Ides of March monthly Challenge

Got a T142(?) domination.
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TBH this could be streamlined considerably.
It's basically a long haul slug fest.

My general strategy:
1. Build one army to take out Gaul and Western Europe; build a second to keep Macedon, Greece and Byzantium at bay.
2. First army crosses into North Africa and east towards Egypt; Second through Constantinople and meets up first army in Levant.
3. For medieval(?) Golden Age dedication choose the one that grants boost to embarked unit movements, then once you have secured the Med. embark your armies towards China.

Oh, and let history be a guide.
If you build two galleys you can take out Byzantium pretty quickly before they get walls.
I would say, quite a good challenge. Harder at the beginning, easier towards the end (as most rounds of Civ). I won at Emperor by Domination. Before capturing the Chinese capital to victory, I destroyed all other civs in the game. I ultimately had quite a few cities, I must say.
Turn 111 Domination.

This ended up being super easy - I way overbuilt my military expecting resistance everywhere (I usually play Deity), and I way overbuilt infrastructure. Mostly I encountered Catapults, and many cities had no units at all. I only recall like 6 Archers, 4 Spears, 3 XBows, and 6 Crouching Tigers. Eventually every city had Walls, but by then I had Trebuchets and a Siege Tower, and finished with 4 Bombards, but only 2 fired a shot each in China as Bombards, lol. The early naval wars were challenging enough though.

I started by hard building Builders, as I needed to get Lux and Strategics up ASAP. I used early cash for Archers and tiles as I had plenty of Legions. Early cities had Holy Sites and Commercial Hubs or Harbors, with a few Campuses if no other good adjacency. I figured I would need as much cash as possible, and Work Ethic made many cities decent. I had Crusade but it made very little difference as Alex and Gorgo were pathetic, and I didn't get Missionaries down to Egypt in time. I eventually got Tithe, but by that point had quit caring about much of anything. I finished with 8.5k in the bank, the last purchases were Trebs to upgrade and sail to China.

Early I went at the Celts, then swung South into Spain. That army crossed into Africa and took Carthage. Many units were left on Barbs. Some of them and new recruits and a decent navy went to Egypt and eventually Tyre around t108.

In the East, I founded a city on each side of Mediolanum to keep it from flipping. Took out Alex and Gorgo, then Constantinople with 3 Caravels and Men at Arms and some horsies. Started to head towards Tyre, but Egypt was melting so fast I swung most towards China.

Every Barb Outpost had 2 units on it, I was farming 9, but had to abandon far SW Africa because a Legion and Archer weren't enough. I destroyed every naval one as I didn't need Barbs in the water.

I just randomly built XBows and Traders the last 30 turns or so... I ended with 12/15 Trade Routes, maybe 30 XBows, 6 Muskets, 18 Men at Arms, 2 Pikes, 8 Knights, 4 Coursers, 4 Bombards, 7 Caravel, and a couple Quads. I didn't lose a single unit, lol. Finished with 190 beakers, 152 culture, and 273 faith per turn. This was my first Dom victory in many years, since the Deity challenges for Civ V. In fact its only my 3rd finish in Civ VI because I find the sloggy grinds to the end so boring. I played this one out because I do enjoy Barb hunting and exploration, and the premise was interesting.

[edit - I have who knows how many mods running, so I wasn't sure what was my mods and what may have been the scenario. I had 3 movement for normal units, I assume that was from ARS Improved Movement mod. It really helps the AI move better. I would never have finished with normal movement - Zzzzzzzz. I also had Real Strategy which in theory made the game harder.]

Spoiler :
Civ6 Challenge Caesar T111 Dom.jpg
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Turn 111 Domination.
[edit - I have who knows how many mod...I had 3 movement for normal units, I assume that was from ARS Improved Movement mod. It really helps the AI move better. I would never have finished with normal movement - Zzzzzzzz. I also had Real Strategy which in theory made the game harder.]

Ok, I was gonna applaud a T111 domination victory but then I saw the use of mods for 3 movement 😑
Looks like theres a new Challenge, "Three Stars Each",Science victory with Babylon on quick and tech/civic shuffle.

I hope these challenges will be available again to play. They are quite fun. Enjoyed the Caeser one!
Turn 35 domination on Emperor

For this one I ended up building seven different armies to surprise attack all 8 other civs at the same time around turn 30.

My plan was to wait on declaring war to not only get my armies in position my to ambush everyone at once, but also the AI would be less likely to build walls. This would be specifically essential for taking out Tyre as that would be the only capital I wouldn't be able to get any land combat units to if I wanted to attack everyone around turn 30. Being suzerain of Akkad would allow me to tear down the walls of the others with my Legions/warriors.

Overall thought this was a fun one but I wish they would archive these challenge so we could go back and attempt them at a later date even if you couldn't earn a badge. I think I can shave a few turns off this time and would like the opportunity to attempt to do so. Plus it would give people who missed a challenge a chance to play them, I never got around to playing the Canada one and I'm sure there are others in the same boat.

Full game if anyone is interested

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