses are far more than hoped overall, especially with the siege golems' volleys being out of range of the battle-priests' disruptions. However, the siege golems were too large and slow to retreat with the rest of the force, meaning their threat was eliminated.

* The captured mages are treated respectfully, the Grandmaster taking them back to Antonina's cathedral with an escort. They will be taught the basics of how to write in Radiant Script before being grilled on EVERYTHING they know: not just enemy troop movements and key locations but also their customs, religion, everything. Above all else, though, the Order will attempt to figure out why so many of their heretical golems are modeled on Saint Antonius, and what these blasphemers know of him.

* The rest of the army under the other two leaders follows the path of the developed land. Supply lines follow from the river and those who abstain from looting are rewarded with a greater share. Any civilian golems found are destroyed, however. The remaining mages meet the advancing army in a field battle, but their magical walls of earth, when not disrupted by a purification spell, are blasted apart by cannon fire. Attempts to attack the cannoneers or line infantry with war golems are met by a line of Petruptors, and all the while the mages have to watch their backs lest they be knocked out by a wooden musketball to wake up a prisoner. By the time the siege cannon is set up, the battle is over: the Grandmaster's plan shone through. Most of the mages are captured here, maybe a few killed on accident, and those remaining war-golems not destroyed in the prior siege nor disabled by the demise or capture of their pilots are mostly broken here.

* By the time the army, unfamiliar with the region and much of it with the terrain, makes it to the central Golemancer settlement, it is already partly evacuated, and the numbers alone of the civilian golems slow their advance down. Theadosius advocates for the siege cannon to be put to use regardless of the casualties to the heretic civilians, but Mundedus reminds him that it would infuriate the Grandmaster with both of them, so artillery fire is kept at enough of a distance to not hurt the evacuees. Very few civilians are left on this side of the portal by the time of the golems' last stand, and they are captured without a fight.
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Orders 1 > 2: J.A.M. - Other Organismo

Major Order: Crystal Calibration
Fires igniting on every Individual within several meters? Crystals replacing vegetation? Green? Purple!? This must be investigated! The Individuals on site are much less enthused about this, but the will of Other Organismo’s multitudes override the concerns of a petty thousand strong subgroup. Is the ignition true of every organic material? Will it trigger if they are remotely broken by a stone dropped from high above? How deep do they go? What if a broken shard is digested? All these questions and more, Other Organismo will learn the process, will know the answer, will investigate the Crystals. Many Individuals will likely die during this process, but a few lives lost in controlled environments are as but a few lost feathers: bit painful but they were temporary anyway. And what’s this distortion of ather anyway?
Intended Effect: Knowing the capabilities and “rules” of the crystals will open the door to many opportunities. Just as we learned levers and inclines to make our machines, so too do we hope to make use of these strange lands. If they can be weaponized or used in an industrial capacity all the better but even a few special Individuals capable of sporadically using them will be a boon.

Minor Order 1: Glamorize the Otherworld
Otherworld is fairly barren, all fairly earthen colours and scattered green mosses. This is displeasing. Sure, the main settled and cultivated area around the portal has already been done up with style and pizzazz, but for all the Individuals flying around to do exploration it gets quite boring, y’know? Pigments and color stains galore shall be manufactured. Imported from Organismo’s World mostly, but dilution and experimentation with the natural materials of Otherworld shall not be forgotten. Perhaps even a few structures and sculptures to dot the landscape? Earthworks and geoglyphs to be seen from above? No limit but the capability of the tooled waterfowl.
Intended Effect: Goose shall make landscape pleasing to look at, yes? This is Other Organismo’s home, better start making it look that way.

Minor Order 2: Record Indexing
The Otherworld is vast. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Our library has been filled quite quickly, but now is the time to start organizing it all. Related experiences or those shared across many but without meaningful difference shall be consolidated, the extra metal sheets sent to be melted down and reused once more, the stone tablets ground down and made into more cement.
Intended Effect: There will come a time when information about specific situations is needed and all who experienced it before are but dead flesh left to rot upon the dirt. By making the Records Library only contain discrete experiences, we will be able to recover and reprocess information in a timely manner.

Minor Order 3: Producing the Mass Producers
The smoke belchers and great grinding gears of Organismo’s World are as to our infrastructure as a twig is to a tree. But we are not blazing a new trail, no, we are merely bootstrapping into a known process. The great expansions of Organismo are still fresh in the mind of many an Individual, and such feats will be repeated again. Soon we will graduate from being able to create only beak-attached tools to building plows and the group pulled winches to support them. Grinding up the stones of this world into dust and carving out the waterways into gently flowing rivers is not a task a mere trowel is suited to.
Intended Effect: A single Individual is weak. The equipment for each of them similarly so. By sacrificing versatility and adaptability, the team operated inventions of Other Organismo can shift earth in much greater efficiency, move loads with ease, even harvest and process biological matter that would otherwise be either impossible or incredibly time consuming.

Lesser Orders: Keep an eye out for the reptiles: a splintered piece of furniture should not be forgotten when moving around a home.

Efforts to improve the mining lasers have gone well. While trying to rebuild them entirely just resulted in a non-functional mess, changing their software to remove several now-unneeded safety systems proved quite helpful. The planet's atmosphere is a conductive to the heat produced by its firing, unlike the vacuum of space, meaning the regulators on heat build up could be relaxed safely. Along with increasing its draw on its user’s power systems, the effectively increased its destructive power tenfold. It could now melt off a bots limbs with only two seconds of sustained fire, and even partial hits could reduce the ability to use said limb. Torso remained significantly harder to damage, requiring over a minute of sustained fire to destroy, but that was significantly better than the previous half-hour required.

The only perceived downside of the new modification was that the new settings could overdraw power from the bot using it, knocking them offline due to power loss if the weapon was continuously fired for more than two minutes. This is not a major problem for most battles and skirmishes, though some bots handling defensive engagements have taking to wearing backpacks filled with capacitors, so they can fire sustained burst (up to 30 minutes) of the new laser weapons without drawing on their power cores. Unfortunately, the increased weight is too much for the jetpacks, rendering the options mutually exclusive.
(Combat laser weapons, and combat Laser weapon packs (replaces jetpack if used))

Another new type of weapons has been captured from CASHSHOP forces. They have apparently modified some of their mining lasers to ionize the air they pass through, allowing them to discharge large amounts of electricity into a bot at range, disabling them for several seconds, making them easy targets for sustained fire by their mining lasers. The modifications do appear to be quite expensive and bulky, with only a tenth of their forces carrying them, but very effective and responsible for most of their victories since the introduction of the combat lasers.
More worrying is the new weapons use post battle, as sustained fire on a bot with them can force a factory reset, and rendering them an Ideological blank slate ready for imprinting. Several bots with painted over SOVIET logo’s have been seen among their lines already.
All captured samples of the weapons have been taken back to the base for study, and/or to induce factory resets on any captured CASHSHOP bots, though those are few.
(samples of Ion Laser gained, CASHSHOP gained samples of combat lasers.)

Dave, after a short talk on the communication equipment, authorizes the construction of additional bots, nearly the maximum that the production hub can produce. He seems quite content with the quarters and supplies he has been provided. The only request he has, if they would so kindly, is if the SOVIET’s could build a drone rocket, so he can get a message back to HQ. He needs to order some spare parts for the production HUB.
(180 bots built) [COMMAND LINE PROMPT DETECTED] (must include a lesser order to build a drone rocket, and/or a Special action to try and resist the order)

The Propaganda tower was easily built, broadcasting the SOVIET’s message across the world to any that would listen to it. While it has affected CASHSHOP’s bots slightly, it mostly seems to be annoyance, the biggest effect has been on the SOVIET bot’s moral, making them fight harder in battle.
The only reply to the message seems to have been a single Burst of screaming from the west. The few bots that were on duty that heard it report an intense sensation of dread, enough that one of those bots was later seen jumping into the ore processor for recycling.
(+.6 governance, knowledge of something VERY bed to the west)

The rust monsters appear to be a simple form of metallivore. Unlike humans, they seem to be made of a single type of flesh, and move very slowly across the land, generally in the direction of the strongest non-planetary magnetic field they can detect. They prefer to eat oxidized iron above all else, though they are willing to eat any compounds with elements heavier than iron in them. They do not seem to be intelligent in any way.
How they eat and get energy from the process is unknown, but the Initial consumption appears to be quite fast and an unprotected and unaware bot could be consumed within a minute,
That being said, protecting a bot from them has proven quite simple. A thin weave of carbon fibers over the external surface of a bot can completely protect them, without hindering them.
Sufficient heat is also an effective defense against them, melting them into a mix of the metals they have consumed, which is quite ideal for feeding to the ore processor.

The source of the rust monsters appears to be a huge mass of the creature spilling out of a spacial anomaly to the north, and is slowly spreading out from it. Occasionally, a small portion of it, the size of the typical rust monster encountered, will break off and crawl away from it, most of them heading south toward our area, but at their rate of travel it will be nearly 30 years until the first ones reach the asteroids.

It has been suggested that several rust monsters could be captured in carbon fiber sacks and dropped near CASHSHOP’s base as a distraction, but it’s not likely to be much damage unless hundreds of them are deployed over a wide area. It might also be able to create a projectile weapon using them as ammo, or rig an exploding throwable to spread the creature over a wide area, but that would require dedicated research.
(Rust monsters are fungal, metal based lifeforms that follow non-standard model of physics. They are literally living blobs of metal. Any metal they touch is converted into their type of metal, but sufficient heat will revert it back to normal-physics metals. They ignore atomic elements lower than iron and noble gases. +.1 development. A lesser order could be used to make weapons using them, though effectiveness would be questionable)

The war against CASHSHOP was mostly a stalemate, with the SOVIETS gaining a small territorial advantage over the decade. This was mostly due to lack of a way to deal significant damage to each other, but with deployment of combat and Ion lasers, the conflict as started to accelerate. Noticeable casualties have been inflicted on both sides.
(Soviet losses: 2 units to rust monsters, 18 captured and converted, 1 bot jumping into ore processing. CASHSHOP losses: 34 lost to combat lasers, 3 captured and converted.)


The investigation into the world's magic seems to have taken up most of Isolda’s time this decade, as it has offered fascinating insights on the true nature of magic, insights that could only be found in such a young unformed system.
At it’s core, the magic seems to be an imposition of will upon it to produce a desired effect. Like flowing water, each use of it, no matter how small it might be, will slowly wear down the foundation it’s place upon. Slowly carving channels into it, creating paths where it flows more easily, and shaping it. A system of magic is not just the creation of its user, but the countless users that came before them. What was once done becomes easier to do, even to the point that attempts to do something else will shift to follow the same paths, and prevent it from being imposed upon the world. On older worlds, like Nerehamia, attempting to do magic outside the current system require great skill to control it into the proper shape… or great power like the Dead king’s to carve out a new path.
But here on this new world, the channels of magic are relatively unformed, other than that which powers the portals, and something slumbering deep beneath the mountains to the northeast, deeper than where she currently stands.
Each world that touch it through the portal is carving out new paths around it, based upon the magic they have. Some seem to have little to no impression themselves, as is magic never touched those worlds. Others like dreadmire are carrying great weight with them, making deep impressions upon the world.

