Great Artist in BTS


Grand Nagus
Aug 2, 2001
Cloud ****oo Land
I have just been playing a BTS game, small map, 5 civs, continents, Noble.

I successfully defeated the 2 other civs on my continent, leaving 2 on the other, Aztecs, and Incas, Naturally Monty attacked me, despite my military and technological superiority.

I killed off his attcking army then sent a couple to sort him out, I gradually set about taking all his cities and wining by domination. However there was one border city which I captured and dropped a great artist bomb to stop the revolt and quickly convert surrounding tiles to mine. It doesn't work any more, the 4000 culture doesn't kick in until the 6 turns of revolt have passed, by which time incan culture had all but enveloped the city.

When did this change, is it a BTS thing, it's not something that I have done often, but I sure it worked in Vanilla?

It is a shame, I could have made better use of the artist, and probably finished a couple of turns earlier.
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