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Feb 25, 2019
Hi readers,

I would like to see the Inuit represented in the next Civilisation.
Do I care that their history is not much? No, not really
Do I care that they don't have huge cities and all that? Well, no, although it could be troublesome for City names.

But damn it, do I want to see Igloos, snow bonuses (travel by sledge anyone?), fishing bonuses, and the general ability to play as "The Natives" instead of always playing an Empire.
Even the other playable natives, such as the Mesoamericans, tend to be empires of some sort.
AND I get that this game is about that.

But, I still want the Inuit. I just like to see variety.
Plus its cosy.
Isn't this what Civ is all about? "What could have been history"?

I will say at the very least they would definite be a niche civ. I can see them similar to the Inca as being able to work tiles not previously workable by others and move through them easily. Since the Inca can work mountains and move through them earlier than others, I could see the Inuit work ice and move through it.

Other than that, it's hard to justify their inclusion when you look see they don't really have any potential "city" names, and leaders. As for playing as the "natives" there are so many better options too that aren't necessarily empires either.
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