Grid on or off? Poll

Do you play with the Grid on or off?

  • ON

    Votes: 21 41.2%
  • OFF

    Votes: 27 52.9%
  • There's a grid?

    Votes: 3 5.9%

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I have it on for most of the game. Once I have reached my optimal number of cities and I am done settling, I turn it off. This usually happens by 1200AD (v1.16)

OFF! It's just ruin the realism! (though I still have problems navigating - but not so often! ;) )
I forgot that you can activate the grid, but come on how anally retentive do you need to be to have the grid on?, though it does help with sea navigation.

Btw the third option is simply a magnet for people like me, i wish people wouldn't put them in as options:D
I'll turn it on when I am looking for the ideal place to plant cities, its much easier to see if you are overlapping with one of your own or one of the enemies cities that way. Other than that I'll have the grid off, there is enough clutter on the screen without it adding to it.
My poll gave these results about 7 weeks ago-

YES! Its a GREAT planning tool. I leave it on constantly. 18 votes 30.51%

SOMETIMES. I use it and then turn it off. 15 votes 25.42%

RARELY. Only on important or confusing situations. Then off with it! 10 Votes 16.95%

NEVER! ITs for wimps and it messes up how the map looks! 16 votes 27.12%

Total votes 59

Me, I leave it on all the time, its annonying that the default is off and I can't change it to on.

I will very occasionally turn it off to look at the scenery, but I always turn it right back on.

You can see the posts in the thread by going here-
in civ2 i always put it on, but when i started civ3 i didn'T find *put grid otption* i wanted to much to play civ 3 probably

And now i have find easy and simple way to calculate citi radius and i am uses to it.
i don'T have any difficulti moving unit.

i tryed to change it back when i found it but i found the game to be very ugly, i never realize it when i was using it all the time:)
i keep it off unless placing a city, because having the grid on all the time makes the map look awful
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