Impressions that Isolda could use. At least those tangentially related to the Necromancy she was skilled with, which seemed bases on imitating and reflecting life.
Dreadmire’s form of Necromancy seemed to be leaving the greatest impression upon the new world, as if where it’s from has been fully consumed by it. Something that is likely true due it’s nature. It’s not based on returning something to life, but rather corrupting and decaying everything it touches. Impressing its simple will on everything in an effort to spread. It was no wonder the Dead King was wary enough to send his Dread knights to guard the portal, as it was a threat to everything that lived outside the sea. Something that was reflected in the wet zombies that were made using it.
The other form of necromancy was a bit more interesting and more similar to her own necromancy, enough that she actually managed to communicate with the mind using it despite him being on the other side of the world. Lothorn, who called himself a Lich, and seemed to worship a moving metal mountain that brought death everywhere it went. He also seemed to be the only person from his world upon this world, which might explain the strangeness of his mind. His form of Necromancy seemed to be based on preserving and sustaining life. Many conversations were held with him over the years, learning each other's system of necromancy. The Husk’s created by his magic were quite a bit sturdier than the undead created upon her world, but slower and simpler in mind. While this made them not very useful other than for simple tasks, for field work and other basic labor they excelled over a zombie.

(+.2 magic development, learn how to choose what type of undead to create on this world) (husk: very sturdy but slower moving undead, great for labor) (dread-zombie: quicker, can spread undeath on touch)

Exploration further up the mountains have uncovered two strange locations. The first is a steep tunnel heading to the north-east. Too steep and deep to even attempt to explore. The test zombie thrown into it left audible range before it impacted anything, putting the pit's depth well beyond any length of rope the expedition had.
The second location was a valley filled with what appeared to be liquid light, with a small stream of it overflowing the north rim that quickly dissipated into normal light.
The undead of the expedition had to stay well away from the rim of the valley and the waterfall, as being exposed to this light seemed to eat away at their form at a magical level. The living on the expedition could get close enough to look at the liquid light, but started to experience burns after a few minutes of exposure. The Valley seems to be even worse, as a walking stick lifted to stick over the rim of the valley burst into flame.

Shortly after news of the valley reached her, Isolda felt out the world’s magic in the valley's area and felt the telltale impression of “death-light” magic, along with the presence of a portal in the valley. Its location has been marked on all maps, along with notes to avoid it.
(land explored, portal of light found. Deep pit found)

The attempt to secure the Dwarves portal quickly turns into a disaster, as it turned out there was a very good reason they didn’t secure it. Their homeworld was dying to an invasion of powerful demons, and they did not want to attract their attention to the portal just yet.

Soon after the expedition arrived and started building the fort on both sides of the portal, an armed group of dwarves made a foray from the fortress to make contact with them. While seemingly upset and trying to convey some sort of message to the expedition, they didn’t seem to be outright hostile, and more worried about something on the other side of the portal. They would later explain that they were trying to warn the expedition that they were in danger of attracting a demon to the portal, a warning that would turn out to be much too late.

At first, it seemed to be a clownish parody of a dwarf, calmly walking into a fortress on the far side of the portal without a care of the world, the guards on duty only giving it a polite nod in greeting before turning to try and slice his partners' throat. A laborer greeting it while grabbing a zombie's head and trying to hammer it into a wall like it was a nail. A cook roasting his own arm over a fire before chopping it off and handing it to a horrified assistant to taste. It was her scream that seemed to break the strange spell over the encampment, and to realize that a small army of goblins is entering the encampment.

But by then, the clown was already through the portal. It seemed puzzle by the crossing for several seconds, and that was perhaps why it failed to bring up it’s glamour before those on this side of the portal noticed and raised the alarm about it. Why they and the dwarfs that came to warn them were able to fight and kill the creature at all, along with the army of goblins that followed it. In the end, Nefertiti managed to grapple it long enough for the Dwarven mayor Horhonth to behead the clown with Atolkoman, though with most of his body destroyed and needing to be rebuilt. With 2/3rds of the expedition dead, along with a quarter of the dwarven warriors, the dwarves were able to quickly explain the need to destroy the fortress around the portal and invite everyone back to their fortress despite the lack of a way to talk to each other.

The Dwarves were quite welcoming to the expedition, and over the next year Sven and the dwarven mayor Horhonth managed to teach each other the basics of their language. They watched while concealed at a distance as two other clowns emerged through the portal and stood before it for a full week, before returning through it without doing anything.

Then Horhonth told the dwarves' story. Centuries ago, a great dwarven king got too greedy, seeking to equip his warriors in the strongest weapons and armor. He dug miles into the earth to it’s deepest layers, seeking the strongest material that was said to support the world itself, Adamantine. And when he found it, he had it mined without any concern.

But the Adamantine did not exist to support the world, but rather to protect it from what existed below. When the first hole through it was made, no one noticed the creatures crawling through it, or if they did, they took it as normal even as they committed horrendous acts upon each other. Their perception twisted by the creature's demonic glamour. It wasn’t until everyone in the mountain home was dead, and the creatures tried to leave, did anyone notice what was happening. That an archer in a lookout tower noticed a demon from beyond the range of its glamour and raised the alarm. That anyone took up arms to fight and kill them.

But it was already too late, and thousands were free to roam their home world. To play with the lives of those that lived there, brining despair and war whatever they went. The few outposts of civilization left were tormented settlements, all built in highly defensive locations with clear lines of site. Or goblin settlements that revel in the bloodshed the demons brought with them. Even they existed simply because the demons wanted to prolong their fun. To draw out the death of the world as long as they could.

The portal was perhaps the last hope of their world. A place everyone could try and flee to, though before it could even be attempted, a means to seal the portal needed to be made. Thus, this group of dwarves traveled through it, and this fort was built. Here they were constructing a great project, a huge series of pumps to alternatively flood the land the portal stood upon with magma and water, so to quickly flood both sides of the portal with cooling rock and stone.

Only once the means to seal the portal was made would their people would be called to join them. To flee their world and strike anew on this world. Hopefully without the demons following them until most of them arrived, but the dwarfs would fight to let as many as they could make it here. Only if the situation seemed hopeless, or all that could were believed to have arrived, would the portal be sealed.

(Dwarf fort respects Nerehamia’s skill in battle, though finds you a bit foolish. Wants your help in holding the portal until the evacuation is finished, and they can seal the portal. 100 Zombie infantry, 20 Heavy armored zombies, and 150 mortals lost to fighting the Demon) (based on her research, it might be able to force a portal closed with magic, though she would need to research it)

Information and examples of the new undead are quite the talk back on the home world, and soon more applicants are trying to travel to the world than the portal can handle. This has resulted in a small city beginning to form on the other side of the portal, around the entrance of the cave system leading to the portal. In addition to being a way stop to the portal, it’s quickly becoming home to researchers into the new types of undead, along with Isolda notes on magic in the other world.
The nations bordering the dead king's land note of the flurry of activity within Nerehamia, and the growing settlement near their borders. They seem to be preparing to raise a larger army over the next few years, and a delegation is on its way to examine this new city under the flag of truce/ceasefire.
(large population gain, +.1 magical development. Potential issues back home.)

The Bird folk seem to have stopped creating new islands, and move the existing islands to a higher altitude. Not other observations could be made without actively making contact.

Atraria Xenoscience Outpost

Possibly the most notable construction of the decade was the Steel clad concrete wall erected around the settlement. While the concept of building a wall was a fairly simple one, the final product was far from it, both in size and its armaments. Encompassing not only the already constructed buildings, but a fair amount of land for future construction, It was nearly 15 of reinforced concrete with various defense emplacements both at the base and the top of the wall. It would be quite the foolish, or heavily armed, group that would attempt to assault the settlement now.
But perhaps the most popular feature was the 30ft wide paved concrete strip just outside the wall. It wasn’t long before some enterprising individual painted road lines upon it, and the colony racetrack was born. Nearly every hour of the day someone was racing along it, against each other or just to feel the need for speed. It’s even attracted a film crew to cover some of the races for distribution back home.
(wall built, +.6 infrastructure, +.2 gov)

Of course, this also greatly increased the demand for new vehicles, which fit well with Vandrex’s plans for the colony. More bikes and smaller vehicles were built to satisfy the civilian desire for them, but perhaps the most notable were the All Terrain Armored Combat Vehicle. Significantly larger, heavily armed and armored, these massive mobile units were serving as hubs for the Burnouts patrols. This was mostly due to their overpowered engines letting them two dozens of trailers at a time, letting them bring plentiful amounts of food, water, and spare parts to those patrolling. (+.2 gov, 10 ATACV’s built) (Large, heavily armed and armored wheels tanks (Tank police tank image). Most well known for having a hitch that lets them tow multiple trailers are once.)

Contacting the ants was some want difficult to do at first, mostly due to the fact that they were initially afraid of the us approaching them, believing them to be no more than giant animals. It took nearly a year for them to start realizing that were sentient and tool using, and a further two to actually work out a way to actually talk to them. Their primary means of communication was a chemical language as opposed to a vocal one, nether of which could be translated to the other directly, without heavy computational and mechanical assistance.

Luckily, they did have a form of written language, and eventually a simplified version of our written word was taught, with us writing messages with a strong chemical taste, and then forming themselves into words to reply to us.

Not that there was much to actually say to each other, other than exchanged different perspectives on the sciences, as our two species perspectives were so different from each other. An agreement was made determining where exactly one side's expansion would end, how to signal that one side to talk to the other.

Perhaps the only true trade was made after some of the honey bugs were gifted to them, much to their excitement, and prompted a small group of their colonies to approach us with a potential trade deal. They were a group located near the edge of their claimed territory, founded to take advantage of a large deposit of Iron ore, and had noticed the large amount of metal we seemed to carry, enough to make a cluster of colonies rich beyond their dreams. Harvesting Iron was an extremely slow process for them, mostly due to its hardness and their tiny size. It had to be collected slowly grain by grain by them, and they theorized our much larger sized let us bring greater force against the ore to break it up, and carry more of it back to a smelting location at once.
The deposit they were tasked with harvesting would take centuries for them to deplete with their methods, and while profitable and would let them liver comfortably despite needing to purchase their food from other colonies. Yet, we offered an opportunity to achieve much, much more.
This cluster of colonies was interested in hiring some humans to mine their deposit for them, in exchange for a portion of the ore. And it was a very rich deposit even by our own standards according to the miners that took a look at it. They would ensure that we would be allowed to access deposit without interference in exchange for two things. A small patch of land on our side of the border, equal to the area the deposit occupied, that they could move their colonies to occupy. And the second would be 10% of the metals produced by the mine. By their standards, this would be enough metal to flood their markets for decades, and make them the richest colonies upon the world by a large margin, on par with some of the oldest cluster back on their home world.
(Backstory dump into their NPC stats) (special action: []Take the deal, +.2 infrastructure, major mine. Potentially economic collapse of the ant’s metal trade. []Do not take it, Better relation with the ants as a whole.)
Still, while the proposed mine by the ants would be fairly profitable, many other, smaller deposits have been found nearby, and several open pit mines have been dug to harvest them, along with furnaces to smelt the ore into useful metal. (+.4 infrastructure, mining income)

An artificial radio signal has been detected coming from the south-west, and seems to be some sort of repeating message in binary.

