May 29, 2005
I used to think these promos were mostly useless, as it required that the enemy attack you on well protected ground. However, I had a look...

Woodsman 3 gives 2 first strikes, 15% extra healing in the same tile (Better than medic 1) and 50% attack on jungles/forests (allowing you to attack with no penalty)

Guerilla 3 gives you 50% withdrawal chance!

What do you think? Are they worth it?
I would think that it depends on the map. Most of a highlands map, for example, is hills and forests so, yes, they are worth it. I would think that on a normal map that there are always better promotions depending on the unit. The one exception to this might be pillaging units.
Explorers should be given either Guerilla or Woodsman depending on the lands they'll be exploring.
The thing about the withdrawl rate is just like the first strikes you don't have to be attacking someone in a forest/hill it's all the time, you basically get 50% withdrawl rate swordsman as the celts. Same goes for Jags it takes a couple more battles then a Charismatic leader but you basically get +15% heal and +2 first strike swordsman, except the jags are a little weaker but the gallics are badass swordsman.

The dun can be useful if you put your cities on hills as the gurilla promotion goes to archers for free.
...another feature of the promotions that can easily be overrated is the extra movement when you hit lvl 2 of either promotion.

I love giving my scouts/warriors woodsman I then II early on - having a warrior who can move through woods at double rate is an awesome advantage moving through the heavily forested/wooded areas of a large continent.
I can see nothing wrong with the promotions - with them your standing army is more robust with specialists units . In certain situations they can indeed be very handy . The extra movement alone is worth at least one units take'n the upgrade path for G or W .
I love the 50% withdrawal and extra movement. Playing as the Celts you can make a really nice assault on high defense cities without huge losses or having to wait for catapults. Win one fight with Boudica and you've got Guerilla 3 already.
If you have your climate set to tropical Wodsman III is for you! I once had a fort, on a hill/woods tile, and a machine gun with woods III on it (with few other assorted units). This was at a bottle neck on a continental map and I swear England lost a stack of 30 infantry in one turn on it!
I kept that fort! :D
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