Hall of fame not working after transferring from an old computer


Jan 26, 2023
Recently, I got a new computer, and transferred my Civilisation VI HallofFame.sqlite file to it from my old computer to keep hall of fame progress. I replaced the default hall of fame file with it, so I know it is in the correct place. When I load the game and go into Hall of Fame, I can see the same hall of fame results that I had on my old computer. However, When I complete a game, it doesn't save the result into hall of fame. I have tried removing the old hall of fame file and using the default one, and it saves the result to the new one fine. I checked, and I was pressing identical buttons at the end of the game both times. Does anyone know of a solution to this? I am willing to edit the hall of fame file to merge them.
Recently discovered this as well. :(
I changed PCs last year and was disappointed when that happened to me too. I had played every leader that was available up to that point and got every victory type. I was bummed to see I had to start all over again. I had a copy of my old hall of fame too and my result was the same as yours.
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