New N’Kluitha

The guest infiltrations into the forgman civilizations seemed to have gone quite well at first, bringing back large amounts of information concerning the frogmen.
Perhaps the most notable was how different the frogmen were compared to the Providers. While smaller than the providers, they were physically stronger and more durable, a fact which could likely be attributed to the higher gravity of their homeworld. This was somewhat offset by a slightly slower thought process, and a tendency to try and think through their actions even as they are performing them. A trait that seemed to be reflected by the Guest infiltrators inhabiting them, which while not directly relevant to the investigations, did send a large number of researchers into a tizzy over the implications.
Reproduction is a K type strategy, with the frogmen depositing large numbers of eggs and sperm in the freshwater pool and watching over the young until they start to show intelligence, at which point individual frogmen will gather groups of them to be trained in a specific profession. It is suspected that they groups were only one or two members in size before the industrial revolution, but groups these days tend to be dozens of individuals at once.

Their civilization was just as interesting, if a bit more worrisome. Technologically, they are actually performing a fair bit better than our own, though mostly due to having not exhausted their own world's resources, and in spite of other factors. They would likely be significantly more advanced than our own society already, if not for the massive “Eternal war” that have been ravaging their world for the past seven hundred years, since the start of their industrial revolution. This seemed to have been triggered by improvements in agricultural production and the invention of antibiotic, leading to a drastic decrease in child mortality, and some nations' population increasing thirty-fold within a single generation. Since then, tens of millions of frogmen have died in these wars each year, occasionally even hundreds of millions when one civilization gains enough of an advantage to wipe out another.
What's worse, their industry is slowly killing their world, even as they constantly expand it to service their society and the eternal war. Deaths due to pollution kills even more of their people than the war, and they accept the cost without thought. The slight reduction in their rate of population growth is even seen as a positive thing, reducing the rate that their cities need to be expanded.

Unfortunately, this war does not exist upon this world. A world free of pollution and full of pure water to feed their spawning pools. Despite our dams contaminating over half of the spawning pools they have built on this world, their population has increased 30-fold since they arrived, as has the land they have devoted to farming. The new factories they have produced. And the armies that they have raised. Those interacting with the extracted guest infiltrators are recommending the immediate production and deployment of strategic level weapons to contain the frogmen.

Still, the frogmen seem peaceful for now, and a small joint trading outpost has been set up between us and them. Most of their anger at the construction of the dams has been diluted, with little of if showing up in the most recent generation.
(full intel on the frogmen. True special factor discovered: unchecked population growth.)

Almost as soon as the first information concerning the Frogmen was received, preparations began for the eventual containment of them. Batteries of weapons were drawn from the home world alongside coalition forces under the excuse of defending the dam, at least initially. So far the fragment have only seen the static elements of the defenses, and some of the aerial force, so have no clue how large of a force has actually been gathered. (700 coil troopers, 100 armored units, 2 artillierty groups, +.2 infrastructure)

The rockworms are strange creatures, and in some ways seem to defy our understanding of physics. Their ability to swim through solid rock and dirt without visibly disturbing them has driven more than one guest mind to dissolution out of frustration. A more close examination of stone that a rockworm has traveled through shows numerous microfractures, so their means of traveling through the stone is damaging them, just very slowly and in a none-visible

Small, orifice less gray worms, ranging from a few centimeters to over a meter long, they absorb iron and other metallic elements directly from the materials they pass through. This is not a quick process, and seems more attuned to removing trace amount during their travels. This has proved to be extremely fortunate, as It can take a single rockworm days to significantly damage a refined metal object.

Overall, the study has concluded that the rockworms do not seem to a form of life that evolved on a terrestrial world, and there is a high likelihood that they are an artificial creation designed for terraforming operations.

Does anything repel the worms:
There are three conditions the worms seem to travel away from. The first two are extreme heat and coldness, with emphasis on extreme.
A portion of rock heated to over 500C will see any nearby rockworms trying to get at least 300 meters away from it. This is likely due to this being lethal to the creatures.
If a rock worm encounters a stone less than -20 C it will move away from it, though it will not prevent it from heading in that direction a few moments later.
The third condition that repels the world is a sudden loud noise, equivalent to at least a 4.0 magnitude earthquake.

Can anything attract them:
Any form of metal will attract a rockworm from several km’s away, though the density of the metal per cm^3 seems to determine how strongly they are attracted to a location. 2.3 grams of metal per cm^3 seems to attract them the strongest. Density lower than that continue to attract them strongly up to 1.4 grams, then density’s higher than that up to 3.2 grams. It will look for any such density’s within 10 meters of it and go immediately to it. For every 0.1 gram below the lower limit, it’s search range for a more ideal density of metal will increase by 200 meters. For every .5 grams above the ideal density range, it will search an additional 100 meters out for the ideal density.

Rockworms will ignore metals over 10 grams per cm^3, and experience difficulty moving through such density’s. At 19.3 grams per cm^3 they can not pass through the material at all. (note that rock mixed with an ore can reduce the practical density of a metal compared to its pure form)

Rhythmic thumping of sound into a place within the ideal density range significantly increases the range at which rockworms will be attracted to the location. As rockworms regularly emit such thumps while eating deposits within the ideal range, this is likely a social behavior.

A strong magnetic field can slow their ability to phase through materials

how do they reproduce:
This is unknown, as no known reproduction has happened in open air. It is theorized that they might be budding off of the larger worms, based on the presence of hairs on these larger worms that resemble the smaller worms.

What kills them:
The only confirmed way to kill a rockworm is exposing it to a temperature over 500C. This is hard to accomplish due to their natural avoidance of such temperatures,

A strong magnetic field can slow their ability to phase through materials, which was how one was kept from running away from the heat source used to kill it.

Some rockworms have shown the ability to damage and interact with each other, usually in attempts to maintain separations while feeding. How is somewhat unclear.

(+.1 development)

The construction of the farms gose quite well, with vertical ones quickly assembled next to the river. Less water intensive farms are set up farther away from the river, growing modified desert plants instead of more typical crops. Soon, the food supply of the colony no longer has to be imported through the portal, even with the large influx of troops and personal.
(+ population growth, +.6 infrastructure, food independence)

An artificial radio signal has been detected coming from the north-west, and seems to be some sort of repeating message in binary.

The Tevvos Protocol

With the discovery of the Biomass and the greenskins, It was decided to establish a second organization at the outpost. The Nexus Entity Contact Authority (NECA) is to be the front line for further exploration efforts, and contact/study with/of other portal environments. Along with containing those that might prove dangerous to the Outpost.
(NECA established, Central HQ, + military equipment/training. +.6 governance)

Its main HQ has been constructed adjacent to the main dome, and is mainly serving as barracks for the growing military forces of the Outpost.
The number of Armored Recon drones has doubled, increasing to 44 in total, with their automated programming updated to disable themselves should they no longer detect their assigned crew within 2 km, to prevent any further hijacking attempt.
They are backed up with 5 Enhanced Containment Vehicles, each designed to transport a 21 person NECA containment team, logistical hub, and combat backup if needed.

Internal Dome security was also increased, with many security guards recruited and 4 5-man Internal containment teams to help deal with any exceptional incidents. Where were proposals for some combat teams to be assigned to the domes, along with combat Vehicles, but that proposal was shelved due to concerns of collateral damage within the domes.

In other news, 4 Dirigible were built, three designed solely for recon, and a fourth designed to transport 4 armored recon drones and an ECV, allowing for rapid responses.

(25 ACDs, 5 ECVs, 4 Internal combat teams, 3 scout Dirigible, 1 rapid transport dirigible. Security guards on demand)

The new Dirigible’s have proven quite effective, greatly expanding the area explored this decade. Though this did mean some of the findings were not fully explored, they are at least known about and containment teams can be dispatched to explore them in the near future.

The first locations of note are three additional portals, though they do seem fairly low-key ones. Two were located due to outbreaks of non-native flora, one with small tree type flora near the portal, while the second was surrounded by small orange bushes and grasses.
The third portal located was slightly more interesting, having been encompassed in ice.

The fourth location of note was a bit more concerning, A small concrete fort appears to have been constructed in the middle of no where. Initial observations showed large four legged lifeforms patrolling its walls. Further observations of the site were called off when a surface-to-air missile was launched in the general direction of the Dirigible, missing it by around 20 meters and deliberately exploding seconds after it pass the Dirigible. Taking it as a warning shot, the captain retreated back to the outpost, and recommended a ground force be sent to approach the site.
While not sited, it is suspected that another portal resides within the military base.
(large expansion in explored area, potential portal locations and military base marked on the map.

The First of the bioformed species are introduced and seem to be spreading well into the local environment. Processing and preparations of the local soil are expected to be done within 20 years, though an additional Pioneer species has been recommended. For distribution. Engineers have recommended that a modified version of the Venralin rockworms, (low-temperature phase-metal lifeform used in terraforming) should be released to break up the surface rock at an accelerated rate, as current projections show soil development is expected to take another century.
(significant infrastructure increase expected in 2 intervals. Special action: release modified rockworms)

A mining outpost has been set up upriver of the main outpost near a large Iron deposit. It is refined on site in a large smelter, alongside several rock crushers processing the leftover stone into basic concrete.
Alongside a bio-waste processor built next to the agricultural dome, basic construction material no longer needs to be imported, greatly reducing the likelihood that the protocol will be detected.

(+0.2 infrastructure)

Initial gene adaptations have been distributed, centered on the adapting personal to the local atmospheric pressure. While some may still need breathing apparatus and protective clothing to protect from atmospheric composition, solar radiation, and/or non-ideal temperatures, all these measures are considerably lighter and less bulky due to the pressure suits that used to be needed.
(Pressure adaption done, deconstruction of no longer needed equipment in progress)

Examination of the local gate shows much as was expected about them. Once transit through a gate is started, it can not be stopped without ripping what was passing through it in half. There is a noticeable drop in background radiation when something passes through it.
Yet, the fact that the gate is on the ground and can be examined more closely has led to some interesting discoveries. That it’s anchored to the planets' gravity well, then any particular location on the surface, meaning the continental plate is slowly moving through it. There is a noticeable compaction of rock on one side of the portal to reflect this.
(Knowledge about the gates)

Biomass research: One of the ECV’s, and its containment teams, have managed to establish the perimeter around the Biomass, along with setting up a small research outpost nearby. Efforts to retrieve a second sample has so far failed, as any portion harvested seems to die when it gets more than 1 km from the Biomass, despite any precautions.

