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Gripes with Great People

I mean, I can see combining the two units, that's just Civ II all over again, but that's just the thing: the change from II to III I just didn't find to mean much of anything for gameplay, and this seems like it would be more of the same; little more than changing some mild flavor.
One point comes from the idea of population fundamental units (citizen/denizens) having their identitarian parameters. If the settlers found all the populated districs and villages, that way is evident for the players how to put population in the job their want. So it would be easier to asignate and track you population from the moment you are assigning infrastruture on the map. It both replaces specialist interfase at the same time highlights in a visual way the type of population we are getting in the region.
I'd rather keep job assignment at the city level (and keep it flexible as a result), personally. A farmer pop is a farmer pop becsuse he's assigned to work on a farm in the present moment. I like some aspects of the idea of pop characteristics system, but I'm not wholly enamored of your entire application, so of course I see less benefit than you do in ideas that are based on that system.
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