Happy Birthday Mister President

yes, happy birthday, Mr. President. may the palace rock tonight....
And the Spice Traders Guild shall prepare Spice Cake! :)
This calls for a "We love the president day!"

Happy Birthday
I wished him a happy birthday last night on #civfanatics chat (it was the 4th here, but already the 5th where he is ;) ).

But let me add my congratulations on this "official" thread.

Woo-hoo! You can no longer be called a 'teenager'!

:bday: :beer: [dance] [party] [dance] :beer: :bday:
Happy Birthday, Mr. President. I hope you enjoyed it, as we have a lot of work to do.
On this day we shall honor our president for his achievements so far, and those he shall accomplish in the future.

*loud trumpeting*
Yes, Happy Birthday. There shall be joyous celebration in the streets in great honour. We should have a holiday!
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