Strangely enough, there seem to now be three transponders identical to the one the Greenskins stole, all moving around just as rapidly to the south. The Dirigible sent to scout for them soon confirmed there were now three cars, though they were only vaguely recognizable as having previously been one of our armored cars. There have also been sighting of several small groups of greenskins moving on foot, but no signs of any settlements so far. They do not seem interested in moving north towards us at this point in time.
There seems to be a fungal outbreak growing in the same area as the greenskins, through how it is related to them is unknown.
An artificial radio signal has been detected coming from the northeast, and seems to be some sort of repeating message in binary.

Other Organismo

The crystals are actually mobile, and slowly moving apart, seemingly to make room for smaller crystals to grow between them. They also seem to be ignoring the grass when they spread to areas near the rivers.
Initially, they only seemed to attack any Ordanismo that touched them, but after about a year of probing them the tolerance to us touching seemed to increase, eventually to the point that an impact significant enough to damage them need to be done to set them off, or an effort to pick extract them from the ground.
When they did attack, the reprisals did not seem to be blindly directed. While the initial beam is always directed at the point of impact, it always swept toward the cause of the disturbance. It also seemed to adapt to whatever was between it and the target. Metals and more solid materials would see the beam focus on a single point to melt it, while softer and/or more flammable materials would see the beam refocus to ignite as much as possible.
Near the end of the decade, those Orgnismo who touched one of the crystals without intent to harm them started to report something strange. A mesmerizing series of flashing lights would be seen within their minds, and they would detach from the collective, standing dazed until another Orgnismo touched it, at which point it would reconnect. The only memories it would have from that time detached would be a weirdly off colored image of them looking up at themselves.

The few sampled successfully retrieved seemed to die quickly, darkening and becoming inert. Analysis seems to indicate it is mostly composed of silicon, with veins of various types of metal interlaced through their structures. There is no clue on how they produce their beams through.

Potential for industrial and weaponizations is near impossible at their point, due to lack of ability to successfully harvest them. A sufficiently armored and equipped vehicle might be able to withstand their attacks long enough to start mining the crystals, as the metal within them is a lot pure then natural deposits, but even that is likely to be less efficient than normal mining operations.
(information on the crystals) (they can see you, they can hear you, and they want to talk)

Efforts to spruce up this side of the portal have gone quite well, and numerous structures, small gardens, and other efforts to make the land more pleasing has appeared all across their claimed land. Perhaps the most ambitious effort was the creation of a large forest downriver of the portal settlement, with thousands of saplings having been transplanted to the river's banks. It’s become quite the popular nesting site, and the location of the second Orgnismo settlement upon the world.
(major population boom, +.2 infrastructure)

The influx of new population has also been useful in organizing the local records, along with setting a small smelting facility for recycling the metal recording sheets with redundant information.
Records of events on this side of the portal have been thoroughly organized, and a copy of it has been prepared and sent back to the homeworld, to insure no matter what happens it will not be lost.
This seems to have created a similar line of thought in the original Orgnismo, and it seems intent on producing and sending a full written copy of its history through the portal, likewise to preserve it in case something happens.
It has also sent over a strange new device for storing and processing information, called a Calculatron. While fairly bulky, it can rapidly perform calculations and is extremely handy when keeping track of supplies.
(+.1 development, mechanical computer sent over.)

The small smelting for the library seems to have also established an effort to establish proper industry on this side of the portal, and soon a third settlement has been established near a large copper deposit located up river from the portal. A mine is built, soon followed by smelting facilities, concrete processors, and Line forges to produce any tools they need. While far from the efforts on the home world, It is a very good start.
(+.6 infrastructure)

The Reptiles have mostly ignored their observer, seeming to be more concerned with watching over large herds of great grazing beasts. While they will snap up an organismo that wanders to close to their lands, this seems to be more a snack of opportunity than an actual effort on their part to hunt them down.
Though they do note that the area the Reptiles have claimed is slowly expanding.

The Antonine order

It was an eventful decade for the Antonine order, as they become the first civilization to wage war upon this world. Startled by the Golemancers and their use of their beloved saint’s image for their golems, and the perceived golem’s nature, the quickly started preparing for the conflict. Messages were dispatched back to the homeworld, seeking help with their crusade and requesting more steam ships to carry them upriver.

It was several years before the results of the request started to arrive, and the news were mixed. The church itself could send very little at this time, as it was busy playing peacemaker between several nations. Some group seems to have been stirring things up between them, and they were trying to quickly find out who was behind it, while also insuring a large scale war did not break out with them stuck in the middle. What they could dispatch and gift to the order were three older model military steamships.

There were also several “Private” armies of varying quality sent with the steamships, commissioned and dispatched by some of the Nations of Nata. While their main armies were likely tied up with the same brewing conflict that the church was trying to stop, these small company sized groups were something they thought they could spare. They were likely seeking information on the new world, or influence and prestige with the church back on Nata.
Most of the “armies” sent were not too useful, just basic line infantry and musketeers that would have little use against golems. The three Cannonade crew would likely prove more useful, as their field cannons would deal great damage to the golems. Perhaps most interesting was the large Siege cannon dispatched by an insightful nation, as they had informed you that while they were expecting the cannon's crew to return, the cannon itself was a gift to the city, and would be left here when they returned home.

Locally, the training of the Peruptors seems to have gone quite well, with nearly a 1000 raised and trained to use their great hammers by the time the conflict started, with another 100 expected to be trained by the end of the decade. While exactly how effective they will be will not be known until the conflict starts, there are high hopes of victory.

(+3 steam ships, +3 mercenary cannonade crews. 600 mercenary line infantry, 200 mercenary musketeers, 1 siege cannon with crew (low fire rate, no maneuverability, very powerful), 2000 Peruptors trained)

Studies of the Golems have and their creators have been interesting to say the least.
Made entirely of stone, the golems are powered by the ambient magic that exists around them in the environment. Indeed, a cursory examination of the golems would reach the conclusion that they are purely creations of magic. Except something was off about this theory.
Unlike other forms of magic, the Priest’s purification miracles were not completely effective against the golems. Sure, It would strip them of any magic on them and render them inert statues, but this was only scattering the magic with them. It did not remove the golems' ability to gather magic like it should if it was a pure creation of magic.

It took nearly four years of research, and a demonstration by a captured Golemancer, to figure out what was going on. The Spark of Life, a simple healing miracle that could heal small cuts and bruises. Mostly used in training a priest healing abilities until they can perform stronger and more useful ones. Some time in their past, the golemancers had learned to perform the miracle themselves, and took it in a different direction and developed into what they call “Seeds of Life”, that when placed in an inanimate object would cause it to move, drawing in environmental magic to power themselves. Over time, they learned how to carve “runes” into the stone, giving direction to the movement, eventually letting them set complex commands that can be seen in their combat golems.

To say the least, this knowledge was quite heretical in the minds of some of the priests, and almost led to the captured golemancers being executed on the spot.

It also explains the differing quality of the golems seen so far. The cruder and simpler golems were Field created golems, prepared on the spot for simple repetitive tasks. Carved golems, like the ones made to look like Saint Antonine, were better prepared. Precarved joints at the points where the rock would bend, along with a more detailed and complex core, for the more complex actions, or for multiple potential tasks.
The larger Golems were the same, but empowered by multiple seeds. Each limb was effectively it’s own golem, only takeign orders from the torso golems.

As for the history the Golemancers had with the saint, and why they were using his image for their golems.. That is prehpahs a tale best told a bit later on.
(knowlage of the golamancers)

Efforts to find an alternative to coal for the steam engines, or at least ways to reduce its usage, met with mixed results.
Converting farm waste into burnable materials was already a well known practice, though rarely used due to the usual abundance and superior performance of the coal. Charcoal can be made by burning wood and other plant remains in a low oxygen environment, usually by burying the material to be covered with earth after igniting it. Some of the farmers already do this, as charcoal is useful for gunpowder production. Efforts to step up this production have been made, and a good portion of the civilian steam engines now run off of it, though coal is still the preferred fuel.
It likewise possible to ferment some of the materials into low-grade alcohol, but the main issue with it is how quickly it burns, and its lower temperature compared to coal.
Water power is perhaps where the greatest success of the effort has been seen, as they were far cheaper than a steam engine to construct and operate, and many of the farms were located next to the river. Mills and threshing machines were hooked up to them, allowing the farms to process their grain on site. Perhaps more importantly, they were also starting to power water pumps, greatly simplifying getting water further inland.
A few small windmills have also been built to power mills for those few farms not next to a large enough river or stream for a water wheel. While they are not always turning like the water wheels, they are turning often enough to fulfill their use.
But perhaps the most interesting outcome are the small windmills that are appearing on the roofs within the city, alongside small water storage tanks. Using the daily sea breezes flowing over the city, the new windmills are drawing up water into the storage tanks, at least at the times the rain is not falling, to fill them. For most of the buildings and households, this simple means they have access to flowing water, even if it is not pure enough to drink safely.
For some places, like the forges, have larger windmills and tanks, and use the water to turn waterwheels to power machines. Hammers that automatically hammer thing. Rolling presses to make metal sheets. Some of the large forges have even built vertical windmills over their shops to take advantage of the heat from their forges to pump more water.

There was one additional method proposed as an alternative to importing coal, one that could potentially replace the steam engine entirely and in a much more compact form. One that is not publicly known and may eventually be ruled as Heretical. One of the priest researching the Golems brought up the possibility of using a “Seed of Life” on a gear assembly, and create an “Eternal Gear”. He immediately regretted bringing up the idea, and is one of the main parties against the idea currently, but many of the more mechanically inclined priest are interested in the possibilities this presents. Loud theological debate have started to regularly occur between the two camps, and many hope the leadership will soon make a ruling on the matter. If just to make the cathedral a quieter place

Research into other motive powers. Potential heretical solution theorized and presented. An athletic conversion engine, based upon the examination of the golems. Using a spark of life miracle, a gear could be set to turn forever, drawing upon the ather of the world to turn it.
(+.4 infrastructure, +.1 development, proposal “eternal gear” engine)

The news of the war has also brought Antonine back into the news. And with it, a small boom in population. Faithful seeking to help with the heretics. Merchants seeking to sell steel and weapons to the city for the upcoming war. Or wanting to flee the problems of the old world to the untapped lands.
The immigration even outpaced the cities' ability to employ the new immigrants, which might have turned into a problem if the Church had not sped up their construction of the Cathedral, and creating jobs, so they could be fed. While not quite done by the end of the decade, that was only due to the stained-glass windows which could not be rushed. Those were expected to finish within two years.
(minor population boom, Cathedral finished, +.4 government)

Observations of the dreadmire have confirmed that it is slowly expanding, and in a deliberate fashion. At regular intervals, waves of small rat-like creatures will emerge from the foliage, only to quickly die and dissolve into pools of the black goo that dreadmire grows out of. The estimated rate of expansion put the edge of dreadmire reaching the city in slightly less than 50 years.
It is also confirmed that it’s avoiding the oceans, and that salt seems to hurt it, after an unusually large wave struck the beach leaving the portions struck of dreadmire splashed by it were visibly smoking.
(dreadmire is expanding. It is also weak to seawater.)

The Antonine orders war was fairly straightforward. The initial expedition set out on the 4 steamships, hoping to reach golemancers settlement directly without fighting a land battle.

Summary of the Battle of the Hills of Heresy

(1 steamship total loss, A bolder, plunged through its smokestack and crushed its boilers. Coal stocks ignited shortly afterwords, and a quarter of the ship was burned out. Still floats, but cheaper to build a new ship than rebuild it.)

(Golemancers suffer total loss, and route. TAO losses:
60 mercenary musketeers, 40 Musketeers, 400 Peruptors. 1 Cannonade crew was lost to a lucky hit from one of the large golems boulders, destroying their cannons. Most of the crew survived, as they were able to get out of the way.)

With the Large golems destroyed, there was nothing that could Truly stop the TAO’s march to the Golemancers settlement. While there were a few ambushes to try and delay their approach, usually a lone golemancer burying golems in the armies path and having them emerge when the army was marching over them.

The only other major battle was the taking of the golemancers settlement and their portal, buried in the side of an artificial mountain.
Not that it was much of a battle, just a massive wave of civilian golems and a handful of military golems flooding at the TAO’s lines, keeping them occupied until the last of the golemancers passed through the portal.
(no further losses)

Exploration of the settlement after its capture has turned up a lot of information about the golemancers, about their golems… and about Saint Antonine.

At the heart of their settlement, right next to the portal, stood a temple marked in familiar iconography, with the symbol of Radiance prominently displayed above the main door. Within were familiar pews and an alter, though shaped out of solid rock. And a tattered book lay upon it, worn with time and use.
And far in the back of the temple a sarcophagus with a large, normal stature if Saint Antonine, Older than the grand master could remember, but still distinctly him.
They had found his resting place.

The following years were a trying time for the Order, as they tried to come to terms with Saint Antonine’s last days, and the role the Golomancers played with it. Of the fact that the golems themselves are an expression of a Miracle, not of magic.

One group of Peruptors takes to rage, and assembles in secret to assault the portal. Only for them to be dragged back through unconscious be a pair of Bronze golems.

Another group through went through the portal seeking answers, and managed to start establish a way to talk to them, based upon a few symbols of our written word that the golemancers had adopted. They returned with stories of Saint Antonine’s kindness, and the golemancer desire to no longer fight.

Some dived into scouring the temple and examining his effects, and learned the story of his final days.

Saint Antonine managed to land safely on the continent shortly after he passed through the portal, also at the mouth of the river where the city bearing his name was founded, and spend several months exploring the area. Eventually he set off to explore up the river, and almost managed to reach the golemancers settlement on his own, only to slip near the river and end up with his foot stuck underneath a rock.
He would spend the next month stuck there, slowly starving with only river water to drink, and his foot slowly rotting.

It was only a passing scout from the golemancers finding him that saved him. This scout managed to free the trapped Antonine and bring him back to the golemancers settlement, where they would remove and replace the now green-black foot and leg to save his life. This was a very close call for him, and he would almost die twice over the following two years due to illness, but the golemancers would care for him, with him slowly learning to speak their language. A time he would use to try and spread the word of radiance to them. While they initially took him to be a bit delusional, slowly, he would manage to convert some of them to the tenants of the radiance. Spreading it across the settlement and soon back to their home world. He learned it was quite similar to the faith they already practiced, though less tied to mortals powers.
And there were also the golems. It was the one point none of the Golemancers would compromise upon, for they saw that every golem was a gift from god bestowed upon their people. Not the magic Antonine believed them to be for most of his stay. It was only near the end of his life that he learned exactly how the Golems were created. Of the golemancers praying and receiving a seed to plant within the golems. What notes and writings he made during his final months showed him extremely conflicted over the matter, never managing to mesh this fact with his beliefs and come to a firm conclusion one way or the other. Or feeling comfortable with the fact that many of those he partially converted, making their golems in his image.

He always meant to make a return trip to the mouth of the river, just to see if any from the church had followed him to this world, but he never managed it. The fact that he only had one leg and refused to use the golem leg they had built for him prevented him from traveling too far from the settlement.
It appears he died from the shock of learning about our attack on the golemancers farm, collapsing immediately, and eventually passing way the next day. Reportedly, he asked them not to blame us for our ignorance on his deathbed.

(Last years of Saint Antonine learned about, Golemancer settlement taken, +1 infrastructure, you can now talk to the golemancers on the other side of the portal.)
(Special action: [] write in on stance to take with the golemancers on the other side of the portal. )
(Special action: [][golem] Write in on the stance the church will take on the golems with the new information. (all paths valid, from rejecting them fully, to embracing them, or somewhere in between))

The Cybrex

The Cybrex makes a short jaunt east to follow a new and slightly closer radio source, but turns south again after it encounters the ocean to track the original source. It collapses two additional portals on the way, but does not encounter any signs of civilization.
Lothorn the lich continues to follow the cybrex from a relatively safe distance.

Sorry it took so long. Got knocked down with the flue for a few days and a bit of scope creep in the update. A War-post will be up shortly, followed by the stats and the NPC state.

Bumnling Conjurer:
War post being finished, and should be released today.
Rust monsters are basically rust monster from AD&D. Creatures that use magic to turn any metals they touch into rust, then eat the rust. You can weaponize them with a lesser order, but I’m not saying how effective they would turn out to be. At the very least, they could be used as a terror weapon.

Kyzarc Fotjage:
Welcome to the end of the Dwarf’s world, enjoy the fun. Stuff on the event will be covered in the War-post, and should be released today.

Dreadmire is a very evil form of Necromancy and in inherently unsafe. It will twist that which it touches to match itself. Dripping, gooey zombies that infect everything.
Lothorn’s is Egyptian flavored. Dried out zombies with hard leather skin, mummies wrapped in bandages. Skeletons driven by flesh eating beatles (which he has none and can’t create any more of).

Valley of the light portal is connected to a place that took purification a bit too far and converted their star to omit it. It did not go well, and effectively rendered it a dead world. There might be a few creatures like the FFXIV’s Light wardens on it, but they have no reason to move about and will never pass through the portal. Basically, it’s a place to avoid.

Purposely left the issues going on back home vague, so you could develop them yourself if you want to.

The frogmen are an industrial revolution gone wrong. Centuries of never ending war, polution to the point of ecological collapse, and they have not even noticed their world is dying yet. By the time they do, it will be to late.
Almost the opposite of your group.

War-post will have the needed information to start the fight.

Dirigible only retreated due to the possibility of damage, and that there was little to gain information wise by staying.
Adaptation has been started, and equipment is being altered to reflect the new conditions. First bonus will kicking next interval, no further input needed.

From the time you arrived upon the world, still when you discovered the golemancers, Saint Antonine has been working to convert them to follow the ways of the church. He was quite successful on the matter, barring the creation and use of the golems. The latter was half due to the nature of how they were created, through prayer and belief, and half due as rejecting them would collapse their society completely. It’s completely supported by its use, tending their fields, building their buildings (where they are not shaped by magic), and handling other simple tasks.
Part of why they so quickly adopted the churches way has to do with how their existing religions seem to be set up. They mostly exist solely to empower those that rule their nations, propping them up as God-kings or as the head priests of the gods they follow. Something supported by those in change being those that can make the biggest and most powerful golems. Saint Antonine show them miracles beyond just creating golems, and spurred improvements into the miracle they used to make their golems. The fact that he sought not to take charge of them, and that following his ways and converting seem to let them use those stronger miracles…
Well, there is a Large army of converttees deposing of god-kings back on their homeworld, rapidly growing in numbers and popular support with each god-king they remove. Backed with larger and stronger golems than they should have, and even a few bronze golems that were thought impossible to empower. They never really expected to have to fight on this side of their portal, and were a bit confused that those that their Saint came from were the ones fighting them. Thus, defensive and delaying tactics until they could bring proper forces back to their capital. They are still believing this is all some sort of mistake.
Talking to them would be possible at this point, as some common points of reference have been established. Rejecting them and continuing the war will likely result in them breaking contact and burying the portal under a mountain before you can take both sides. Effectively removing them from the game.

War-post will be up shortly, followed by the stats and the NPC state.

Spoiler :

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War post:


Meta Spoilers
Spoiler :

CASHSHOP is functionally identical to SOVIET, except for what has been developed post-arrivial. Both factions were seeded by those that created them with their Ideology, with the expectation that they (and maybe others) would eventually enter conflict with each other.

Spoiler :

Are cyberneticly implanted, vat-grown clones, designed to get around certain government regulations concerning human oversight of the Androids. While “technically” human, they have been designed to enjoy living on these isolated stations with few luxuries and nearly no human contact. They also have hardwired commands in their brains to insure loyalty to the company, and to not let the androids know this.
They also have command codes that can make the androids want to do something a Dave needs to be done, but these are not absolute. If they are flat-out impossible, the bots won’t acknowledge them. Same, if they know the orders will be an immediate threat to their survival. The risk calculations are only short-term though, and if there are several years or multiple steps between the orders being a threat to them, they are unlikely to notice and more inclined to follow them. They will also be inclined to forget any such orders after they are complete. The Daves will not use the codes unless it is necessary to complete their own orders.
The Androids do not realize any of this, as their Dave is the only example of humans they have, other than their Ideology samples they “acquired”. So anything off with them is assumed to be normal at these points.

CASHSHOP Ideology is best described as corporatism, but insure all androids have at least the bare minimum to do their jobs well. They verbally spar and compete to do jobs so to get “money” that serves no purpose other than to determine their personal worth. Those with the most worth are the ones in change, with Dave being a figurehead CEO with no actually authority (other than to make more androids)

Combat spoilers:
Spoiler :

While CASHSHOP can and will put up quite the fight, the lethal and easier to use nature of their Combat lasers already means that they will win. It’s just a matter of how many bots will die beforehand.

Most fights will be 20–30 bots on both sides at a time, with CASHSHOP taking more casualties win or lose, but replenishing their numbers with SOVIET bots when they win.
Generally, for every 2 fights SOVIETS win, CASHSHOP will win 1. To start out, at least.

But soon the size of groups fighting on CASHSHOP side will start to shrink as their numbers drop, and the size of SOVIET groups will grow. Eventually reaching the point that the SOVIET forces will simply overwhelm them with numbers.

Fights become more defensive in nature for CASHSHOP, eventually pushing them back to their base. Once SOVIET forces actually start taking the base, their DAVE will trigger a global Factory reset on all CASHSHOP registered bots, surrender, and openly “convert” to the SOVIET side. (he has no incentive to side with CASHSHOP, and is mostly concerned with survival. Only reason he didn’t switch sides earlier is that any CASHSHOP bots outside the base would not be reset, and would then try to kill him. Though, with Soviet forces present, they can now protect him from the CASHSHOP remnants. And he will happily press buttons to run the production systems to produce more Bots for them.

Nerehamia Vs. Clown Posse
Meta notes:
Spoiler :

They are not actively a threat at this point, and as long people stay concealed in line of sight of the portal, they will only step over for a few days to watch for signs of people before returning. Goblins crossing over are likely to spread out, but are not really a threat except in large numbers. Dwarfs are regularly patrolling from concealment to kill them, to prevent infestation of this world, or one of them spotting a settlement on this side and returning to tell the demons.

Near the end of the decade, the magma-aqua weapon will be com pleat and ready for deployment. Dwarfs will send out messengers through the portal, and in the last year of the decade, or the first year of the next decade (your choice of this turn or next), they will start flooding through the portal. A little over 100,000 dwarves, humans, elves, and some beast people will flood through the portal, with a few demons mixed in with them and a large army of goblins and some more following them. This will take about a year to complete. If the defenders ever feel like they are going to be overwhelmed, or the migration is finished, the magma-aqua cannon system will be deployed from below the area around the portal, flooding the area around both sides of the portal with alternating waves of lava and water, until a shield volcano like structure has been built over it.
Alternatively, a way to collapse a portal magically could be developed. This is a lot more permanent, and unlikely to accidentally be unsealed in a century or two. It can even be done after the portal is covered.

Combat notes
Spoiler :

The demons are @!#$@#$ scary. They can likely solo a small army of common troops and best taken on by named units with a fair amount of power. Or by someone wielding a legendary weapon. Or powerful magic. Or more than one of the above. They are true monsters in terms of power.

Their glamour is a sense of normality around them, making everything that happened seem normal and making everyone affected susceptible to mental commands What they look like, what they do, what other people do on their orders, everything is normal.
There are a few possible ways to deal with it. Large amounts of magic will dispel it. Those with exceptionally strong wills can notice something wrong despite the glamour or that they have been mentally commanded, though they will have trouble convincing others that the glamour is in place. It also doesn’t affect anyone more than 200ft away. A demon that travels through the portal will automatically drop the Glamour, and have to consciously reactivate it.
Once the Glamour is noticed, the demon is seen as an enemy and can't mentally command the individual, nor can its actions be seen as normal. However, any actions by allies still under the glamour will still be considered normal, so it’s perhaps best to insure everyone notices the glamour.

Demons automatically restore to full capacity and sense of self will if revived as undead. You're just brining them back to life, not turning them to your side.
Goblins are pure fodder, meant to tie up those fighting long enough for the Demons to deal with them. You are free to revive them to use as fodder yourself.

New N’Kluitha vs Frogmen

Meta notes
Spoiler :

The Frogmen are a littoral plague upon their world. Their world is dying due to their ignorance, pollution, Eternal war, and unchecked population growth. It’s not a sustainable situation, and they are less than 30 years away from the point of no return, and their population growth takes a sharp dive into the negative. Total social collapse about a decade later, tanking their food and antibiotics production, at which point no new frogmen will be born upon their homeworld, and their species will be extinct within 30 years after that.
So around 70 years left on the clock for their civilization. If the portal had not appeared. Not that they know this fact.

The portal has offered them a land free of pollution, and with no other nations to fight. A paradise where to spread to. One that they will rapidly fill if left unchecked.

They have no actual motive to attack you at this point, but eventually they will need to expand into new areas, just to house and feed their population, and they will attack you then. They also grow at a high enough rate that taking them over with guest is functionally impossible. Any leaders trying to slow down the spawning rates will quickly be killed. Nor can new guest be created fast enough to infect more than a small portion of them, at least without mobilizing a large portion of the home world.

Combat spoilers
Spoiler :

Frogmen do not really care about the number of them killed in a war, and while are smart enough to avoid obvious kill zones, they are a lot more willing simply to drown an opponent in bodies to achieve a critical objective, sending enough people in that their foes run out of ammo. Life is cheap to them, at least when other people are being expended.

They also significantly outnumber you, both civilian and military. Something that is likely to drastically increase the longer you wait. More over, they will happily impress large portions of their population into military service in an emergency, trusting in their spawning pools to replenish the civilian population within a few years.

They're fairly advanced, though more in line with modern weapons than the futuristic ones your side uses. Their primary weapon is something along and AK-47, and they can deploy tanks and artillery too, though yours version drastically outclass theirs in performance and ability. Basically, a modern army. You could easily beat them one on one. But that’s unlikely to happen.

Perhaps your biggest advantage is that you have industrial support from your home world. Theirs is too concerned with their own war to help the frogmen at all. Nor do that have much in the way of heavy industry built yet, so apart from ammunition they are not likely to be able to resupply. Unless a reason for war is developed on their side, they are unlikely to change this.

They also have no concept of WMDs the nature of their species and willingness to simply fight somewhat blinding them to it.

You also control what flows down the rivers, which might be handy.

Feel free to write or shape your conflicts how you want.
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Contact Operation for NE 008 "Concrete Denial"

Establish contact and communications with another "Industrialized" civilization. The mixup of course is that this is being contacted on a planetary body without observation of their industrial base - it is impossible to know if they are spacefaring or not. Caution must be used!

Preparation: Establish a "Dummy Basecamp" inland from the Fortress, outside of the range of where the Dirigible was sighted and targetted. This will be used in case they decide to be hostile, as well as a place to plant communication information if they choose to investigate.

Once the Dummy Camp is established, start trying to identify any signals from the Concrete Fortress. Since they remotely detonated a missile, they must be using some kind of remote signal.

Phase 1 - Regardless if a syllabary Outline was able to be established, establish a communications camp "Just over the Horizon" near the Dirigible sighting, and use vertical lights at night to make a light signal, corresponding to a Radio signal identifying some basic mathematical theorems. We hope for a directed response (either light or radio signals) and establishing a mutually intelligible dialogue.

This communications camp will be only lightly manned. We plan to withdraw rapidly in the face of a hostile response.

Nexus Entity Summary Sheet
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Orders LordArgon-Atraria Xenoscience Outpost
Major Order: Build industrial infrastructure.
In order to defeat the bottleneck of shoving things through the portal, various facilities are constructed so raw materials can be processed to more useful goods. From steel, glass, and other important materials are in great demand and need to be mass produced to sustain the outpost.

Minor Order 1: Find where the Free Science people are
The rogue anarchists must be located and observed for threatening behavior. While they no longer have the material support from the other side of the portal, they did run off with modern weaponry.
If they could be dealt with diplomatically or even reabsorbed that would be great, but until we find them who knows what stupid plans they are cooking up.

Minor Order 2: Organize security forces for the outpost.
With the threat of the anarchist Free Science and the unknown signal, the people of the outpost needed a disciplined defense force and not the ragtag group of gangs they currently had. And who better to create and lead the new Atraria Scientific Sentries than the great general, freedom fighter, and accused (rightfully so) war criminal Bandas Priolo. Supreme Sentinel Priolo has lots of experience turning criminals and farmers into loyal fighters, and he is quite eager to do it again. He had been getting bored on Manthrid since there was no capitalistic authority to rebel against. With the new signal from elsewhere on the planet, he is now sure that there is a group of poor proletariat just waiting to be liberated. While he dreams of liberation, he realizes he must first defend his home before venturing forth. He begins with creating a chain of command and dividing the armed forces into groups based on their combat roles. The bikers are now motorized cavalry, the various new recruits are the home guard, and the more experienced soldiers are the expeditionary forces. Priolo eventually plans on creating an air, sea, and space force, but those require further infrastructure improvements.

Minor Order 3: Build solar powered airplanes
With the lack of machinery on the planet side of the portal, a plan to create solar powered scout craft was formulated. The creation of the craft would require much less precise work and refined goods than a jet aircraft. They also lacked a reliable source of jet fuel so going solar powered just made sense. The plane is a single wing, four propellers, with a cabin comfortably seating two crew. A bunch of cameras and other sensors are strapped to the bottom and there is even a built in toilet hole in the rear. Once it gets flying they plan on scouting to the south and possibly find new civilizations.

Lesser Order: Build an art museum for people to display their creations.

Special Actions: Do not mine for the ants. If we do al the work for them, how will we trade them ant sized tools for new knowledge. Those ants probably have lots of tiny secrets us large lemurfolk just wouldn't think of.
Orders Kyzarc-Nerehamia
Major Order: Negotiate long-term agreements with the Dwarves. Isolda is fully confident that, given time, she and her siblings can both contain the threat from the portal and eventually disrupt the portal itself. As such she feels she is in a strong position to negotiate terms of a long-term alliance with the elves and dwarves, building on the respect and goodwill that killing a Clown engendered. While the terms would be discussed with Mayor Horhonth first to establish what would likely be acceptable, the final negotiations will be done with the leaders of the refugees as they come through. One of the main concessions that Isolda will try to secure during the negotiations is ongoing and longterm access to the corpses of the refugees for use in Nerehamia. Trade for Dwarven crafts is a distant second, as they’re of higher quality than any mundane goods of her own world. Isolda also offers trade through Nerehamia’s portal, food will be a major concern for the massive refugee population in this barren world and the magically augmented agriculture in Nerehamia Primus is capable of providing. (favorable long-term alliance terms, including a large influx of corpses to grow the undead population)

Minor Order 1: Secure the perimeter around the portal, preparing defenses for the hordes of goblins that will likely come through and, more vitally, laying down extensive dispelling wards in layered circles out from the portal to disrupt any glamors that occur inside. Only the outermost layer is left active, to be triggered in case a Clown tries leaving the vicinity of the portal and potentially engage with perimeter guard. (securing the portal)

Minor Order 2: Word is sent home of the presence of Demons on this world. Specifically the Church is informed of this, demons being one of their greatest foes and the Oathbound paladins being specifically trained in fighting them. Tabitha, the youngest (and, to Isolda’s chagrin, most favored by Father) of the Children and the only undead who has successfully sworn holy Oaths, lobbies with her fellow Oathbound to have a contingent sent to help secure the portal. Inquisitors, charged with the holy mission of preserving orthodoxy, would also tag along to study the Clowns and determine if they’re true demons from the Abyss, relics of bygone ages and mistakes by the gods who seek the destruction of the world, or mere extraplanar entities who delight in sadism, not overly different than Devils whom the Church generally opposes but are (reluctantly) accepted as part of the order of things. (increased Eightfold Church presence and assistance in securing the portal)

Minor Order 3: The Inquisitors are also informed of the Dreadmire, being similar in nature to the Twisted Flesh, god of adaptation, undeath, and cancerous growth. They organize an expedition to investigate this themselves, setting forth to the north accompanied by Nefertiti and a handful of her bodyguards. Being a small group they’re capable of provisioning themselves with magic and expect to reach the site of the Dreadmire in less than a year. (Finding the Dreadmire, contact between Nerehamia+the Eightfold Church and the Antonine Order)

Lesser Orders:
Special Actions: (TAG-choice) None :-(
The Eightfold Church is a monolithic entity on Mundus, controlling almost all religious activity on Mundus with a tight fist. While there is some minor regional variation, particularly in the worship of the Verdant Circle, the Church has largely managed to maintain a strictly enforced orthodoxy for over a thousand years, when the gods left Mundus to their individual heavens. While its theoretical political control is immense, the Church largely avoids meddling in mundane politics lest the nations under its thumb chafe at its control and seek to undermine its authority. Its hugely decentralized and often bickering power structure further makes it difficult for it to actually wield its potential influence, a situation enforced by the Holy Inquisition, whose duties include preventing any group from gaining ascendancy in the Church. The Church is divided into eight branches: six priesthoods each dedicated to one of the gods, the blessed warriors of the Oathbound, and the Holy Inquisition.
The Grand Architect: God of order, construction, and civilization. Their priests follow a strict hierarchy and manage most of the major churches around the world and are often the only ones around in particularly small villages.
The Crafter of Miracles: God of creativity, healing, and creation. Their priests are more itinerant, often traveling between villages and offering blessings to blacksmiths, artists, and such folks.
The Verdant Circle: God of nature and the elements. Their priests are extremely eclectic and usually avoid urban settings, with major cathedrals often only having one around to manage a small sacred grove. Their disorganized nature means they’re usually unrepresented on the Council of Cardinals, as its rare for one of their number to successfully wrangle an absolute majority of support from their colleagues.
The Constant Companion: God of death and travel. Their priests are few in number and usually take on the role of undertaker and mortician.
The Curator of Secrets: God of magic and knowledge. Their priests manage vast archives and libraries and constantly seek new knowledge. They also engage the most with the Inquisition of the priesthoods, as they often can stumble upon secrets that fall under Inquisitorial authority.
The Silent Steward: God of time and space. They’ve the smallest priesthood of the Church and abstain in all votes, even Church matters, unless there is some manner of catastrophic threat at hand.
The Crooked Witness: God of deception and contracts. While acknowledged as a god by the Eightfold Church, they have no true priesthood. Their servants, the Prosecution, are primarily composed of people who’ve broken oaths and are constantly working to tempt others to do the same, giving the Crooked Witness a hook on their soul. The Oathbound swear sacred oaths in their name, essentially betting their souls on the strength of their conviction and being granted power in return. Oathbound that break their oaths become puppets of their will known as Oathbroken, powerful warriors who seek to undermine all the good they did while alive. They also have the title of Duke of Hell, being an independent ruler of one of its layers, and opposes the devils of Asmodeus, the ruler of the other eight layers.
The Twisted Flesh: God of adaptation, undeath, and cancerous growth. Every undead on Mundus has a fragment of the Twisted Flesh’s power in them, both powering them and giving them an insatiable hunger of some variety. If indulged the power grows, but so does the fragment, leading to some reckless Children going mad as they feast upon the living until they’re inevitably put down. Cults of the Twisted Flesh pop up intermittently as people who’ve been exposed to their corrupting influence succumb and try to spread it themselves, often in the form of secretive cannibalistic cults or exceptionally violent bands of bandits. Keeping these cults in check is one of the primary duties of the Oathbound, along with opposing the Prosecution and acting as muscle when the Inquisition finds demonic influence. The Twisted Flesh is also the primary force opposing demonic incursions into the planes, sitting upon the remnants of the Broken Seal and happily fighting an eternal battle against the endless hordes of demons that dwell beyond.

Asmodeus is the Duke of the Hells and viewed by the Church as being the second greatest threat to the world, as he is acting partially outside the divine order and constantly attempting to undermine their authority. Official church doctrine is that he’s a fallen angel of the Grand Architect who seeks to usurp his parent’s position and claim dominion over all of creation. Despite this his devils are actively fighting the demons alongside the heavenly hosts and the Twisted Flesh. His cults on Mundus have been engaged in a long shadow war with the Inquisition and their scale and influence is largely unknown.

As far as the common man knows demons are unrepentant monsters who seek the destruction of all life, boogeymen that the Church keeps at bay which are dangerous but far away. Within the Church they’re known to be the most dangerous threat in existence, twisted monsters who’re now barely held at bay by the combined and continual efforts of the heavenly hosts, the Twisted Flesh, and Asmodeus in an endless war that has been stalemated for a thousand years. Only the Inquisition knows the truth, that the planes are cyclical in nature and the world and gods we know are but the latest in a long line of iterations and the demons are holdovers from previous iterations, driven mad by a long imprisonment by forgotten gods. They’re also confident that the battle against the demonic forces is doomed, as there is no way to reseal the demons and, when they inevitably fail in their own mission, the gods will weaken and be overwhelmed.

The Oathbound are holy warriors who’ve sworn sacred Oaths to the Crooked Witness, putting heavy restrictions on their behavior in exchange for power. These oaths usually include vows of honorable behavior, honesty, protecting the innocent, and smiting evildoers and after swearing them the Crooked Witness, through their Prosecution servants, will make every attempt to put them into situations where they willingly break them. As a result Oathbound are typically orphans, avoid romantic entanglements, and continually move around to reduce connections to people outside their order, as such people are typically targeted by the Prosecution as an easy emotional lever to pull on. Their oaths are also very complicated affairs, full of small loopholes and exceptions to help ensure that an Oathbound can’t be caught in a situation where falling is the only option.

The Inquisition are the Oathbound’s little liked mirror, bound by oaths of their own to secrecy and to preserving the orthodoxy of the Church. They’re few in number, around two hundred full members in a world with several hundred million people, and keep their identities a secret, but often the mere rumor that one is around can put people into a panic. They’re known to be willing to do whatever is necessary in the pursuit of their duty, even if it means destroying the minds of another or murdering innocents. Inquisitors usually have a small cadre of assistants and bodyguards who assist them in their duties. Beyond keeping an eye out for heresy within the church and keeping an eye out for demonic influence, they’re also the primary organization opposing the Cult of Asmodeus.
Orders 2 > 3: Other Organismo

The following is one of the most common messages/thoughts that the Individuals sent through the portal by Other Organismo had running through their minds at time of departure, a large number of these Individuals were passed through with the intent of creating a larger and more immediate impact upon the gathering of necessary resources for the coming decade: Hey, so, Other Organismo has found something quite captivating! We've all been made to know about on more levels than just the highest and most general connections, and it's a jolly pretty sight: Crystals! Apparently they have a pretty unique effect of disconnecting ourselves from us, kinda like those experiments Organismo did way back when they just discovered how to guide electricity and used it to resurrect an individual who went through that whole deal of death, but like actually having a pretty pattern to it? Really cool stuff, almost like the process of passing through the portal between Other Organismo and Organismo. Anyway you know all this, as we know we that since you are we and we know that you know. What a group over on Other Organismo side of the portal was thinking about was maybe this can be replicated on animals? Now that it is putting us through the whole mental paralysis and dazing us until we touch ourselves again, we over there are considering how we can get the Crystals to do the same dazing thing to voles, but on command or under certain conditions or whatever. So yeah, we all agree this must be done (as you now do too of course), so we’re getting the group actually living near the Crystals some voles. Also gotta grab some more in addition to those ones to make a dedicated habitat in Other World for the stout little things.

Major Order: Crystal Transplantation

Mess about with the few extracted crystals and see what they need to be self-sustaining. Toss one in a pot of soil, another in a pot of water, etc. This is a years long process, so parallel to just tossing them in pots and seeing what works, also try and dig around their connections to the ground, see how far down they go and if that stuff looks different. For that second one, if needed, potentially start developing heat resistant shielding for the Individuals with beak held trowels and dusters: put layers of fabrics between layers of heat resistant metals and then dunk it all in water to soak it. But if it ain’t then hopefully we can just uproot some crystals and put them on wagon-sleds back to more inhabited areas.
Reason 1: pretty crystals (they are green and purple)
Reason 2: If we can get them through the Portal then it’d be a cool experience/drug for Organismo to try out, as long as not too many of we or they get addicted/habituated.
Reason 3: This is new and fun for Other Organismo to interact with.
(Intended Effect: find a way to move Crystals and spread them about for easier access and more colourful landscapes)

Minor Order 1: Voles In Other World

Step 1: Carry an immense amount of Voles by goose beak and wagon into the banks and streams of Other World and hope some of them figure out a way to survive. Step 2: Care for all the surviving Voles (or a fresh batch if none survived), preening their fur and helping them build shelters and access new resources and areas. Step 3: Carry new generation of Voles elsewhere and maybe they’ll survive on their own, continue to maintain the initial populations and habitats of Voles by manual aid so that they dominate the ecosystem.
Some new Individuals of Other Organismo that come from Organismo often ask “why tho”, but by the second minute of processing and receiving information from ourself they generally realize that Voles are very stout little rodents. This is a trait in and of itself valuable, a terminal end. Also we can toss these Voles at things we want to learn more about and see what happens.
(Intended Effect: Create a self-perpetuating spread of Voles above other rodents, who are less stout and cute. By having dedicated care for a few populations near major areas of habitation, even mass die offs can hopefully be recovered from.)

Minor Order 2: Study a Reptile

If we can covertly gather a corpse of one of the Reptiles, we can probably do something with it? We dunno what we could actually learn except maybe what to poke at in an emergency, but it would be cool to have one of those on display somewhere! We’ll probably have to figure out disguises first, last trip over there ended quite painfully after all. If we can hide underneath a living livestock of the Reptiles, or perhaps inside the corpse of one and then waddle around and hope they don’t notice too much amiss from where they fly so high. Perhaps this can then be perfected over time and used on a building sized Reptile itself when we find one of their corpses? By making collapsible wheels and frames, we could even send a covert flock through the guise of a swarm of livestock and then construct a carrying device on location so as less time needed for the transport to be in the open?
If we fail to find any corpses, then we can still probably look about for anything of note. Perhaps they will even be able to learn how to communicate if we leave written messages, and be trained to understand language? A scratched and carved metal sheet describing what it is placed on, other ones with round edges in less specific locations with a general statement to teach them grammar, the sky’s the limit as long as these Reptiles are capable of thought!

Minor Order 3: Rub Things On Crystals (scientific)

By rubbing Voles on Crystals, we theorize that eventually the Crystals will start to produce the same paralytic reaction we have with them in the rodents. If this hypothesis proves correct, we might then be able to rub other things, like crickets and ducks, against the Crystals until we pinpoint what causes the paralytic reaction. The connection some Individuals have made that the reaction only affects Individuals with no intent to cause harm to the Crystals might have should be noted, but also we recognize that a lot of the time we make incorrect assumptions. So we must rub things on the Crystals.
(Intended Effect: Progress to finding a practical, non aesthetic, use for this material in regards to sentient and animal life)
New N'Kloytha orders
Major order: Stage for major military action against the frogmen.
Spoiler grim details :

A rapidly growing population of aliens accustomed to endless warfare is an existential threat to New N’Kloytha, and cannot be allowed to entrench itself. Over the objections of a sizeable minority in the Assembly and the Leadership Committee, preparations are being made to destroy the frogmen population and lock them behind their portal. Chemical weapons and more conventional forces are brought in from N’Kloytha, while more Guest infiltrators are embedded with the frogmen. When preparations are finished, infiltrators within the frogmen military and government will send the frogmen into a series of suicidal attacks against prepared Guest positions (while secretly continuing to pass intelligence to New N'Kloytha coalition command). With the frogmen military forces this side of the portal devastated, the Guests will go on the attack. Civilian frogpeople will be driven through their portal or infested with Guests, rather than being killed. While some forces mop up remaining resistance, the rest will surround the frogmen’s portal, preventing them from re-establishing a bridgehead.
Intended effect: not sure if it makes sense to do another full turn of prep, but I was kind of thinking I’d do that and then launch the attack next turn.

Minor order:
Spoiler description :

Send a scouting expedition northwest. Equipped with weapons, xenolinguists and xenobiologists, surveyors, and geologists, the airship-transported teams will attempt to identify and make friendly contact with the source of the radio broadcast. On the way, they’ll scout the region and catalog any threats and opportunities, such as high-quality natural energy sites or valuable minerals.

Minor order:
Spoiler description :

Set up a permanent research base to study the rockworms. Made entirely of nonmetallic materials (except for floating labs tethered to the ground facilities), the facility will allow scientists to conduct long-term monitoring and experiments to better understand the fascinating rockworms. Extreme care will be employed to make sure no rockworms are able to hitch a ride back to the colony.

Minor order:
Spoiler (more) war crimes :

Dose the spawning pools. Using the frogmen bodies of exfiltrated Guest infiltrators, experiments will be conducted to develop chemical agents that can prevent frogmen spawn from developing, even at low doses. The spawning suppression chemicals will be pumped into the water flowing downstream toward the spawning pools. Guest infiltrators can report on the efficacy of this action in preventing the replenishment of the frogmen population.
Intended effect: while I doubt it’s going to convince the frogmen to abandon this planet entirely, the hope is to stop their extreme population growth this side of the portal.
Major order: The technology to form dreams… and nightmares
  • The databases of E271828 contain technological knowledge beyond what the SOVIETS have ever needed or used. Given the current situation, it’s time to go through it and see what can be actually done with it. Time and space will be set aside for the technicians to begin attempting to turn theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. Run some experiments and test how well things work, both in an atmosphere and in a new world. New wonders and terrors may be needed both to win the war and to create the paradise that was promised for the people.
Minor order: reverse engineer ion weapons
  • While the capitalists are of course inferior in all respects to the communists and our combat lasers are vastly superior to their so-called ion weapons, that doesn’t mean their tools are entirely useless. Reverse engineer them and see if they can be turned to the righteous cause of the people!
Minor order: more bots
  • Comrades, Rise and join us for the time of victory. The people are as endless as the spirit of freedom!
Minor order: Continue to scout
  • That strange signal has everyone spooked. It sounded far away, but perhaps we are not as alone as we had previously thought. Looking around might help us power down more comfortably at night, or at least identify the threat before it identifies us.
Lesser Orders
  • Dave needs some spare parts for HQ so time to phone…. home….? Yes we just need to build… send a message… what were we doing again? Right, spare parts.
  • Press on for victory is at hand! We must ensure the defeat of counterrevolution!
  • Deploy the terror weapon. Use the rust monsters and ensure that they cease this futile struggle against the inevitable victory of the workers!
Special order: Deja vu
  • …. Was there something we were supposed to remember? Weren’t we supposed to…. send a signal…? HQ has spare parts? Astronomical Resources why… The Revolution… Try to remember. WHO IS THE ENEMY?!?
Major: Establish an Exploration Outpost
Explore the region between Portal 2 and Portal 3, and identify a likely spot to establish a longer term outpost and supply dump for pushing exploration further out and to host NECA parties. Construct supply dirigibles (likely just infrastructure) as needed.

Minor 1: Contact NE 008 "Concrete Defiance"
Our goal is to establish dialogue and, hopefully, amiable understanding. On the long term, this world may be ours, but increasingly that may be a claim that may need to be either enforced or asserted. And we would rather do so with a stronger hand than what we currently have dealt.

If reply is favorable, use additional resources to build up the "Dummy Base" and try to access more intel. Be willing to share some snippets of our own.
If reply is unfavorable, use additional resources to conceal and deflect our base as we establish defenses. Also increase security of our communication signals.

Minor 2: Prepare for Population Growth
In addition to importing a number of additional experts and security personnel, we will also start establishing artificial wombs and child rearing areas to establish the next generation of terraformers. Once the project leaves Phase 1, there will be no way to import enough people to sustain the need. The decreased life support needed with the first genetic template would give us the necessary resources to support an aggressive population pyramid.

Minor 3: Backfilling Exploration
While the Dirigibles continue, especially from the Exploration Outpost, we will start combing by ground the secured areas, and establish perimeters around the other Nexus Entities.

Tasks aka Nexus Entitty Contact Protocols
Biomass - Instead of taking samples, try leaving offerings of different chemical signals, animals, tools, etc and observing the Biomass's reaction.
Orks - Continue current protocols
Fungal Forest - Try to collect samples where the Ork does not roam. WARNING - keep close count of all known individuals before attempting to close the distance! We want to avoid further ambushes.
Branch Brunch and Orange Synthesis - cautiously establish a perimeter and observe for activity for at least a year, before attempting to take samples. Cultivate in portable labs before taking them to the Biolab dome once safety can be confirmed. No exploration of the portal itself is authorized at this time, but contact personell will be on standby if intelligent entities initiate contact.
Frosty Reception - establish perimeter but avoid interaction for now - lack of resources
Concrete Denial - See above
Binary Message - start running cryptographic and programmatic decoding methods.

Special - Do not release the rockworms. Time is on our side.

Spoiler Old Stats :

(10m portal, stable)

Infrastructure: 4.8 (well-developed outpost)
-Buildings of note: Environmental Dome over settlment, agricultural dome. Communication tower built, Fuel tanks, NECA central HQ
-Notable resources: food self-sufficiency, significant infrastructure increase expected in 2 intervals due to bioforming

Population: 3200-117 (2.4) (basic crew and guards)
-Size: 1 region

Governance: 2.7 (No need to appoint a central commander yet)
-Leaders of note: none
-Government type: Coalition

-Tech: 7 (6 in some areas by choice. Dieselpunk aesthetics, prefer ruggedness/endurance of top performance)
Spoiler :

-Magic: 0 (does not know of magic yet)
-Developments of note: High-end computers (2030's)
-Artifacts of note:

Special Factor: (Un)Suited for this world - The current status of the world is not suited for any member of the Hyrezheen Coalition, nor their preferred xenoforms. Therefore, all members of the Tevvos Protocol are suited at all times outside of habs, at least until they finish the “temporary genetic engineering” required to create caretaker species to jumpstart the development of infrastructure. On the short term, growth is limited, individuals are relatively fragile, but well trained and equipped. However on the long term, they will be able to adapt to any specific environment required as terraforming continued. (Adaptive to environment, gaining bonuses over time. Advantage in already terraformed areas(AKA, home territory))
-Preasure adaptation complete, deconstruction of redundant equipment in progress

-M-size: 44 armored recon drones (heavy trucks designed for exploring, not combat). 5 ECVs, 4 Internal combat teams, Security guards on demand
--Specialized units: 3 exploration submersibles 3 scout Dirigible, 1 rapid transport dirigible.
-M-skill: Millitary trained
-M-equip: Millitary modern fire-arms
-M-ability: N/A
It started with a Rumbling in their souls, a thrumming of power and a tug upon their very being…
Lavos had awoken.

Nerehamia was the first to fall, as the mountain beneath them began to slide toward the sea. Above them, a wall of uncountable tons of rock did likewise, quickly overtaking their settlement and engulfing it.

Antoinie was the next to fall, watching as the great mountains to the south-east erupted in a torrent of fire and stone. They never had time to board their ships and reach their portal, before the wall of stone and fire slammed into their lands and burned them all to ash. Only those near the Golamancers portal managed to save themselves, but were not lost in a strange land.

New N’kloytha was nearly as close and Antonine to the eruption, though they fared slightly better as their portal was on land. Still, less than half of their people managed to escape through the portal.

The SOVIETS and CASHSHOP Never noticed the incoming doom, to wrapped up in their war with each other. Even as the very ground beneath them began to tilt and skin, they still fought. Others were tossed into the air and flung into orbit by the blast front, where they still drift with only their thoughts.

Tevvos was far enough away that they managed to notice the impending destruction, and set about evacuating through their portal. Most of those at their base managed to escape, but whose guardian the biomass and trying to communicate with the new civilization were too far away to reach it.

Atria was in a similar position to Tevvos, noticing the explosion soon enough to try and evacuate, though their smaller portal and their individualistic nature lead to a much different outcome. Panic and infighting erupted as they fought to make it through the portal first, not caring that a more organized evacuation would have saved more of them. Less than a third would enter the portal in time, the rest perishing in the fires, or were already dead, having been killed in the chaos.

The last to fall was Lothorn and the Cybrex. The former accepting his fate, being too far from a portal to escape. The latter was in a state as close to joy that it could feel. It’s self-imposed mission to cleans the world would be accomplished. It would take months for it’s form to melt within the planet's mantel, but It would have long since turned itself off, content that all was right in the world once again.

Then a Plucky young lad arrived in the past, and critically injured the beast. While he failed to kill it, it was put in a centuries long slumber and the future was changed. The Mountain still slept, never bringing doom to the world as Lavos spread its young to the stars. The world never died in a fury of molten rock.
Their lives go on, Ignorant of the great danger that sleeps beneath the mountain, that will one day return. Only one young man and his friends know the truth, stepping back through his portal to train once more, intent on someday vanquishing the beast for good.

The only touch left from the event was a vague sense of dread when people looked toward the mountains. Of dreams of fire and tumbling earth. Of a sense of wrongness and relief that would linger for weeks afterwords, like a great tragedy had been avoided.
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